Man claiming to have escaped from N Korea found in Yamaguchi



A man claiming to have escaped North Korea was found wandering Saturday in Yamaguchi Prefecture in western Japan, police and government officials said.

The man told the police he had jumped off a boat and swam to the coast, a government official said. He was found on a street in Nagato city on the Sea of Japan coast after a local resident notified the police at around 11:15 a.m.

The man, wearing a black T-shirt and pants, said he was born in 1990 but did not have anything to prove his identity, the official said. The boat has yet to be located.

After questioning, the police will hand him over to immigration authorities to determine whether he is a North Korean defector who needs protection and assistance.

In 2007, Japan sent to South Korea a family of four people from North Korea who arrived in Aomori Prefecture on a small boat. In 2011, nine North Korean defectors were rescued in the Sea of Japan off Ishikawa Prefecture and later sent to South Korea.


Re: Concerns About Iran Star Toronto’s Paid Advertisement Soliciting Polygamy In Canada


The Honourable Justin Trudeau-Prime Minister of Canada
The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould- Minister of Justice

The Honourable Ralph Goodale- Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
CC: Iran Star Toronto
July 15th 2016
Re: Concerns about Iran Star Toronto’s Paid Advertisement Soliciting Polygamy in Canada

It has come to our attention that Iran Star Toronto an Iranian Canadian newspaper based in Toronto published a paid advertisement soliciting “Sighe marriage” also known as temporary marriage practiced by some Shia Muslims, in their July 2nd 2016 # 115 issue.

Sighe generally takes place between a man (married or unmarried) and an unmarried woman. While a man can have as many temporary wives as he can afford, a woman can only enter one temporary marriage at a time. Sighe can last as little as one hour and as long as 99 years and requires the man to financially compensate the woman for the temporary marriage. There is no divorce in Sighe marriages as the marriage ends at the end of the contracted time, and the woman does not have any of the rights a spouse would have under the law. This is in direct contradiction of Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada which explicitly bans polygamy and threatens offenders with a five-year prison term.

We strongly believe advertising Sighe, an official Islamic prostitution, is continuation of attempts to bring Sharia Law to Ontario, which was banned in 2005. We are concerned about the young girls and women who might be influenced or pressured by religious roles and be used for this criminal activity.

The practice of Sighe is not only tolerated but very much promoted by the Islamic Regime in Iran who uses this oppressive practice as a way to promote polygamy and create an extra stream of income for many clerics who perform this type of temporary marriages.

While the Islamic Regime in Iran has tried to push this misogynist practice on the people of Iran, this practice is strongly condemned by the majority of the Iranian society including human rights and women’s rights activists.

We are appalled and concerned that an Iranian Canadian newspaper which is published in Canada would publish an advertisement soliciting Sighe Marriages which not only go against Canadian values but is also in direct contradiction of section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada which expressly bans polygamy and carries a punishment of up to five years in prison.

While we have great respect for freedom of speech and expression, in our respectful opinion no newspaper published in Canada should print material that solicits actions that are contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and sincerely hope that Iran Star Toronto will immediately remove the advertisement and acknowledge its mistake at the earliest opportunity, with a promise that this type of incident will not occur in the future.


Sayeh Hassan, Lawyer, Blogger and Pro-Democracy Activist

Mahmood Ahmadi, Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights and Worker’s Rights Activist

Radio Payam Canada

Mansoureh Nasserchian Freelancer/Activist

Toronto: Black lives Matter terrorist leader warns of a race war

Janaya Khan, “a Black, queer, gender-nonconforming activist, social-justice educator and a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto,” accuses “white supremacy” and “white people” of creating the conditions of a “race war” by systematically oppressing people and using police forces and military to brutalize them.

On July 13, 2016, Janaya Khan posted the following on Facebook:

let’s be clear about some things:

when you make every attempt to eradicate entire populations of people and steal their land

when you steal people, place them on ships and enslave them on said stolen land

when the wealth and economy made by stolen land and stolen labour are then used to keep those populations oppressed, ensuring reserves experience some of the harshest conditions and enslavement mutates into the prison industrial complex

when you create internment camps, indentured labourers, exploitative conditions for migrant workers

when you create policies, legislation and institutions that depend on the exploitation of those populations who are denied access on every socio-economic and political level, who are most vulnerable to state sanctioned violence

and use police forces and military to brutalize those people

and its white supremacy/white people that created, facilitated, directed and benefited from the aforementioned histories and realities…

i’d say those are the conditions of a race war.

not people trying to break free of one.

In an interview to the British NUS (National Union of Students) Black Students, Janaya Khan explained in detail the ideology of Black Lives Matter and its long-run goals.

She is in favour of espousing “non-Police and non-prison base strategies” and working towards “actively demilitarizing the Police.”

Khan’s vision is based on an idea of Black Autonomy and black self-determination and it includes thedeveloping of “our own autonomous communities” which will not need the Police.

She also fended off claims of black on black crime arguing that violence in Black communities is “a result of systemic oppression” by authorities.

Janaya Khan argued that the Orlando massacre, in which a ISIS-inspired devout Muslim murdered 44 people in a gay nightclub (June 12, 2016), “is not Islam” but “a result of centuries old hate” that was “constructed by imperialism.”

She warned that “white supremacy will blame Islam” and “it will use this to further justify inflated military response” in order “to kill Muslims all over the world.”

Blaming Islam is “racism”, according to Khan. “I will call out the racism that blames Islam, Muslims and Black and brown people,” she wrote.

Khan’s statement goes in line with the positin espoused by Black Lives Matter – Toronto, the self proclaimed “coalition of Black Torontonians resisting anti-Black racism, state-sponsored violence, police brutality.”

Black Lives Matter-Toronto exonerated Islam from responsibility of terrorism following the Orlando massacre and identified white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and militarism as the “enemy” and blame these four forces of responsibility for creating terrorism and homophobia.

The enemy is now and has always been the four threats of white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and militarism. These forces and not Islam create terrorism. These forces, and not queerness, create homophobia… Until these systems are defeated, until anti-Blackness no longer fuels anti-Muslim and anti-queer and trans bigotry, exploitation, and exclusion — we can never be truly free,” the posting of Black Lives Matter-Toronto read.

San Diego: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Terrorists Shut Down Southbound I-15



Hundreds of “Black Lives Matter” protestors marched through the streets of City Heights Friday night, shutting down southbound Interstate 15 at University Avenue.

The protest follows a series of marches across the country and in San Diego after two black men were shot and killed by police in Minnesota and Louisiana

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