Police commissioner issues independence warning



Police Commissioner Stephen Lo has warned that the force will, when necessary, take action against people who advocate the independence of Hong Kong.

The government has repeatedly said advocating independence for the SAR violates the Basic Law, and could hurt its economy.

Lo said that although they haven’t sought legal advice on what laws could be enforced, they will continue to liaise with the Department of Justice.

Man hating feminazi Hillary Clinton Plans to Put Men on “Reservations” for Failing to Respect her “Progressive-Liberal Views!”



The Open War Against Men is Finally Here Thanks to Hillary Clinton

On April 29, Hillary Clinton made some head spinning comments about men in her world view. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Hillary Clinton has a plan for misbehaving men in American society. She plans to place them on a reservation where they apparently don’t have a voice and no rights to their opinion.

Hillary Clinton said, and I quote,

“”I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak.”

I guess men should not say thinks in public that may be truthful, their opinion on social issues or exercise their constitutional rights. According to Hillary Clinton, men speaking out on women’s rights (otherwise known as female privilege) should all be sent to reservations for “social reeducation”.

According to CNN’s report,

“The Democratic presidential front-runner did not elaborate which men she was referring to.”

Of course, Hillary Clinton was meaning all men.

Progressive-feminism is becoming more radical by the month and with Hillary Clinton in the White House this outrageous feminist radicalization will get out of control in a hurry.

Recently, progressive-feminist have demanded radical changes to our society by treating men like cattle or sperm banks.

For example, a 22- year old single mother and university student suggested society should reduce the male population by 90% and the remaining 10% should be treated like slaves.

Then, progressive-feminist authors call for the “end of men” as the dominate sex in our society and happily flaunt their opinions in mainstream media. Sadly, there is not even the slightest push back by our social or political structures. I’m guessing, men are afraid to speak up about these issues for fear of ridicule.

Many white, middle-class women who are “Hillary” supporters are the same feminist who cry out “kill all men” and  “blame the patriarchy” but fail to see their own, vast female privilege in American society.

So far, it seems when Hillary Clinton is called out for her scandals, many failures as a Sectary of State and  mishandling of classified material she brushes the questions off. Now it seems when a question of accountability comes up, Clinton tells Trump to get back on the reservation with the other non-feminist males.

If Clinton is voted into office and we happen to get into a war with another superpower and we loose, will she blame the men for giving their lives in the war she created? If our economy crumbles will she blame men to stealing women’s money? Or, if her Presidency turns into a failure will she blame Bill Clinton for not being supportive to her and her needs?

With Hillary Clinton’s statements and progressive-feminist supporters only time will tell how they will react towards men once they get into power. For sure, if Hillary does loose this election she may regret not placing men in these no vote, no voice “reservations sooner? Or maybe just conservatives, including Donald Trump are the only people ?

Majority oppose constitutional revision under Abe: poll



A majority of respondents opposed the prospect of a revision to Japan’s Constitution under the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in a nationwide telephone survey conducted Friday and Saturday by Kyodo News.

Some 56.5 percent opposed a revision of the war-renouncing 1947 Constitution under Abe, while one-third, or 33.4 percent, of respondents were in favor.

A strong showing by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party-led coalition in the House of Councillors election this summer could provide the two-thirds majority in both houses of the Diet required to conduct a national referendum to amend the supreme law, one of Abe’s long-standing goals.

The rate of support for the Abe Cabinet stood at 48.3 percent, essentially unchanged from 48.4 in the previous poll in late March, while the disapproval rate was at 40.3 percent, slightly up from March’s 39.5 percent.

Just under two-thirds of respondents applauded the Abe government’s response to the deadly and devastating earthquakes that struck Japan’s southwest earlier this month. A total of 64.5 percent had a positive or mildly positive opinion of the response.

The “Abenomics” fiscal and economic reform policy mix, featuring monetary easing, fiscal spending and deregulation, will likely be on the agenda leading up to the upper house election.

A total of 57.0 percent of respondents said they feel disparities in living standards between the country’s rich and poor have worsened due to the policies, while 34.6 percent disagreed that this is the case.

Several opposition parties are throwing their support behind united candidates in the upcoming upper house election in an attempt to dent the LDP. A total of 52.6 percent of respondents surveyed had a positive view about this strategy, while 39.1 percent expressed a negative opinion.


Stricken teen ends his life after penile amputation due to circumcision complication


Instead of celebrating his grandson’s passage to manhood, a grieving archbishop now has to bury him.

Next Monday, Zion Methodist Church’s Archbishop Sipho Dlanaye will lay 16-year-old Minentle to rest at Ntsonyini village in Ngqeleni.


Minentle was found hanging by a rope at his grandfather’s house in Mchoncho village in Ngqeleni last Wednesday after a 10-month battle with a circumcision complication that saw him having a penile amputation.

The teenager had lived with his grandparents because his parents work in Johannesburg.

Dlanaye, who is also a police lieutenant, and his wife Noluthando Dlanaye spent months trying to counsel the stricken teen.

At an initiation school in May last year Minentle was ill-treated, assaulted with sticks and burnt on his buttocks.

He was treated in hospitals in Mthatha and Libode for complications following the circumcision.

“He could not take it any more. It was too heavy for him to deal with it and he could not see a future as a man after he had a penile amputation following the illegal circumcision that went horribly wrong,” said Dlanaye.

The archbishop has lashed out at Ngqeleni police, saying they failed him and Minentle.

“We heard that some juveniles were arrested, but released to the parents. We do not even know what the charges were and what the status of the case is. The Ngqeleni police never even visited the victim and briefed him on the case.”

A heartbroken Dlanaye said his grandson died a broken youth who had not seen justice being done.

Mthatha cluster police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Mzukisi Fatyela said no foul play was suspected in Minentle’s death.

“An inquest docket has been opened.”

Responding to claims that police had failed the family, Fatyela said the matter had last gone to court in November last year. However, they did not have an update on what happened.

“We are following up as to why the complainant or victim was not given feedback on the case.

“According to SAPS regulations, a complainant must be regularly given feedback on the case as it progresses and not be left in the dark.”

Noluthando told the Daily Dispatch her grandson had shown no sign of suicidal tendencies during their weekly visits to him in hospital.

It was only last Monday that they realised he was looking drained and feeling frustrated.

“He denied that there was something worrying him. But two days later Minentle committed suicide,” said the grandmother.

She said she spoke to him on the phone an hour before he took his life and “he sounded happy”.

The pair’s son, Minentle’s uncle Mzuyanda, is still traumatised after he made the gruesome discovery of his nephew hanging by a nylon rope in the main rondavel at the family homestead at about 4pm last week Wednesday.

“I still have flashes of what I saw. It is very frightening and has left my heart broken. I cannot forget even if I close my eyes, what I saw comes back as if it I something that is happening now,” said Mzuyanda. — lulamilef@dispatch.co.za

Saudi family left destitute after having university funding cut off blame refusal to co-operate over building of a mosque



A DESTITUTE family claiming political asylum in Scotland told yesterday of their fears of being sent home to Saudi Arabia in a row over a mosque.

Haifa Alshamrani came to the UK to study medicine but her visa was revoked when Saudi officials cut the funding for her Glasgow University tuition. The 29-year-old travelled to Scotland with husband Abdullah Amri and children Mohammad, ten, and Gadah, seven, and wept yesterday as she recalled selling her jewellery and wedding ring to pay bills.

Alshamrani, who aims to specialise in regenerative medicine, claims the decision is linked to Amri’s refusal to participate in efforts to create a Wahhabi mosque in Preston, Lancashire, on behalf of Saudi authorities.

Amri is an agnostic and Alshamrani renounced her faith several years ago and the couple say they could not be involved in activities related to the form of Islam most commonly practised in their home country.

However, they claim to have suffered threats and intimidation and been asked to return to Saudi Arabia, but fear persecution if they do so.

Unable to work or study as they wait for their asylum claim to be processed, their Saudi bank accounts have been frozen and they have sold their possessions to pay rent. Now they are waiting to put their case to immigration officials and yesterday Alshamrani told The National: “I never dreamed I would be in this situation in my life.”

Amri lost his maths teaching job in Saudi Arabia in 2012 for failing to practice Islam in public and the pair arrived in London the following year as Alshamrani tried to pursue her medical ambition.

She subsequently gained a Saudi-sponsored place at Glasgow University but received an email from the institution in November 2015 informing her that her funding had been cut off. Appeals to the Saudi embassy failed and, when she called home to query why she could not access funds in her bank account, was told to fly back to discuss the matter.

Alshamrani fears this is an effort to lure the couple back to answer for Amri’s refusal to cooperate on the mosque. She cites recent high-profile cases in the Gulf kingdom including that of the blogger Raif Badawi, who was sentenced to ten years imprisonment and 1,000 lashes for writings critical of Islam, and Ali al Nimr, who was just 17 on his arrest after anti-government protests in 2012 and is currently awaiting execution.

Alshamrani said: “Because my husband would not help, he is an infidel. He was working with the Saudi Students Association and the Saudi Embassy put money into his bank account in instalments to buy a church and convert it into a mosque.

“He said he would not do this and tried to give the money back. People came to our door shouting threats. We don’t speak to our families at home for their own safety. I don’t want them at risk. It is not safe for us to go back.”

She went on: “I want to be a student. When I say I am an asylum seeker the attitude of people changes automatically. I didn’t come here to take your benefits, I came here to get qualifications.”

Saudi authorities fund around 125,000 international students, also supplying a monthly allowance to learners. With this gone and the asylum case in motion, the family fear they will be unable to remain in their tenement flat and be placed in accommodation by the British state.

Earlier this year an exposé revealed how refugees in Glasgow are sent to damp, dirty and dangerous housing and a parliamentary enquiry into those allegations will take place.

A crowdfunder seeking £850 generated £1,255 for the family, with one donor, a 17-year-old girl from Australia named Ruby, sending her wages and toys for the children.

Alshamrani said: “When I sold my wedding ring, which has our names inside it, the man asked me why I wanted to do it when I would only get £60. But you need ID to sell jewellery and because they took our passports, the only form I had was the asylum form. All I could say was ‘you know why’.”

Amri, 36, said: “When I was a child, BBC Arabic was the only radio station talking about democracy and freedom. I lived in a very strict religious family where everything was forbidden but I bought a radio and I would hide it under my pillow and listen at night. The UK was my dream.

“Wahhabism does not want people to think for themselves. Saudi Arabia does not want people to think for themselves. It is against women, it is against gay people, it talks of killing. Saudi Arabia wants to spread this around the world. I cannot be a part of it.”

The Home Office and Saudi embassy did not respond to requests for comment.

Why Are ‘Anti-Abuse’ Activists Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper Trying to Protect Anonymous Trolls?


Was Zoe Quinn GamerGate all along? Or, at least, its so-called “harassing” element — those who were accused of sending anonymous death threats and abuse to the feminist video games designer?

That’s the conclusion drawn by SpliceToday contributor Todd Seavey, after an extraordinary week in which Candace Owens, the founder of an anti-cyberbullying project, accused Quinn and her longtime feminist ally Randi Harper, of instigating a “cyber-terrorist” mob against her.

It should come as no surprise if Harper were involved with online hate-mobs. As Breitbart has highlighted in the past, the feminist web campaigner — who, amazingly, also claims to be an “anti-abuse” activist — has left a trail of victims in her wake around the web. Numerous individuals, ranging from data scientist Chris Von Csefalvay to tech mogul Vivek Wadhwa, have faced massive, coordinated attack campaigns from anonymous Internet users after tangling with Harper. In Csefalvay’s case, these extended to death and rape threats against both him and his wife.

Yet the involvement of Quinn, who has a (slightly) less notorious reputation than Harper, is interesting. For those who missed last year’s GamerGate controversy, Quinn is a feminist video games designer who claims to be one of the foremost victims of online abuse: the target of a year-long campaign of anonymous harassment that she claims“ruined her life.”

As a result of this alleged abuse — for which no-one has been arrested, and has never been traced back to a real person — Quinn has received thousands of dollars in donations from sympathetic users of the crowdfunding site Patreon. She also secured a book deal to write about her ordeal at the hands of anonymous internet meanies, and, despite remaining unpublished, Hollywood executives already want to adapt it into a movie — starring Scarlett Johansson.

Quinn was even invited to the United Nations to discuss her tribulations.

If that’s victimhood, I wonder what its opposite looks like. But no matter. Quinn says anonymous trolls on the internet — without whom, she would have no book/film deal and a few thousand dollars less in monthly Patreon donations — “ruined her life.” So, surely, Quinn would support any efforts to expose and identify these nefarious, yet strangely lucrative web trolls, right? Right? 

Apparently not. Social Autopsy is a tech project that promised to do exactly that — link online abuse to real-life names and faces. Yet Quinn and Harper, both of whom have built careers by loudly talking about the need to tackle online harassment, went to war against both it and its founder, Wall Street VP-turned-anti-cyberbullying crusader Candace Owens.

Owens says she received a tearful phonecall from Quinn shortly after news of Social Autopsy spread on the internet. According to Owens, not only did Quinn beg her to shut down her project, but she also vehemently disagreed with its core goal — exposing the identities of online abusers. Amazingly, Owens claims that Quinn already knew the identities of several anonymous internet trolls, yet failed to report them to the proper authorities:

She told me that she KNEW those people were not bad people. That she herself had been a part of the online group Anonymous, and that it was really just “something they did”. She explained that she would never want the people that harassed her listed anywhere, and that she knew the first and last name of some of them, and yet had never reported them.

According to Owens’ blog post, Quinn then urged her to halt her own efforts to expose online trolls:

She then grew hysterical …. she wanted me to put a stake in the project altogether, never bringing it to launch.

This part was practically insane to me; the fact that she thought that with a simple phone call, I would drop something that I had sank thousands of dollars of personal investment and hard work into, just because Zoe Quinn said so. Her suggestion was ego-manaical.

Why doesn’t Quinn want to expose anonymous online abusers? Sure, without them, she wouldn’t have a Hollywood movie in the works, and she wouldn’t have gained international recognition as an anti-abuse activist, but didn’t these people ruin her life? 

Owens says she was bemused by Quinn’s attitude. Her confusion quickly turned to anger when, less than an hour after her phone call with Quinn, she found herself bombarded by an online hate-campaign.

Anonymous trolls flooded the Kickstarter page of Owens’ project, sending a new abusive message “every 10 minutes.” The trolls called her a “Nig**r” (Owens is African-American) and threatened to “ruin her life.” Owens also received abuse via her personal email account — which she says she had not published on the web and had only given to Quinn.

Coincidentally, during their phonecall, Owens said that in an effort to persuade her to suspend her project, Quinn had warned her that GamerGate would “come after her” with a hate-campaign. In reality, GamerGate communities, who have long been the scapegoats for online harassment, have switched from initial skepticism to overwhelming support for Owens.

It’s entirely possible that the abusers who went after Owens came from 4chan’s /pol/ board, Kiwi Farms, or any of the other anonymous communities with a reputation for mass-trolling campaigns, But, for Owens, the timing of the campaign pointed to a different culprit:

To clarify, we had received exactly 8 legitimate messages to our kickstarter account from backers before I spoke to Zoe Quinn. After I spoke to her, we had received about 52 of veiled threats, before we had even gotten up for breakfast the next day. I did not think this was a coincidence.

Alongside the threats came a behind-the-scenes campaign to remove Social Autopsy from Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform where Owens had been gathering investment. This campaign, led by none other than longtime Quinn ally Randi Harper, proved successful. Kickstarter suspended Owens’ campaign, and Harper bragged about her victory publicly.

Speaking to BreitbartOwens said Kickstarter did not provide her with a reason for the suspension of her campaign. It wouldn’t be the first time that Harper, Quinn and other prominent members of the anti-GamerGate movement, who have many sympathisers among Silicon Valley progressives, have persuaded a tech company to show their rivals the door. Other people, such as 8chan founder Frederick Brennan, have also been ejected from crowdfunding platforms after tangling with anti-GamerGate activists.

It’s also not the first time that opponents of Quinn and Harper have mysteriously become the victims of online hate-mobs.

First there was The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC), a feminist video games project that was targeted by Quinn and her supporters in late 2014. After Quinn accused them of not paying their female employees adequately (a charge they denied), TFYC quickly faced a campaign of social media shaming. Their website was taken offline due to a traffic overload, and, similarly to Owens, their crowdfunding campaign was targeted. A hacker claiming to operate on behalf of Quinn obtained passwords for TFYC’s online fundraising campaign and suspended it.

Then there was GamerGate, the media ethics and anti-censorship movement that Quinn regularly scapegoats as the source of the online abuse she claims has been regularly directed against her. GamerGate’s original aim was to investigate conflicts of interest between Quinn, a video games developer, and left-leaning games journalists who sympathised with her progressive politics.

Despite Quinn scapegoating them as online harassers, in the early days of the controversy, it was almost exclusively GamerGate supporters who suffered anonymous threats and abuse, which ranged from doxing to death and rape threats. I chronicled some of these incidents in my first article on the controversy. In one memorable incident, Breitbart Tech editor and GamerGate sympathiser Milo Yiannopoulos received a dead rodent through his letterbox from an anonymous source.

The culprits of all these incidents, from the individual who hacked TFYC’s crowdfunding page to the anonymous abusers of GamerGate supporters, have yet to be identified. Whether Social Autopsy has the ability to do so is questionable — but why would Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper, who both claim to be enemies of online abuse, be so adamantly opposed to them trying to unmask online abusers?

Breitbart Tech has been wary of attempts to de-anonymize the internet because of the chilling effect it could have on free speech. We’ve also criticised attempts to expand terms like “online harassment” to cover mere political disagreement. For those reasons, our skeptical attitude to Social Autopsy has not changed. But that’s not nearly as extraordinary a story as the one currently unfolding: Zoe Quinn, the poster-girl for progressive campaigns against anonymous abuse, opposing efforts to expose anonymous abuse.

In my next piece, I’ll look at the dodgy journalism currently being employed to defend Quinn and Harper by their long-time allies in the media. Because of course, where a story concerns Zoe Quinn, gross violations of journalistic ethics are never too far behind.