Abe says it is his duty to revise constitution; calls for debate



An emboldened Shinzo Abe called Monday for debate on Japan’s pacifist constitution, which he said it was his “duty” to revise after scoring a strong win in weekend elections.

Voters backed the hawkish prime minister, despite a lacklustre economic performance, handing his Liberal Democratic Party and its allies control of more than half of the upper house of parliament.

Analysts say with the support of small nationalist parties, Abe may now have the numbers to push through a change to the constitutional bar on Japanese troops waging war.

“We have always set a goal of revising the constitution…that is my duty as president,” Abe said.

“But the party does not have more than two-thirds of seats in both chambers by itself, so I don’t expect the draft would pass as is,” he said, referring to the parliament’s lower house as well, and suggesting compromise was needed. “So I hope debate will steadily deepen.”

Japan’s constitution, imposed by occupying United States forces after World War II, prohibits the use of aggression to solve international conflicts.

The provisions are popular in the public at large, but reviled by rightwingers like Abe, who see them as outdated and punitive.

The LDP’s own draft amendment plan calls for keeping the war-renouncing spirit of the constitution, but wants to remove language it sees as infringing on the country’s means to defend itself.

Unofficial results from Sunday’s vote compiled by media show the LDP and its Buddhist-backed allies, Komeito, now occupy more than half—at least 147—of the seats in the upper chamber of parliament.

Full official results are expected Tuesday.

With backing from fringe parties that also favour consitutional change, Abe could now have the two-thirds majority that he needs in both houses to push through amy proposal to amend the country’s basic law.

However, observers point out that corralling support for a revision from its coalition partner Komeito which has traditionally shied away from nationalist posturing could be difficult.

And the proposal would still face a referendum, with pollsters saying the vast majority of the public are wary of any softening of the country’s pacifist stance.

The conservative mass circulation Yomiuri Shimbun daily described the expansion of the pro-amendment bloc as “progress” but expressed caution about prospects for change.

“It is too early for an amendment proposal to be realistic as opinions on specific revision points vary between parties,” it said Monday in an editorial.

Abe had soft-pedalled his constitutional ambitions during the campaign, preferring to stress his management of the economy.

The 61-year-old was swept to power in 2012 on a promise of kickstarting growth after decades of lassitude and underperformance.

But despite massive fiscal stimulus, his Abenomics program has largely failed to deliver, having done little more than weaken the value of the yen—which is now back on the rise.

Voters, meanwhile, appeared to hold out little hope for the dissolute opposition to do a better job, and Abe seems to have benefited from his incumbency and perceived competence.

He also garnered support from the young after Japan’s voting age was lowered from 20 to 18, with Jiji Press exit polling data showing more than half of votes from those 18 and 19 years of age went to the ruling coalition.

Abe said the election result shows that he has popular support for his economic policies.

“I take it as people’s strong confidence in Abenomics and for its acceleration.”

Stocks surged on the election results, with expectations high Abe would unleash yet more stimulus.

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New Bill Will Empower Sharia Courts to Try Non-Muslims in Nigeria



The Muslim Brotherhood president is doing his thing.  Source: Nigeria: Church Leaders Warn Lawmakers On Sharia Bill – allAfrica.com

Jalingo — Nigeria’s secularity must be faithfully guarded to ensure stability and progress, senior clergymen warned yesterday.

They pointedly told the House of Representatives not to pass into law the Sharia Bill pending before it.

If passed into law, the bill will empower Sharia Courts to try non-Muslims, including Christians in criminal cases.

They also noted that Christian Religious Studies (CRS) as a subject in school curricula was increasingly being treated with disdain and in some cases expunged amid lopsided federal appointments in favour of moslems.

Rising from the 111th general meeting of the church council in Takum Local Council of Taraba State, the leadership of the Christian Reformed Church-Nigeria (CRC-N), in a communique observed the said bill with dismay, saying it was aimed at igniting religious upheaval in the country.

In a statement signed jointly by its National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and Media Affairs Director, Miss Zainab Yusuf , HURIWA said the Constitution has clearly provided in section 10 that no particular religion should be elevated to a status of state religion.

The group said the “wordings of the official press statement authorised by the minister convey the impression that this government has tacitly adopted one of the two foreign religions as its administration’s official religion.”

It wondered why the National Assembly embarked on such a “destructive venture,” stressing that if passed into law, “other religious beliefs, including Christianity would be threatened and relegated.”

“Nigeria is a secular state,” the church leaders noted, calling on Nigerians to challenge the bill which “if passed into law, would compel Christians and adherents of other religions to appear and be tried in Sharia Courts, when disputes ensue between them and Muslims.”

The clerics who observed that the “advocates of Sharia had earlier on told the nation that it was strictly a Muslim affair,” said they could not fathom why the National Assembly is on the brink of making it a law for all Nigerians.

The communique also condemned the decision of some of the northern states governments to expunge CRK from their educational curricula: “The Synod condemns in total terms the activities of governments of some northern states who have completely removed CRK from their school curricula and projected Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) as though Nigeria were an Islamic state.”

They affirmed that the recent retirement of top security personnel was only targeted at those Christian faith: “We noted that there is high level of conspiracy to remove Christians from all top security positions in the country,” and that the “aim is to totally frustrate and destroy the Christian faith.”

According to the communiqué: “Most of the Service Chiefs compulsorily retired by Buhari’s government are Christians and predominantly from the South-South and South-East and not from the North, while most of them have been replaced with core Muslims.”

While calling on the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to be “resolute and not take sides with government to the detriment of the Christianity,” they added that the Church must as well play its umbrella- role by carrying along everybody irrespective of differences.

HURIWA added: “We are worried that at a time that President Muhammadu Buhari is accused of appointing and allocating almost 80 percent of all the strategic military and paramilitary positions to Hausa/Fulani Moslems from the North and at a time the entire maritime and crude oil sector are dominated by appointees by Buhari from his Northern region, the minister of Interior who recently appointed an entirely Moslem and Northern heads of agencies under the Interior Affairs ministry is conveying this sinister impression that Islam is now the official religion. We condemn this total affront to constitutionalism and we caution this government to thread softly and stop creating an atmosphere of mutual disaffection and distrust which may snowball into a catastrophic national crises of monumental proportions if unchecked. We call on statesmen and women who love Nigeria to call President Muhammadu Buhari to order so he does not lead Nigeria into perdition”.

Obama’s pal Buhari has done nothing to slow the Muslim slaughter of Christians inNigeria…he’s only allowing sharia to grow…as he promised.

It’s Time to Designate Black Lives Matter A Terrorist Organization


At a Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally in Dallas yesterday, demonstrators protested the recent shootings of two African American men by white police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana. “Enough is enough!” the marchers shouted while they held signs bearing slogans like: “If all lives matter, why are black ones taken so easily?” Then, as we now know, an assassin opened fire on the law-enforcement officers who were on duty at the rally. Four policemen and one transit officer were killed, and six additional police were wounded.

No analysis of this atrocity would be complete without noting the now-indisputable fact that every word uttered by BLM and its mouthpieces is an unadulterated lie. The entire self-identified purpose of this movement—which is to demand “an immediate end to police brutality and [to] the murder of Black people and all oppressed people”—is rendered utterly fictitious by a single statement of fact: Of all suspects who are killed by police in the US each year, 41.7% are white, 20.3% are Hispanic, and 31.7% are black—even as blacks account for 38.5% of all arrests for violent crimes, which are the types of crimes most likely to trigger a confrontation with police that could result in a fatality.

These numbers do not in any way suggest a lack of restraint by police in their dealings with black suspects. They suggest precisely the opposite. And that’s the dirty little secret. Evidence of systemic racism in police shootings simply doesn’t exist. Anywhere.

The premise underlying BLM’s whole mission is a lie.

And, of course, justice for brutal and unnecessary loss of black life was never the real agenda of BLM anyway. This fact is painfully evidenced by the vast and ever-accumulating body count of black murders committed predominately by other blacks — every incident of which is met with silence by BLM’s race agitators. Rather, BLM was always a hate group animated not by a desire to save lives, but to take them. Its message is one of hate; for white people, for black people who did not follow its radical agenda, and for the entire nation.

Last night the BLM joined the ranks of major terrorist organizations.

A suspect in the attack last night had made it clear to a negotiator that, inspired to anger to anger by the BLM movement, he wanted to kill “white people” and especially “white officers.”

That’s what racism looks like. That’s what terrorism looks like.

What happened in Dallas was inevitable. It was not an isolated incident. Just ask the families of Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, murdered by BLM supporter Ismaaiyl Brinsley over a BLM cause.

The assassination of the two NYPD officers bore a striking resemblance to the Dallas attack. Had the media and their Democratic allies backed away from their unthinking support of BLM, Dallas need not have happened. Instead the media continued pushing its drumbeat of lies.

Yet BLM case after BLM case collapsed. The Freddie Gray hoax, which wrecked a city, proved hollow, just as the Michael Brown case had. And yet every Democrat, from Obama on down, did not waver.

Dallas is the defining line. The targeted murder of five police officers is a clear terror attack.

And the cause was the incitement by BLM and its media and political allies against police officers. BLM and its media propagandists have spent years portraying cops as killers out to exterminate the black community. What happened in Dallas was a direct result of that exterminationist rhetoric.

BLM’s message is that the country and its police officers are out to commit “genocide” against “brown bodies,” that the nation is illegitimate and that police officers are racist killers. Instead of being shunned, this rhetoric was rewarded, as when literary darling Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote that police officers “were not human to me.” For his hate speech, Coates received a MacArthur Genius Grant.

Some agreed with Coates. They saw police officers as less than human and killed them.

We cannot forget the origins of the Dallas attack in such rhetoric or BLM protesters chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon.” If we forget, then the next BLM terrorist attack will be our responsibility.

And while we can respect the rights of even hate groups to operate, we cannot tolerate terrorist organizations. It’s time to shut down BLM before the next shooting happens.

The National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund has recorded a very significant spike in police officer deaths. Last June, Chief Brown responded to the shooting attack at DPD headquarters by saying, “Go to a restaurant with us one time. Go eat lunch with us. We’re never going to sit with our back to the door.”

But it’s impossible to stop everyone who wants to kill a police officer. And it’s time we turned our attention to those who are behind the attacks.

The media is still repeating the same lies that we heard in Ferguson or Baltimore about “peaceful protests” suddenly turning violent. But those lies won’t fly anymore. The protests were never peaceful. When they become openly violent, it’s not a radical shift but an implementation of their core message.

BLM is a terrorist movement, and it should be designated as such by the U.S. government. It started out as the KKK. Now it’s evolving into Al Qaeda with an ideological core that promotes the idea of a total war while “lone wolves” do its dirty work. It’s time to hold it — and its supporters — accountable. It’s up to us to see that Dallas never happens again.

circumcisions claim many lives in South Africa



Botched circumcision in has claimed at least 10 lives since the start of the winter initiation season which began in June, health officials said on Sunday.

All the deaths which resulted from pneumonia, dehydration and assault were reported in Cape province, where most of circumcision-related deaths take place every year, Xinhua news agency reported.

This came despite a pledge by the government to ensure a zero-death initiation season. The government has vowed to take tougher actions against botched circumcisions which kill many youths every year.

In 2015, during winter and summer initiation seasons, approximately 101 initiates lost their lives (most in the Eastern Cape) and in the last 10 years there have been an estimated 1,000 penile amputations.