Huge brick wall collapses in Central

A large brick wall collapsed on Sunday evening at the former Central Police Station Compound on Hollywood Road.

Search and rescue teams rushed to the site and were combing through the debris, though no one was believed to have been injured.

Reports said the wall was about 10 metres high.

Passers-by described hearing a noise like thunder and seeing a cloud of dust when the wall came down at around 10pm.

The Transport Department said part of nearby Arbuthnot Road was closed due to the collapse and buses were being diverted.

The area where the wall collapsed was part of a construction site, with revitalisation work underway after the compound was declared a monument in 1995.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is leading the heritage project, with the compound due to re-open to the public in the second half of this year.

The accident came just over a week after a massive roof collapsed at City University injuring two people.

A 19 Year Old Liberal-Feminist Terrorist Tries to Kill a Street Preacher Because “Words” Hurt Her Feelings.


Who says our public education system does not produce radical feminist.
The proof is in the product!

Apparently, “words” hurt many liberal-feminist feelings to the point these nut-jobs are willing to kill somebody who speaks against their worldview. Men’s rights activists have known for some time how public schools cultivate liberal propaganda and anti-male views. These public schools hire a majority of all teachers straight from the local University who have been brainwashed in liberal and feminist philosophy. Most elementary and secondary teachers bring this crazy whacked out ideology to our public classrooms and indoctrinate our children to hate men and anything remotely conservative or Christian for that matter.

Today, 3 TV News in Phoenix Arizona gave us strong evidence of how the liberal feminist Nazis work to silence dissent even in a majority conservative state. Instead of having a better argument to counter conservative ideas liberal-feminist will simply kill the messenger to silence opposition.

Tabatha Brubaker is one such idealistic feminist Nazi who hates men and conservative ideas. Tabatha who is 19 years old and a recent Apollo High School graduate from Glendale Arizona attempted to murder a street preacher in broad daylight because she could not stop him from speaking a radically different philosophy that her own. Apparently, across the street from Apollo High School the First Amendment of the Constitution only applies to those with a liberal, feminist or LGBTQ mindset. Well, at least to most students and parents residing in the community.

Tabatha was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, possession of narcotics and paraphernalia. You could say Tabatha’s made both her parents, students and faculty of Apollo High School proud of her stunning anti-male and anti-conservative viewpoints.

Brother Dean, the street preacher whose views I don’t necessarily agree with, had this to say about the incident. His explanation about what caused him to “take a bat to the head” echoes the sentiment of all Americans truly value our First Amendment rights. Brother Dean explained,

“This LGBTQ monster who attempted to murder me… she’s not even repenting. She’s still proud and arrogant for attempting my murder. She went for my head, and she went for the kill… The line of thinking that I deserve it, the line of thinking that I instigated it, that begins the process of destroying the free speech that we have. Regardless of whether someone gets agitated or incited or whatever, we still have a right to say things that may offend certain people.”

Sadly, in recent days, this is not the only time freedom of speech and freedom of thought have come under attack.

Take for example Milo Yiannopoulos who recently spoke at Depaul University. Because his “words hurt so dearly” several Black Lives Matter idiots who stormed the stage where he was speaking. While on stage he was assaulted by these Social Justice Warriors who called him a “dangerous faggot”.

For those of you who do not know, Milo Yiannopoulos publicly speaks about men’s rights issues, race and is a staunch defender of First Amendment rights. And yes, he is openly gay.

Clearly, liberals and feminist alike will stop at nothing to eliminate diversity of ideas, exchange of free thought and will crush freedom of speech if it does not correlate to their twisted and perverse worldview.

New York City Is a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy — Just Ask @JessicaValenti!

man hater crying for attention


Jessica Valenti has written a memoir, Sex Object, that is exactly what you would expect — a vengeful diatribe against heterosexual men.

Like most other feminists, Valenti is oblivious to the fact that her relentlessly negative portrayal of men is just anti-male propaganda. No woman can expect any success as a professional feminist unless she conveys this message: All men are evil, and all women are their victims.

To form your opinion of men based on the writing of feminists is like studying Jewish culture by reading Mein Kampf. Yet like other feminists, Jessica Valenti denies that she hates men. Perhaps not, but she and her comrades certainly incite anti-male attitudes and promote negative stereotypes of men and, most particularly, stigmatize male sexuality.

Normal male attraction to women, particularly male admiration of beauty, is condemned by feminists as “objectification.” While we may deplore superficiality or an idolatrous obsession with physical appearance, there is nothing inherently wrong with the pleasure we derive from beauty, nor is it scandalous that good-looking people (male or female) are highly desired as romantic partners. This is simply human nature, which cannot be changed by any amount of political rhetoric.

Does Jessica Valenti suppose that a “nerd rights” movement could make guys with high SAT scores as popular with women as NBA All-Stars? No, of course not — the geek in the Math Club might become a software billionaire and buy an NBA franchise someday, but young women still chase after the 6-foot-7 power forward, and not the 5-foot-7 nerd.

Why, then, does Jessica Valenti suppose that complaining about the “objectification” of women — feminist jargon for normal male interest in women’s beauty — can accomplish any real change in the social hierarchy? In an excerpt from her book published by the U.K. Guardian, we learn that, as a girl, Valenti was insecure about her looks, and wanted to be liked by cute boys who didn’t like her as much as she liked them:

I wrote in my diary at the time, I’m so ugly I can’t stand it. I have a big gross nose, pimples, hairy arms. I will never have a boy like me or a boyfriend. All of my friends are pretty and I will be the one with no one.
I was feeling that loneliness acutely at the time, because I was obsessed with a boy named Matt. Matt — the first in a long line of blond boys I would fall for — told me once that I would be so, so pretty if not for my big nose. All I heard was, he thought I could be pretty! . . .
I imagined all of the things that would go right if I were just to have a smaller nose. I would have a boyfriend and the girls in school would stop making fun of me.

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