Abe likely to announce Monday whether to raise sales tax



Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will likely announce as early as Monday whether the government will raise Japan’s consumption tax next April as planned, sources close to the matter said Thursday.

Amid signs of weakness in the domestic economy, including sluggish consumer spending, as well as gloomier prospects for the world economy, Abe is widely seen as inclined to delay the tax hike to 10% from the current 8%, scheduled for April 1.

The current global economic conditions look similar to “the situation before Lehman,” Abe told other Group of Seven leaders Thursday when the advanced economies began a two-day summit in Japan, according to a senior Japanese official.

Abe was referring to the 2008 collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc, which led to the global financial meltdown and economic downturn. He cited the plunge in crude oil and other commodity prices in recent years.

But some lawmakers in his Liberal Democratic Party are still calling for raising the tax rate as planned, as Abe has already delayed the hike, which was originally scheduled for October last year.

The government has said the hike is crucial to improving Japan’s fiscal health, the worst among major developed countries, at a time when the country has been facing swelling welfare costs due to an aging population and low birthrate.

Abe has said the government will raise the tax rate unless there is major economic turmoil on the scale of the “Lehman shock” or a major natural disaster. He has yet to make clear whether the recent strong earthquakes in southwestern Japan, which disrupted manufacturing and hurt tourism, will fall into the category he has mentioned.

Opposition parties have underscored that if Abe delays the tax hike, it means he has failed to revitalize the economy enough while in office since late 2012.

Abe’s announcement of his decision will come before the House of Councillors’ election this summer, the sources said.


The Man Hating, Female/Lesbian rape supporting Guardian newspaper admits it has made up stories.


The Guardian has admitted that a rogue reporter fabricated interviews in articles for the newspaper and falsely claimed to have been present at events he wrote about.

Joseph Mayton, a freelance who has been writing for the Guardian since 2009, has been accused of making up quotes in some of his stories, even filing interviews with people who later said they had never spoken to him.

The Guardian, which was instrumental in bringing about the Leveson Inquiry into press standards with its investigation of phone-hacking at the News of the World, has now removed 13 of Mr Mayton’s articles from its website. Many others have been amended to remove unreliable material or correct inaccuracies.

An independent fact-checker was hired to look through the 64 articles published under his byline, who spoke to around 50 people and found widespread evidence of “likely or confirmed fabrication”.

Zimbabwe: Circumcision goes terribly wrong. . . as boy dies during procedure


Manica Post (Zimbabwe)

May , 2016

Circumcision goes terribly wrong. . . as boy dies during procedure

by Samuel Kadungure, Senior Reporter

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy, Ashley Matsvaire, died while undergoing voluntary medical male circumcision at Triangle Hospital in Chiredzi, on Tuesday, The Manica Post can reveal.

The incident left the boy’s parents seething with anger and alleging negligence on part of the hospital staff.

Mr Daniel Matsvaire, the boy’s father, said they had since requested an independent pathologist to ascertain the actual cause of his death.

The Matsvaires have since met the medical team whose explanation for Ashley’s death was internal secretion which resulted in water being leaked into his lungs.

His mother, Mrs Tendai Jamela, said her son was in a jovial mood when she escorted him to the hospital for circumcision around 6am.

“There is an element of negligence on the part of the team involved because when he returned from the theatre, he was lifeless. I was called in to look at him, but his body was very cold. I asked Dr Ziki why he was lifeless, but he told me that he had injected him with another injection to stop the pain. I insisted again after some time as he remained in that state of unconsciousness and again the doctor told me not to worry,” said Mrs Jamela.

She said the boy was given an epileptic tablet and water as they prepared him for surgery.

“Ashley was epileptic and they gave him some medication as they prepared him for theatre. They went on to inject him to cause him to sleep while they perform the process, but he never regained consciousness,” said Mrs Jamela, who said she never left the hospital premises and became suspicious when the process dragged for nearly two hours.

Mr Daniel Matsvaire, the boy’s father, said he met the hospital authorities late Wednesday afternoon where he was advised by one Dr Ziki that they had opted to inject the child due to his epileptic condition.

“The doctor said the circumcision surgery was successful and at some point the boy showed signs of life, but became unconscious again. Their explanation was that he developed an internal secretion and released water into the lungs and died.

We are requesting a second specialist opinion from an independent pathologist because their explanation does not add up….

Masvingo police spokesperson, Inspector Charity Mazula, said …“I … have tasked someone in Chiredzi to investigate the matter[.]”…

Woman Arrested for Domestic Violence While Wearing Very Ironic T-Shirt


(NEWSER) – A social studies teacher from Maine was arrested on domestic violence charges last month—while wearing a “Stop Domestic Violence” T-shirt, the Bangor Daily News reports. Jezebel refers to this as the “bad kind of irony.” Police say 38-year-old Emily Wilson was arguing with her husband in their bedroom—she believed he was having an affair—when she waved a gun around before firing it into their mattress. She also allegedly grabbed her husband’s wrist. According to the Smoking Gun, Wilson’s husband called 911 and she was arrested. She’s been charged with domestic violence, reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, and domestic violence assault. She faces up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Should have listened to the shirt.

Canada home to Islamic radicals



In November 2014, while making a deposition before the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, I raised the issue of Islamic clerics using mosque sermons to attack the foundational principles of Western civilization and liberal secular democracy.

Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell was outraged by my testimony that at most Canadian mosques, the Friday congregation includes a ritual prayer asking, “Allah to give victory to Muslims over the ‘Kufaar’ (non-Muslims).”

In a heated exchange with me, the senator suggested I wasn’t telling the truth, implying I was motivated by Islamophobia.

Sadly, Sen. Mitchell is not alone in such views.

But neither is there any let up in the attacks on Canadian values emanating from many mosque pulpits and Islamic conferences hosted by radical Islamist groups.

For example, in a sermon on Friday, May 6 delivered at a mosque in Edmonton, an imam invoked the memory of Prophet Muhammad to whip up hatred against Israel.

He declared peace accords with Israel are “useless garbage,” and vowed “Jerusalem will be conquered through blood.”

In February, the same cleric predicted Islam would soon conquer Rome, “the heart of the Christian state.”

The Edmonton mosque diatribe was not isolated.

On May 13, just north of Toronto, an Islamic society hosted a celebration of Iranian mass murderer, Ayatollah Khomeini.

The poster promoting the event described Khomeini as a, “Liberator and Reformer of the Masses.”

On Saturday, the Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir, banned in some countries, hosted a conference to discuss the re-establishment of a global Islamic caliphate.

Pakistan-Canadian writer Tahir Gora went to cover the event, but was barred from entering the hall.

“They said this was a closed door, in-camera meeting for our supporters,” Gora told me after he was asked to leave.

Fortunately, one Palestinian-Canadian woman was able to enter the event.

She shared with me some of the proceedings from inside the gathering.

“I walked into the banquet hall with approximately 100 attendees who were gender segregated. I sat next to a woman who said she had been in Canada for 40 years. When I asked her if she felt any disconnect between enjoying 40 years of democracy, yet supporting the Hizb-ut-Tahrir who wanted to end it, she explained that democracy has done nothing good to people, so she and other believers follow Allah’s rule.

“The first speaker reminded Muslims that they are obligated to implement Allah’s orders that fulfil the Islamic State. It is “not permissible for us to choose’ he said, citing the Quran.

“However, he said it was necessary to win the public’s hearts and minds; and to partner with people of power, citing examples from the life of The Prophet.

“At the end, a three-minute video was presented to demonstrate the collective oil and natural gas production capabilities of the Muslim world, the human capital needed to mine and process these resources … the military power required to protect them and the types of weapons needed to make such a military effective.”

While this was unfolding we received news that the Trudeau government, as part of its infrastructure development program, had authorised a $200,000 grant to a southern Ontario mosque with links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Which begs the question: Who’s minding the store?