Abe’s victory good news for U.S. ahead of Nov election: experts



The victory by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition in Sunday’s upper house election will reinforce the Japan-U.S. alliance and contribute to stability in the Asia-Pacific region, especially as Americans are primarily focused on domestic issues in the run-up to November’s presidential election, according to U.S. experts in Japanese affairs.

Citing Abe’s recent drives to strengthen Japan-U.S. ties such as enacting controversial security laws that enable the Self-Defense Forces to fight overseas for the first time since World War II and concluding negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade liberalization initiative, the experts say Abe’s firmer grip on power will boost bilateral cooperation in ensuring peace and stability in the region in the face of China’s growing assertiveness and North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons developments.

David Parker, an associate fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington-based think tank, argues Abe’s victory has significance for Japan-U.S. relations at a time when “the U.S. is in the throes of a very contentious presidential campaign, and the populist strains in U.S. politics are raising levels of uncertainty at home and in the minds of our allies.”

As Parker suggests, populist forces are evident on both sides of the political spectrum in the United States in the current election cycle. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, for example, has created a source of concern among U.S. allies by indicating that if elected, he would consider withdrawing U.S. forces from Japan and South Korea and allow the two countries to go nuclear for self-defense.

Trump has also threatened to pull the United States out of the TPP, saying the 12-nation Pacific Rim trade deal would cost millions of U.S. jobs and be “the death blow for American manufacturing.”

His presumptive Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton has also expressed skepticism toward the deal, which she had championed when she served as secretary of state during President Barack Obama’s first term.

“In this context, stability in Japan—and steady, internationalist leadership from Tokyo—is something that broadly benefits the United States, the alliance, and regional stability,” Parker said in an interview.

The victory by Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner, the Komeito party, also comes as China steps up territorial claims in the East and South China seas with coercive measures. Tokyo and Washington oppose Beijing’s unilateral attempts to change the status quo in the seas and have called for settling disputes in accordance with international law.

Referring to Abe’s fourth straight national election victory as the LDP leader, Daniel Sofio, a research analyst at the CSIS, hailed continued stability in Japanese politics.

Before Abe returned to power in December 2012, six prime ministers came and went quickly, with each serving on average one year in office.

“With this longevity of service comes stable leadership. Provided that Mr. Abe and the LDP stay focused on policy, this could be a good thing” even for Japan’s allies and partners particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, Sofio said in a separate interview.

But Sofio expressed a cautious view about Abe’s eagerness to amend Japan’s Constitution, now that Sunday’s election have given the LDP, Komeito and other lawmakers supportive of amending the charter a combined two-thirds majority in the House of Councillors, opening the way to constitutional reform proposals.

“It’s up to the government and people of Japan to decide, but whatever direction Abe pursues, it should not come at the expense of economics. There is a growing consensus that Abenomics is failing, and a relaunch will require significant political capital,” he said.

“If Mr. Abe focuses too much of his energy on constitutional reform, it could endanger his economic reform agenda.”

An amendment requires approval by at least two-thirds of the members of each house of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, as well as a majority in a national referendum. The LDP-Komeito coalition already holds a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives, the more powerful lower chamber.

Abe has questioned a contradiction between the existence of the SDF and the ban on Japan maintaining armed forces in the war-renouncing Article 9. But some in the two-thirds forces, most notably Komeito, have expressed reluctance to touch on the provision, apparently concerned that it could trigger a backlash from the public.

According to a Kyodo News opinion poll conducted Jan. 30-31, 37.5 percent of respondents were in favor of amending the Constitution after the upper house election and 50.3 percent were against. The charter has never been altered since its promulgation in November 1946.


Female teacher admits having sex on driveway with TWO schoolboy brothers as ‘birthday present’ for them

Barbara Ellen: “do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping
with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping
with a girl pupil? I don’t”.



A teaching assistant has pleaded guilty to having sex with two schoolboy brothers in the driveway of their home.

Chelsea Lorson seduced the teenagers for her own sexual satisfaction and as a “birthday present” to one of the boys, a court was told.

The 25-year-old reportedly tempted one brother into having sex with her and then his younger sibling.

Lorson, from Pennsylvania, US, pleaded guilty to charges of statutory sexual assault and institutional sexual assault in Union County court on Friday, July 8.

PennLive reported the judge ordered she submit to an assessment to determine if she is a sexually violent predator.

That determination could affect her sentence, which under the plea agreement, could be as long as 17 years, the site says. She will also be require to register as a sex offender.


Black Lives Matter: A movement built on lies


The clown show known as Black Lives Matter is akin to a paranoid maniac who: (a) dreams that his spouse is having a torrid, illicit affair; (b) then berates and beats his spouse upon waking up; and (c) finally, when reminded that it was all just a dream, becomes even more enraged at the betrayal he supposedly suffered while he slept. There’s really no point to continuing the charade of calling Black Lives Matter by the phony name it has exploited since its inception. If black lives truly mattered to the know-nothings who comprise this movement, they would have something—anything—to say about the fact that approximately 5,500 of the 6,095 black victims of homicide in 2014 were killed not by white devils, not by satanic ghouls in blue uniforms, but by other blacks. Instead, all they give us is a silent, collective yawn punctuated with a raised middle finger. So from this point forward, Black Lives Matter will be called by its correct name, “Facts Don’t Matter.”

The mouthpieces of Facts Don’t Matter say their mission is to demand “an immediate end” to “the murder of Black people” by the hordes of racists who purportedly comprise our nation’s police forces. They tell us that African Americans are a hunted and endangered species, mowed down by blue-uniformed white sadists who are animated by bloodlust, bigotry, and dreams of genocide. But wait. It turns out that of all the people who have beenkilled by police in the United States in recent years, about 42% were white, 20% were Hispanic, and 32% were black—even as blacks committed nearly 39% of the types of serious crimes most likely to result in a violent confrontation with police. Last year was typical: 494 whites and 258 blacks were killed by police. And what do the race-obsessed demagogues at Facts Don’t Matter have to say about this? Nothing. Facts Don’t Matter.

Facts Don’t Matter tells us that police are particularly inclined to gun down, in cold blood, African Americans who are unarmed and pose no threat to anyone. Of course, “unarmed” victims are sometimes shot while they’re physically assaulting an officer or trying to take away his gun. But still, let’s play along and look at—if you’ll excuse the expression—the facts. In 2015, there were 38 unarmed blacks and 32 unarmed whites who were shot and killed by police. These figures are roughly proportional to the respective numbers of violent crimes committed by blacks and whites nationwide. So why the outrage? Because Facts Don’t Matter. Remember?

And does it matter that statistically, the likelihood of a police officer being killed by a black male is 18.5 timesgreater than the likelihood of an unarmed black male being killed by a cop? Nope. Facts Don’t … well, you know how it goes.

The plain truth is that if you search for evidence of systemic racism in police shootings, you won’t find it anywhere outside the imaginations of the Facts Don’t Matter racists and the imbeciles who support them. The premise underlying Facts Don’t Matter’s mission is a lie, founded on a fantasy, stapled to a hallucination, wrapped inside a fairy tale, strapped to the wing of a unicorn.

But naturally, none of this prevented Barack Obama—in the aftermath of the recent police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana—from doing what he does best: lament America’s intransigent white racism, and foment black hatred and mistrust of police officers. This is where the President always shines, and dutifully he trotted out several old favorites from his well-worn collection of hackneyed platitudes:

  • “[T]here’s a big chunk of our citizenry that feels as if, because of the color of their skin, they are not being treated the same.”
  • “[T]he data shows that black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents. There is a particular burden that is being placed on a group of our fellow citizens.”
  • “[T]hese fatal shootings are not isolated incidents. They are symptomatic of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system, the racial disparities that appear across the system year after year, and the resulting lack of trust that exists between law enforcement and too many of the communities they serve.

A few hours later, a dozen officers were gunned down at a Facts Don’t Matter rally in Dallas, and five of them lay lifeless in pools of their own blood.

This atrocity was just a natural extension of the toxic and deadly anti-police climate that Obama had previously helped cultivate with many similar statements over the years. And not surprisingly, law-enforcement officers throughout urban America have responded to this troubling climate by becoming less proactive in apprehending criminal suspects, particularly for low-level offenses. This, in turn, has led to a dramatic rise in crime rates in a number of U.S. cities. For 2015 as a whole, America’s 56 largest cities experienced a 17% rise in homicides; in 10 heavily black cities, murders increased by more than 60%. During the first quarter of this year, homicides in the nation’s 63 largest cities increased by another 9%, while non-fatal shootings were up 21%. In other words, immense harm has been done to the very same “black lives” on whose behalf Facts Don’t Matter claims to work.

If Barack Obama were something other than a racist Marxist revolutionary, he would state clearly and unequivocally that the Facts Don’t Matter movement is nothing more than a horde of know-nothing degenerates who should be ostracized as the moral equivalents of cross-burning Klansmen. But that’s a bit much to expect from a man who has made yet another prominent racist, Al Sharpton, his leading adviser on matters of race. So instead, Obama doffs his hat to the Facts Don’t Matter clowns, and treats them like dignitaries. Leaders of Facts Don’t Matter have visited the Obama White House many times since 2013, meeting with not only the President, but also with the First Lady and a number of high-level administration officials.

In September 2015, for instance, Facts Don’t Matter leader Brittany Packnett—fresh off her seventh visit to the Obama White House—told reporters that the President had “offered us a lot of encouragement” while urging the activists to “‘keep speaking truth to power.’” The following month, Obama lauded Facts Don’t Matter for addressing “a specific problem that’s happening in the African-American community that’s not happening in other communities.” Two months after that, he described Facts Don’t Matter as a positive force that was shining “sunlight” on the fact that “there’s no black family that hasn’t had a conversation around the kitchen table about driving while black and being profiled or being stopped” by police. And at a Black History Month event at the White House this past February, Obama welcomed Facts Don’t Matter representatives and extolled their “outstanding work.”

This is the pathetic condition to which the our nation has sunk under Barack Obama: The President of the United States openly and unequivocally supports a racist terror group that is committed to the slaughter of police officers and the breakdown of law-and-order—and, by logical extension, to a steep and swift rise in death-by-homicide rates among civilians in dozens of cities across the country. And he’s done it all in the name of “racial justice.” People don’t get any uglier—or dumber—than this.

Mom of Idaho rape victim: ‘We’re being treated as criminals’


Editor’s note: The mother’s name has been changed on her request to protect her safety.

More than a month after her 5-year-old daughter was allegedly raped by a child refugee from Iraq, Laney Shelly of Twin Falls, Idaho, says her little girl is still traumatized by the incident while local authorities have denied her access to basic documents such as the 911 transcripts, police and medical reports.

The Twin Falls mother also stands by initial reports, denied by police, that it took officers more than two hours to arrive on the scene after they were called to the Fawnbrook Apartments on June 2.

Meanwhile the family of one of the alleged perpetrators, a 7-year-old Iraqi refugee, continues to live next door to his victim despite having been served with an eviction notice.

Two older boys, both refugees from Sudan ages 10 and 14, were also charged in the incident. Their family left the complex immediately after being served with an eviction notice.

Friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe account hoping to raise enough money to help them move out of the low-income complex where their daughter was molested and into a safer location.

The account has raised a little over $12,000 in 22 days. The family also needs to hire a lawyer.

“We are trying to move but the child [perpetrator] does still live here next to us. I don’t let her play outside, and my child feels like a prisoner in her own home,” Shelly said.

The mother of two children has a rare liver disease that requires her to take medication making her sensitive to the sun.

“I can’t be out there but 5 minutes at a time with my medication,” Shelly said. “She doesn’t understand why she can’t go outside and play.”

“She’s still traumatized really bad,” she said of her 5-year-old daughter, who has a developmental disability. “This week she starts in counseling. When she sees boys, she’ll tell me ‘those are bad boys, those are all bad boys.’”

Shelly, 28, is a stay-at-home mom whose other child, a son, is autistic. Her fiancé works as a chef at a nearby hotel and does not have health insurance.

The crime against their daughter was more horrific than the local prosecutor, Grant Loebs, has made it sound in his statements to local media, she said. And Shelly is also disappointed in the way local news agencies have covered the story.

“The local media, I feel like they’re against us, because they get the wrong story and they switch it around,” she told WND. “I won’t even talk to the local media. I just think everything they say is B.S.”

The Twin Falls community has been mostly supportive, she said. A group of citizens held a rally on a local bridge Saturday and made a stop at their apartment complex to show their support.

The oldest of the three refugee boys, the 14-year-old from Sudan, captured the entire incident on a video about 4 minutes in length.

“Two of them were naked and the one videotaping was coaching the others on what to do,” Shelly said.

She said she could not bring herself to watch the video but her fiancé did.

“He is missing a lot of work because it is hard for him to work, and when he goes to counseling we have to pay for it out of pocket,” she said. “He needs the counseling. It was hard for him to stay back because when this happened he wanted to hurt somebody. That is his baby.”

What the youngest boy was allegedly caught on camera doing to their daughter would definitely qualify as rape under Idaho laws.

According to Idaho Statute, Section 18-6101, “rape” is defined as “the penetration, however slight, of the oral, anal or vaginal opening” of the victim under one of more of nine circumstances. One of those circumstances is that the victim is under 16 and another is that she has a mental or developmental disability.

“I think she falls under this statute. She’s incapable of consenting, she may very well have been threatened with force or violence,” said Mark Guerry, an Idaho attorney of 25 years who ran against Loebs for county prosecutor in the last election. “I think even with what little we know there’s a case here to be made for felony rape. But, part of what’s going on, in my opinion, is the state is trying to keep this thing well under the radar so they can make a decision about how to handle this without having to face the public, and be able to dispose of it as fast as they can without it reflecting badly on them. Nobody wants the scandal of protest over someone being injured by a Muslim immigrant. Doesn’t sound to me that any of this would have ever come to light were it not for the public and people like yourself.”

Immigration status of perpetrators kept secret

Another question not being answered is the immigration status of the offenders.

Authorities have only said that the families in question, one from Sudan and the other from Iraq, have been in the United States for two years or less.

That means they are likely not yet U.S. citizens and may not even have green cards, although the latter status is a possibility. A green card affords the holder to legal permanent residency and nearly all of the same rights as a U.S. citizen. If, however, they are still here on visas, that leaves open the option of deportation, Guerry said.

“The government could begin deportation proceedings based on their conduct alone, moral turpitude, even before any conviction is entered,” he said. “Now they’re juveniles so that’s probably not going to happen, because the immigration system is going to be hesitant to deport children if their parents aren’t involved in the crime. But I think ICE could start proceedings if they are here on temporary visas at this point.”

The little girl told counselors the day after the assault that she was forced into the laundry room by a boy with a knife. No knife was found at the scene and police told the family they can’t include that on the word of a 5-year-old without evidence.

‘It all happened in 10 minutes’

Shelly recounted for WND how the tragic incident went down on June 2.

“It all happened in 10 minutes,” she said. “I was outside with her and had to use the restroom real fast and by the time I got out she was gone. I was freaking out.”

She said she was in the bathroom no more than two or three minutes but that was all it took for the boys to snatch her daughter.

One of the elderly residents of the complex, Joline Payne, saw the 14-year-old filming something in the laundry room and intervened, stopping the crime and bringing the girl to her mother. She told the boys to put their clothes on and called police.

“When she saw me she said ‘you need to call the cops.’ She called and I called as well. It took two to two and a half hours for them to get here,” Shelly said. “That’s why I wanted to see the police report because I know they’re going to change that.”

Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury said during a city-council meeting that officers arrived in a “timely manner.”

“But they did not arrive in a timely manner,” Shelly said. “We called and said there was a little girl who was just raped. Does that not matter to them? They I guess were busy. It was Western Days. But what if someone was dying? I just don’t get it.”

She said she was surprised the two older boys were released from juvenile detention after less than a week.

The youngest boy was never detained but had a hearing last Thursday.

“He was under house arrest but he doesn’t have the [monitoring] bracelet. It’s supervised by the parent,” Shelly said. “And they changed the no-contact order from 300 yards to 100 feet. It’s like we’re the ones that are getting all of the bad news, like we did something wrong.”

Shelly said she is from Las Vegas and her fiancé is from Rexburg, Idaho. Neither has any roots in Twin Falls and they don’t feel like the system has treated them fairly.

“As victims it just makes us feel like they’re treating us like we’re the criminals. I called the victim’s advocate a few times to get the records and she said ‘I told you several times now you can’t have nothing.’ And she’s like ‘why do you want this stuff?’ And I tell her because it’s my daughter and I want to know and I have a right to it under our Constitution.”

Article 1 Section 22 of the Idaho Constitution lays out 10 rights of victims that cannot be violated, and number 9 on the list is the right “to read presentence reports related to the crime.”

Whether that requires a printed copy is not clear, but it would indicate the victim has the right to at least read the reports, said Guerry, the local attorney.

“I think those things should be made available to the family. They’re all personal, medical records about yourself. You can always request medical records about yourself,” Guerry said, regardless of whether a case is sealed by a judge. “This is a little girl, and in this case her parents should be getting the medical records, they should be getting the 911 report. They should be able to request that and at a minimum they should be able to sit down with the prosecutor or deputy prosecutor and review all the files, that’s just respect and fairness to the victim. Whether they continue to stonewall on that, I imagine they will, but the state Constitution does have certain guarantees.”

Shelly said the Constitution doesn’t’ seem to matter, not as much as protecting the rights of the refugees.

“We’re in America, and just because they’re refugees, you need to be treated the same as if you were an American and you did this,” she said. “They shouldn’t have special privileges just because they’re refugees. You come to our country you need to follow our laws.”

Another sexual assault by refugee reported in Mass.

Last week another refugee, a 22-year-old from Syria, was charged in Lowell, Massachusetts, with inappropriately touching a 13-year-old girl, the Lowell Sun reported.

In Lowell District Court on Friday, Emad Hasso was ordered held on $25,000 cash bail after pleading not guilty via an interpreter to one count of indecent assault and battery on someone under 16. He had been in the country less than three months and is one of 15 Syrian refugees to have been resettled in Lowell since May.

The charges

In calling the alleged offense a “sexual assault,” the local prosecutor and the police of Twin Falls are being purposely vague in describing the charges against the migrant boys, Guerry said. The term “sexual assault” is too broad to know exactly what the boys are being charged with.

“Attempted penetration would be sexual assault as well,” Guerry said. “A rape typically involves penetration but what about sexual battery? A sexual assault encompasses all of these things. Sexual assault is really sort of an umbrella that all these crimes come under, so they are being deliberately vague, deliberately obtuse. They are not going into specifics, whatever the reason may be. They may think it needs to remain confidential because the boys are more likely to be subjected to some kind of public punishment based on what the public knows.”
Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2016/07/mom-of-idaho-rape-victim-were-being-treated-as-criminals/#0wYAmeJxCmLqcBvJ.99

Islamic Proselytizing at Massachusetts General Hospital


It is shocking, but not surprising: Muslims all over the country are aggressively proselytizing in ways that Christians and other groups that proselytize would never be allowed to do.

People are sick enough in the hospital, they have to be subjected to this?

Theresa May forced to defend views on Sharia Law as she prepares to enter No 10

May sparked controversy when she spoke out in support of the Islamic courts operating in the country, telling the nation they could “benefit a great deal” from Sharia teachings.

The future Tory leader made the comments as she ordered a review into the system which are accused of ordering women to stay with abusive partners.

Mrs May, said she is worried the courts are “misused” and “exploited” to discriminate against Muslim women, but defended their place in society.

Sharia is Islam’s legal system derived from both the Koran, Islam’s central text, and fatwas – the rulings of Islamic scholars.

There are thought to be around 100 Sharia Law courts operating throughout the UK, dispensing Islamic justice outside the remit of our own legal system.

Judgements handed down by the informal courts have no legal basis, but there are fears their presence means many Muslim women are not getting access to the justice they deserve.

Now, before she takes over Number 10, May has been forced to restate her position on Sharia Law.