Black Lives Matter Terrorist fires 17 shots into officer’s patrol car and home, screams he hates police

Look who is speaking for the movement — who is is better at deception? “He is not a part of the movement and you can tell he’s not a part of the movement just in his approach to this whole issue,” said Muhammad Siddeeq of The “Concerned Clergy.”

“BLM Man fires 17 shots into officer’s patrol car and home, screams he hates police,” FOX 59, July 12, 2016:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– March Eugene Ratney, according to Department of Correction records, wasn’t due to be released from prison until this past June 6 after serving half of a 12-year sentence following his conviction as a serious violent felon with a weapon. Ten days later, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officers were called to an east side address where Ratney’s sister said he had pulled a gun and threatened to kill her.

Investigators now report, and neighbors confirmed, Ratney, on parole, was the man clad in a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and screaming profanities at police, who shot up an IMPD officer’s house not far from his own home early this morning.

The officer and his family were uninjured.

“Think about this, this is your home,” said IMPD Chief Troy Riggs. “If there is one place in this world where you should always feel safe and your family should feel safe, it is in your home.”

The officer had just returned from work, but had not yet retired for the night, when approximately 17 shots were fired from a 9mm handgun into his house, fence and patrol car.

Neighbors recalled seeing a man in a Black Lives Matter t-shirt that also had obscenities directed at police walking the neighborhood last Friday night.

A nearby surveillance camera captured images of a fleeing vehicle shortly after the shooting at 2 a.m.

Ratney was driving a similar car and was stopped a few blocks away within an hour.

During his interrogation at IMPD headquarters, Ratney denied the shooting but became irate, cursed the officers and urinated in the interview room.

At that time the interview was concluded.

The shooting follows the murders of five Dallas police officers during a Black Lives Matter rally last Friday which was called in response to the deaths of two black men in police action shootings in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

700 people attended a Black Lives Matter rally in Indianapolis Saturday and applauded the cooperation and protection of IMPD officers after the march.

“He is not a part of the movement and you can tell he’s not a part of the movement just in his approach to this whole issue,” said Muhammad Siddeeq of The Concerned Clergy after receiving a briefing at IMPD headquarters. “That movement is a movement trying to do positive things and peacefully resolve issues.

Applying Islamic deception to the anti-police militancy.

“We’re hurt that there would be such a vicious and callous attempt to terrorize a police officer’s home where his family and everyone is residing and we’re triply hurt when we see that he’s carrying a symbolic representation of an organization that he’s not representing in spirit or any other way.”

Riggs sent out a message to all of his officers reminding them of the dangers that present themselves both on duty and off to policemen and women and their families.

“We should continue to remind each other we need to remain alert and vigilant. It is imperative that we and our families have an action plan in case of (a) serious incident such as this.”

Riggs said his officers would maintain a heightened sense of awareness while patrolling downtown Indianapolis during this coming weekend’s Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration which always attracts tens thousands of people to the city’s central core as a similar mass gathering provided the opportunity for the Dallas gunman to open fire.

The chief also said he was communicating with IMPD’s community partners to advise them of the latest information regarding the shooting and to accept their condolences and offers of support in the aftermath of the incident.

Detectives searched the house where Ratney was living, as well as another house in the 700 block of North Euclid Avenue and another location, in search of the weapon used to fire on the officer’s home.

Two guns, as well as several shell casings at the shooting scene and at the rear of Ratney’s house were recovered.

Police also were intent on searching Ratney’s car.

The targeted officer told FOX59 that he was quite familiar with Ratney, having arrested him on a gun charge several years ago.

Ratney, 27, may be charged again as a serious violent felon in possession of a firearm and could be prosecuted federally.

He reportedly told detectives he was a, “two-time loser,” indicating previous prison sentences, and challenged them to charge him again.

IMPD reports it recommended revocation of Ratney’s parole after the June 16 complaint.

The Indy FOP released the following statement in regards to the shooting:

Our collective police membership is concerned about this incident. We have reached out to the officer involved to ensure the officer and their family have all the resources they need at this time.

Like any attack on on our police, we must accurately account for the facts so that we may have a complete investigation to better understand how this occurred and hopefully prevent such incidents in the future.

In the interim, we continue our call for mandated reporting of assaults on law enforcement officers. Currently only 57% of police agencies report these statistics to a national database.

We look forward to working with our elected leaders in Indiana and at the federal level in the coming days to enact such legislation and we call upon residents to join us in these enhancement efforts.

Law is the safeguard of freedom, when those who swear to uphold the law fall under attack it threatens the fabric of our society.

We must come together to help protect those who protect our communities.

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Malawi: Over 19,000 men in KK targeted for genital mutilation

Despite the lack of clear evidence connecting circumcision to the drop in the spread of HIV, Nkhotakota district health office has disclosed that it will embark on a massive campaign of male circumcision that is targeting over 19,000 men in the district.

The campaign is scheduled to run from this month to June next year which will see among other things the establishment of three male medical circumcision centres in addition to existing four in the district.

Meanwhile, the district health office has incorporated Angaliba in the exercise as they have been tasked to mobilise children awaiting circumcision when schools close.

District coordinator for the exercise, Limbani Luwe, said a team of 12 medical personnel has been trained adding a contingent of 30 is expected to be trained for the exercise.

“We have taken over the exercise from Angaliba. It will start from July this year up to June 2017. We thought of doing it together with them (Angaliba) with an aim of rectifying irregularities that surround medical and traditional circumcision,” he said.

A similar exercise in Chikhwawa left a child with his private parts mutilated.

On whether prisoners would be circumcised Luwe said: “At present, there are legal provisions that restrict us. But we are in a process of consulting our counterparts (prison authorities).”

Government started the exercise as a pilot in 2012 at Bwaila medical circumcision clinic in Lilongwe in partnership with I-TECH.

Research, however, previously revealed that there is not conclusive evidence to support claims that male circumcision reduces HIV infection.

In our previous investigation, we also found that males who undergo circumcision are likely to get infection than their uncircumcised counterparts.

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Chronic Copyright Thief Beyoncé Sued Over Lemonade Trailer


An independent filmmaker says the singer’s trailer for her latest visual album cribbed from one of his films

Beyoncé is facing a lawsuit after an independent filmmaker says the pop star copied his short film in the trailer for her recent visual album Lemonade.

Matthew Fulks, the plaintiff, says that nine visual elements in 39 seconds of the 60-second trailer were lifted from his film Palinoia, according to the Hollywood Reporter, including Lemonade‘s parking garage scene.

Toronto Pro Palestinian rally – Al-Quds Day – under Police investigation

Toronto police said they have opened an investigation into comments made at the Pro Palestinian and pro Iranian Al-Quds rally in Toronto on July 2, 2016, CBC reported.

It’s being investigated as we speak,” Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook told CBC on Wednesday, July 14, 2016. “I can confirm that we are investigating comments made at the rally and there is more than one person involved.”

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board has also launched an investigation against a teacher who delivered a speech al Al-Quds Day in support of the Palestinian struggle “in all means” against Israel.

The annual Al-Quds Day Rally in Toronto was held in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in support of the call of Iranian regime to oppose Zionism and Israel’s right to exist.

CIJnews exclusive and detailed reports on Al-Quds Day rally were used by Jewish organizations (and Bnai Brith and FSWC) as well as individuals who filed complaints against the speakers at the rally.

For more information about the rally and the content of the speeches:

Islamic rally in Toronto: “Zionism is the main source of all problems in the world”

Toronto Islamic rally: Allah promised us that Israel will be destroyed by Muslims

Muslim Socialist Speaker In Toronto: Kill Israeli Jews

Toronto teacher calls a terrorist who killed a 4 year old Israeli girl a “hero”

Organizer of pro Iran Islamic Al-Quds rally: We are the real Canadians, not “selfie” Trudeau

Nottinghamshire Police criminalizing men talking to women as hate crimes

A police force has become the first in Britain to recognize misogyny as a hate crime, in an effort to make the county a safer place for women.

Nottinghamshire Police is recording incidents such as wolf whistling, street harassment, verbal abuse and taking photographs without consent within the hate crime definition.

It also includes unwanted sexual advances, uninvited physical or verbal contact and using mobile phone to send unwanted messages.

Commenting on the new procedures, introduced in partnership with Nottingham Women’s Centre, Chief Constable Sue Fish said: “I’m delighted that we are leading the way towards tackling misogyny in all its forms.

“It’s a very important aspect of the overall hate crime work being conducted and one that will make Nottinghamshire a safer place for all women.

“What women face, often on a daily basis, is absolutely unacceptable and can be extremely distressing.”

During the past three months, selected officers and staff have undergone misogyny hate crime training which includes “behaviour targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman”.

Work on the idea first started in 2014 after a research project led to a conference at which victims gave examples of harassment faced by women.

Melanie Jeffs, centre manager at Nottingham Women’s Centre, said: “We’re pleased to see Nottinghamshire Police recognise the breadth of violence and intimidation that women experience on a daily basis in our communities.

“Understanding this as a hate crime will help people to see the seriousness of these incidents and hopefully encourage more women to come forward and report offences.”

A force spokesman said: “Nottinghamshire Police has been working hard to understand exactly what hate crime means to the people of Nottinghamshire and has a clear definition.

“A hate crime is simply any incident, which may or may not be deemed as a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hatred.”

She added: “”Unwanted physical or verbal contact or engagement is defined as exactly that and so can cover wolf-whistling and other similar types of contact.

“If the victim feels that this has happened because they are a woman then we will record it as a hate crime. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a criminal offence has been committed, but means we will carry out risk assessments and offer support as we would to any victim of a hate crime.”

Domestic abuse is not included within the scope of misogyny hate crime as it is dealt with under its own procedures.

Richie Jones, lead on hate crimes for the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: “All hate crimes are serious offences, and need to be dealt with appropriately. Any change in recording which helps officers better categorise the types of hate crime, can only be a good thing.”

Sarah Green, acting director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, said: “We welcome this because it comes off the local police force talking to and listening to local women’s groups. What we are talking about is not trivial behaviour – some harassment that women and girls receive in public is upsetting and should have the attention of the authorities.”

She added: “Police in Nottingham have not changed the law but they have listened to local women who said the behaviour bothered them. Together, they are recording it so they can monitor it and look back on who is doing it and where it happens.”

Last year, a building firm was investigated by police after a young woman, Poppy Smart, complained about “lecherous” men wolf-whistling at her in the street.

The 23-year-old filmed the builders’ behaviour and handed it to police.

It was believed to be the first time police had ever investigated wolf whistling as a potential crime. The investigation was later dropped when Miss Smart said she was happy the men had been internally disciplined.


the 2 fuglies behind this thought crime