Deported Taiwanese to go on trail on mainland

All 45 Taiwanese wire fraud suspects detained in Beijing after being deported from Kenya have confessed to their crimes and will be put on trial, a mainland police official said, signalling a refusal to compromise on a case that has raised new frictions between Taiwan and the mainland.

The group is now being investigated and will be prosecuted together with 32 mainlanders deported earlier this month along with them, the official Xinhua News Agency quoted Chen Shiqu, a deputy inspector with Public Security Ministry’s criminal inspection bureau, as saying.

Taiwan has protested the deportation to the mainland, and many see in Beijing’s pressure on Kenya behind the decision. Beijing says it has jurisdiction in the case because it says the victims were all mainlanders and has complained that Taiwan has not sufficiently punished suspects in previous such case.

“The suspects specifically targeted people on the Chinese mainland and their victims are from the mainland. Not to mention that many of the suspects are themselves from the mainland,” Chen was quoted as saying.

Chen’s made the remarks to a Taiwanese delegation on a fact-finding mission when they visited the detention centre where the suspects are being held.

Although the mainland has ruled out sending the 45 to Taiwan for prosecution or to serve out their sentences, the sides are exploring ways to cooperate in fighting and prosecuting such cases in future.

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