Japan to beef up anti-terrorism measures


Japan’s government is working to draw up a set of comprehensive anti-terrorism measures following the deaths of 7 Japanese nationals in a hostage incident in Dhaka last weekend.

The measures are expected to be adopted next week at a meeting of a government task force led by Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.

Officials say the plans include strengthening the structure of the Foreign Ministry’s intelligence unit that monitors international terrorism. Stricter border controls are also envisaged, including installing body scanners at major airports across the country that can detect suspicious objects within a few seconds.

The 7 slain Japanese and one wounded compatriot were all in Bangladesh as consultants for a project of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, or JICA.

JICA and the Foreign Ministry will set up a new council to study ways to ensure the safety of Japanese engaged in aid projects abroad. Officials plan to come up with specific steps by the end of August.

In addition, the governments of Japan and other Group of Seven member countries will work on measures to stem money flows to terrorists and share information, especially in Asia. The efforts are in line with an action program the G7 leaders adopted at the Ise-Shima summit in Japan in May.

Obama admin endorsed Muslim ‘refugees’ turn Wisconsin into country’s TB capital



Aids, rickets, TB, venereal disease – they got it all coming to them. As does Europe. The extreme poor planning and grasp of the broader consequences and long-term costs from Muslim migration is nothing short of criminal. Germany’s entire healthcare budget for five years forward will be exhausted by next year thanks to Merkel’s open door invitation to Muslim scam “refugees”.

Time for treason charges against these politicians.


by Michael Patrick Leahy
Breitbart, 5 Jul 2016

Twenty-seven recently resettled refugees were among the 117 cases of active tuberculosis (TB) diagnosed in Wisconsinin 2014 and 2015, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. That makes the Badger State the new refugee TB capital of the United States.

Wisconsin replaces Louisiana as the state with the most reported cases of active TB among recently resettled refugees in the country.

As Breitbart News has reported previously, twenty-one cases of active TB were diagnosed among recently resettled refugees in Louisiana between 2011 and 2015.

Six other states have reported recently resettled refugees have been diagnosed with active TB: Florida (eleven), Colorado (ten), Idaho (seven), Indiana (four), Kentucky (nine in one county), and North Dakota (four in one county).

Wisconsin may not be the actual leader, though. Only eight of the forty nine states that resettle refugees under the federal refugee resettlement program have responded to Breitbart News requests to provide this important public health data, which resettlement agencies are required by law to monitor and report in each state.

Tennessee and Vermont, for instance, have consistently withheld information about the number of active TB cases diagnosed among recently resettled refugees. New York and Massachusetts have simply failed to respond to inquiries from Breitbart News to obtain this information.

Nevada has responded, but offered no information.South Dakota has provided refugee health data on other issues, but has not responded to information on the number of total refugees diagnosed with active TB.

As Breitbart News reported previously, Wisconsin saw one of the biggest increases in TB of any state in 2015: a forty percent increase from 48 cases in 2014 to 69 in 2015.

In 2014, twelve recently resettled refugees were diagnosed with active TB in Wisconsin. That number increased to fifteen cases of active TB among recently resettled refugees in 2015, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

During that same time, the number of multi-drug resistant (MDR) TB cases increased from three in 2014 to four in 2015.

Between 2005 and 2012, twenty cases of MDR TB, all foreign-born, were diagnosed in Wisconsin.

Breitbart News has asked the Wisconsin Department of Health Services how many of the seven cases of MDR TB diagnosed in 2014 and 2015 were foreign-born, and how many were recently resettled refugees, but has not received a response.

MDR TB is a growing threat around the world. In 2015, 480,000 of the 9 million cases of the new cases of active TB diagnosed worldwide were MDR. 190,000 deaths from MDR TB were reported.

Few of those cases have made it to the United States, yet, though that may change as the number of foreign-born residents of the country continues to increase.

In 2014, 91 cases of MDR TB were diagnosed in the United States. The CDC has yet to release the number of MDR TB cases diagnosed in 2015, though it has confirmed the number of active TB cases increased that year by 1.7 percent to 9,563.

Active TB can be successfully treated over six to nine months with a four drug combination at a total cost of $17,000 per patient.

MDR TB, however, is much more expensive to treat, and the success rate is less than the virtual 100 percent cure rate among patients treated with the standard four drug protocol for active TB.

The CDC says that it takes 20 to 26 months to treat MDR TB, at a cost of $150,000. Not all patients with MDR TB survive, even if they receive the complete treatment.

Sixty six percent of the 9,563 cases of active TB diagnosed in the United States in 2015 were foreign-born. Significantly, 90 percent of the 91 cases of MDR TB diagnosed in the United States in 2014 were foreign-born.

The high rate of TB among recently resettled refugees in Wisconsin has emerged as a potent campaign issue in one of the country’s highest profile Congressional races.

Paul Nehlen, who is challenging Speaker Paul Ryan for the GOP nomination to represent the First Congressional District of Wisconsin in the August 9 primary, is using Ryan’s aggressive support for the refugee resettlement program in pointed attacks on the incumbent.

“A vote for Paul Ryan is a vote for more TB in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District,” Nehlen told Breitbart News on Friday.

“Paul has voted for every budget that has funded the federal refugee resettlement program, including the most recent ‘Cromnibus Budget’ he rammed through as Speaker,” Nehlen added.

“Federal taxpayers are paying resettlement agencies, like Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin, more than $1 billion per year to resettle refugees with high rates of active tuberculosis across the country, and Paul Ryan is responsible for that,” Nehlen concluded.

Kids raised in same sex couples twice as likely to be depressed fat adults


A new study shows there’s much more depression, obesity and suicidal tendencies among adults raised by same-sex couples than among adults raised by a normal family of complementary male and female parents.

According to the study, which tracks the development of children to adulthood, 51 percent of those raised by same-sex couples had experienced depression, compared to only 19.7 percent of those raised in normal married households.

“By age 28 a cohort of children raised by same-sex parents are 2.25 times more likely to experience depression than is the general population. Adult onset depression is associated with a more frequent history of abuse victimization, obesity, stigma, and distance from one or both parents.”

Thirty percent of adults from gay households fanaticized about suicide as an adult, compared to 7 percent from normal households. A whopping 71.9 percent of adults raised in gay homes reported obesity, compared to 37 percent from opposite-sex homes.

The study shows more kids raised by gays reported that a parent or caregiver had slapped, hit, or kicked them. More of them said they were touched in a sexual way or forced to touch someone in a sexual way or were forced into sex relations.

The study flies in the face of recent claims by gay advocates that there is no difference between being raised by gays or by straights.

The study used data from the non-partisan National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, and was produced by Professor Paul Sullins of the Leo Initiative. He’s worked with the Department of Sociology at the Catholic University of America for many years.

The major limitation of of the study is that the database contained information on kids raised by only twenty same-sex couples. But there are very few children raised by gays at all, let alone over a long period. Even so, as sociologist Mark Regnerus says of this study, “This makes the same-sex household estimates displayed in the graph imprecise, but it does nothing to undermine the significance of the differences between groups.”

The study has already come under attack from gay blogs that tend to pounce on any negative data.

At the urging of gay bloggers, in 2012, Regnerus of the University of Texas at Austin was investigated by his university and attempts were made to bring him up on charges and get him fired for reaching much the same conclusions as Sullins has reached. Though the University of Texas backed him up and the journal that published his paper has not withdrawn it, he still comes under bitter criticism from gay advocates.

ThinkProgress has tried to smear Sullins for his religious faith and his priesthood. The author, Zack Ford, a columnist and not an expert in sociological research, called the study “hugely flawed” and ran a picture of Sullins in his priestly garb. He also complained that the study was carried out on children raised by gays prior to the legalization of gay marriage, proposing that marriage will make all the difference in outcomes for kids.

Even liberal advocates admit that children do best when raised by their own mom and dad. Secular sociologist Sara McLanahan of Princeton University and other secular experts have reported for decades that children do best within normal families.