Rainy season declared over in western, central Japan, Kyushu



The rainy season appears to be over in western and central Japan as well as the southwestern main island of Kyushu, the Japan Meteorological Agency said Monday.

The regions which cover major Japanese cities including Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka are now officially set to enter the humid sweltering Japanese summer.

As western and central Japan is expected to experience hot days with high pressure, the weather agency warned of the dangers of heatstroke.

With the agency’s announcement, now only eastern Japan including the Tokyo metropolitan area and northeastern Japan are still in the rainy season. Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost main island, has no rainy season.

In southwestern Japan, the rainy season has already ended in the Okinawa and Amami regions—chains of islands located between Kyushu and Taiwan.


Connecticut Department Of Children And Families: Believing There Are Only Two Genders Is ‘Genderism’

According the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), which published an LGBT glossary of more than 250 terms, the belief that there are only two genders — male and female — should be treated as “genderism.”

The guide, which was published as part of the DCF’s Safe Harbors Project and was last updated July 7, defines “genderism” as: “The system of belief that there are only two genders (men and women) and that gender is inherently tied to one’s sex assigned at birth. It holds cisgender people as superior to transgender people, and punishes or excludes those who don’t conform to society’s expectations of gender.”

“Gender oppression,” according to the heavily-Democratic state, is “The societal, institutional, and individual beliefs and practices that privilege cisgender (gender-typical people) and subordinate and disparage transgender or gender variant people. Also known as ‘genderism.’”

The Safe Harbor Project was originally created in 2001 to “educate against homophobia, gender bias and racism while working to create a world where youth, adults and families of all sexual orientations and gender identities are valued and affirmed, and to implement affirming and unbiased, culturally competent, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning & Intersex (LGBTQI) service trainings for foster and adoptive parents, social workers, child care and community providers surrounding the issues and problems specific to youth and families with inherent sexuality issues.”

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