Trade unions rally for equal holidays


Trade unions have held a protest march to government headquarters at Tamar to demand fairer holiday entitlement for blue-collar workers.

They said the workers only get 12 days of statutory holidays a year, while most white-collar workers enjoy an extra five general holidays. The upcoming Easter holidays are among those many blue-collar workers will miss out on.

Lawmaker Alice Mak from the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions told RTHK’s Christy Leung that this does not seem to be in line with the family-friendly policies the government boasts about.

According to a government survey, nearly one million workers are entitled to the minimum 12 statutory holidays each year.

Teachers burn ‘devil-worshipping’ student in Nairobi

Nairobi – Two teachers at Strait Secondary School in Nairobi, Kenya, are on the spot after burning a 17-year-old student with polythene bags and kerosene for allegedly engaging in “devil worship”.

The incident took place in the staff-room on March 17 as the Principal watched.

According to Standard, the teachers tied the girl’s hands and feet and demanded that she disclose the whereabouts of another student.

When she said she did not know the girl in question, they resorted to burning her and demanded that she confess to “devil worship”.

The girl’s parents, who were called in after she was rushed to hospital, denied that she was a devil worshiper. Their lawyer further revealed that the school was not registered.

In January, another teenager went through a similar ordeal in Nakuru County after members of a local church burnt her in alleged exorcism.

The 13-year-old Standard Seven girl was staying with her brother when members of the Roho Mowar church at Ponda Mali slum in Nakuru town went to the house, doused her face with paraffin then lit a fire in a bid to expel demons from her body.

In a clip aired on Citizen TV, the church members claimed she was possessed and that they needed to expel the demons using paraffin and fire.

It was later discovered that she was pregnant after being raped by one of her tormentors.

Dhimmi Canadian cafe takes down Israeli flag after Muslim complains



This is Islamic supremacism in action: this Muslim migrant hates Israel, and so he demands that no one can show any public support for the Jewish state. And the dhimmi Canadian cafe owner immediately complies. I’m sorry the cafe is not named, as it needs to be boycotted — unless the cafe owner just moved the Israeli flag, rather than removing it altogether. The Muslim’s video here shows it as he pans across the collection of flags — after the Israeli flag is supposed to have been removed. Either he used footage from before its removal, or the cafe owner was just trying to placate the thug. Even if the latter is the case, however, he shouldn’t be applauded: he should have told the Islamic supremacist that the Israeli flag was staying up, and that was that. Contrast this with the Nazareth Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, the site of a recent jihad attack.

“Transgendered” Woman molested young girls pretending to be a man


A woman pretending to be a man molested girls as young as 12 years old with a rubber penis, until it was discovered that she was no man at all.

Jennifer Staines, 23, groomed her victims online under the name Jason Spiller saying she was looking for love. She even went on holiday with the girls and one relationship lasted for more than a year, convincing entire families that she was a man.

She wouldn’t let her victims – aged between 12 and 17 – touch her body and used condoms on the rubber penis. One of the girls went to her doctor believing she might be pregnant and so convincing was her deceit that one of her victims still struggles to believe she was in a relationship with a woman, not a man.

She was caught out in September 2014, when the mother of one of the victims became suspicious.

Police visited Staines’ home and found DNA on the rubber penis.

We are told that the “transgendered” have no bad intent. Surely none of them want to molest young girls like this pervert, just as all the boys in pantyhose who want to get naked in girls’ locker rooms have pure intent as well. So we are told.

I would trust a boy in girls’ locker rooms as much as I would trust a lesbian with a rubber penis.