Toronto Pro Palestinian rally – Al-Quds Day – under Police investigation

Toronto police said they have opened an investigation into comments made at the Pro Palestinian and pro Iranian Al-Quds rally in Toronto on July 2, 2016, CBC reported.

It’s being investigated as we speak,” Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook told CBC on Wednesday, July 14, 2016. “I can confirm that we are investigating comments made at the rally and there is more than one person involved.”

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board has also launched an investigation against a teacher who delivered a speech al Al-Quds Day in support of the Palestinian struggle “in all means” against Israel.

The annual Al-Quds Day Rally in Toronto was held in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in support of the call of Iranian regime to oppose Zionism and Israel’s right to exist.

CIJnews exclusive and detailed reports on Al-Quds Day rally were used by Jewish organizations (and Bnai Brith and FSWC) as well as individuals who filed complaints against the speakers at the rally.

For more information about the rally and the content of the speeches:

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Muslim Socialist Speaker In Toronto: Kill Israeli Jews

Toronto teacher calls a terrorist who killed a 4 year old Israeli girl a “hero”

Organizer of pro Iran Islamic Al-Quds rally: We are the real Canadians, not “selfie” Trudeau

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