Toronto Feminazis implement SJW and feminism in Guyana, Suriname, West Indies

After reading up about the Toronto lawyer who is on a rampage to force the LGBTQP-SJW agenda down the throats of Caribbean countries like Jamaica (some are saying that he used litigation on Trinidad and Belize too), I have discovered that more TORONTO people are implementing SJW activism in countries like Guyana (British Guiana) and Suriname (Netherlands Guiana).

Too bad that Toronto feminazis cannot touch French Guiana since France owns the country to this day.

York University spreading Toronto feminazism into Guyana and Suriname:…-exchange/

Quote:The InterGuianas-Canada Gender Studies Exchange

This transnational feminist partnership links the Centre for Feminist Research with universities in Suriname, Guyana and Toronto around Caribbean gender studies. Aims of the partnership are to mobilize and improve intersectional knowledge about gender through research and education, in order to better respond to gender injustices in the Caribbean countries and the diaspora.
Collaborators: Kamala Kempadoo, York University; Renuka Biharie, Institute for Women. Gender and Development Studies, Anton de Kom University of Suriname; Paulette Henry, Institute for Gender Studies, University of Guyana; Vidya Kissoon, independent educator and activist, Guyana; Amar Wahab, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, York University ; Andil Gosine, Sociology, York University; Alissa Trotz, Caribbean Studies, University of Toronto; and Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar, Caribbean Studies, Ryerson University.

Be noted that Guyana is the country where it houses the headquarters of the CARICOM administration. CARICOM is like the European Union of the Caribbean islands. Therefore, if Toronto feminazism is being implemented in a headquarter country, then the rest of the Caribbean might have to follow the SJW agenda too.

The University of the West Indies (UWI) is also on the road to Toronto feminazism. As usual, somebody from York University was behind the transition to implement “Gender Studies” on the Caribbean community.…ticle8.asp

Quote:At the end of August 2015, the University of Guyana (UG) launched its Institute for Gender Studies after two years of collaboration. This involved York University’s Kamala Kempadoo, coordinator of the Inter-Guiana-Canada women’s and gender studies exchange, academics at the University of Guyana, activists from Guyana’s Women and Gender Equality Commission, officials from the Ministry of Social Protection, and The UWI Institute for Gender and Development Studies.
Professor Verene Shepherd, Regional Director of the IGDS, and Dr. Gabrielle Hosein, Lecturer at the St. Augustine Unit, also delivered comments at the launch. Professor Shepherd and UG Vice-Chancellor Jacob Opadeyi signed a Memorandum of Understanding, on behalf of The UWI and the University of Guyana, to strengthen collaboration.
The launch also offered an opportunity to bring together The UWI and UG with the Institute for Women, Gender and Development Studies at the Anton de Kom University in Suriname. One such example of possible collaboration may be an intake of Guyanese and Surinamese students in The UWI St. Augustine’s Philosophy of Gender in the Caribbean graduate course, which will be offered regionally through online blended learning strategies from January 2016.

I’m very concerned that these Toronto feminazis will eventually infect French Guiana even though it is technically an overseas territory of France. There were already a fair number of stories where Toronto women would travel to France and then all of a sudden at least 2 out of 3 of those women allege that they were victims of sex crimes while staying in Europe for vacation.

For some of you guys, French Guiana is that part of the world where it’s not above 300,000 people, has a steady influx of Parisians (French punnany) and it’s located in a tropical climate near to Brazil. In addition, French Guiana is a part of France, which means that any European Union member can travel there without any restrictions.

However, these neo-Victorian Toronto feminazis are spreading their SJW garbage all over the place man…Toronto feminazis infected Montreal, and now it appears that they want to infect the French-speaking parts of the Caribbean, Latin America and South America.

I wouldn’t forsee the CARICOM community to become as deplorable as Toronto in terms of dating, society and masculinity, but I do forsee a huge quasi-Marxist uprising in the making when people such as Jamaicans are fed up with this forceful agenda of SJW-FEMINAZISM-LGBTQ from Canada on their society.

Toronto feminazis in their ivory towers and glass condos don’t seem to realize that their IMPERIAL agenda is evident when they travel to foreign countries and FORCE the locals in foreign societies to accept Canadian SJW values..

Do these Toronto feminazis actually believe that locals in the CARICOM nations will believe at face value how Canadian women in 100k+ a year jobs are “oppressed” when the average wage in the Caribbean community is around 5,000$ a year?

Countries like St. Vincent, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica and other CARICOM nations are in a huge recession these days, yet Toronto feminazis actually believe that a Canadian femincunt can bring her dildo up her ass to claim how she is “oppressed” to a group of Caribbean locals who know that if they walk at 9pm in the streets of their capital city, they can get robbed by men with AK47s regardless of how they dressed?

It looks like the stereotype of Yankess bringing their ideology to foreign countries have been taken over by Canucks who are literally spreading Toronto feminazism through infiltrating the political, educational and legal systems of foreign countries. It is a clear agenda going on with these Toronto feminazis. An international conspiracy of some sort.

If you reside in any CARICOM nation, Latin American country and/or overseas territory of France or Netherlands, kindly enforce your democratic rights to spread Red Pill ideas to your communities. The Toronto feminazi infestation has gone all over the place.

One thought on “Toronto Feminazis implement SJW and feminism in Guyana, Suriname, West Indies

  1. Men are guilty until proven innocent, which never happens. Falsely accused by ex-wife of abuse, she criminally kidnapped our child twice, the second time internationally, as I was told with the assistance of the Canadian government. I haven’t seen our child anymore in 22 years, instead without a shred of evidence against me, sexist corrupted Toronto, Jarvis St. “judges” made anti-abuse tirades at my expense. When I defended myself, the Canadian government slandered me internationally falsely as
    a. violent alcoholic,
    b. racist,
    c. white supremacist,
    and red-taped me on government computer as a supposed enemy of Canada. I am still being red-taped on the computer, although I am a 71 year old senior now.
    They did the same thing to Sri Lankan refugees and others to get higher “abuse” statistics. Anyone, who has no representation and support from his own people, is convenient prey for them. Shamefully, Canada has exposed itself as a lawless femi-nazi tin-pot country to me where sexist mudslingers and a retarded lynch mob rule on and off the bench and where they bash their own victims additionally.

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