Canadian editor: Hamas rocket attacks on Tel Aviv revived the pride of the Muslim nation


Mohamad Hisham Khalifeh (محمد هشام خليفة), a Canadian of Lebanese descent, the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of Al Forqan Newspaper‎ (جريدة الفرقان) printed in Windsor, Ontario and distributed inWindsor, London and Detroit, has recently said to the Windsor Star that “we do support all kinds of resistance.”

When asked by the Windsor Star (March 3, 2016) to comment on his controversial editorial about the Palestinian al-Quds/ Knife Intifada and the “sacred duty of jihad”, Khalifeh was quoted as saying the following: That’s not correct. It wasn’t said in that phrase. The editorial was saying we support Palestinians resisting the Israeli occupation. That’s the main thing… We don’t support any terror attacks on civilians,” Khalifeh said. “But “we do support all kinds of resistance.”

In previous editorial (Al Forqan, Issue 18, July – August 2014, p. 1) entitled “Gaza of Glory and the Lessons of the Resistance/ Struggle”, Khalifeh said that the “sacred duty of jihad” is being fulfilled by Hamas and other Palestinian armed militias which launched rockets attacks on Tel Aviv, Haifa and other cities in Israel. The following is Khalifeh‘s editorial (originally in Arabic):

“Gaza of Glory and the Lessons of the Resistance/ Struggle

“The brutal war on Gaza waged by the Israeli enemy was not unexpected. One who watches the news knows that the Zionist entity is always looking for the appropriate opportunity to launch an onslaught on the Palestinian Resistance [meaning the armed/ terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip and lead by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad] and each time it drags the tails of defeat while being kicked out of the land of Gaza of Glory.

“We should learn from the lessons of the war on Gaza and read between its lines in order to develop a clear approach regarding the struggle and resistance.

“We should also know with certainty who sides with the Palestinian issue and who trades on it and from the shadow throughout decades he has been stating that he is the sole resistant in the region, and secretly he is the certain collaborator of the brutal entity.

“We learn from the war on Gaza how the peoples of the region and the world sympathized with right owners and the oppressed. The protests spread in the streets of the Western cities in support of them at the time some of the Arab governments and its recruited media outlets condemned the jihadist Palestinian factions!

“We learn from the lessons of the war on Gaza that the just jihad is [the jihad] on the pure land of Palestine aimed at the Zionist enemy and his collaborators, the oppressive and dictatorial regimes,[We learn from the lessons of the war on Gaza] that the sacred duty of jihad does not mean that we kill each other under the pretext of building an Islamic state or the protection of sacred shrines, while the enemy lurks us await for our turns of misfortune.

“We should learn from the war on Gaza how the sons [operatives] of al-Qassam [Brigades, the military/ terrorist wing of Hamas] and the other fighting factions revealed a creative development thatrevived in the soul of the entire [Muslim] nation the ecstasy and the pride of the qualitative development [manufacturing weapons] achieved by the fighting factions in the air, land and sea which enabled them from day one and without exaggeration or propaganda of the media to strike Israel’s heartland, [the City of] Tel Aviv and the area before and beyond [the City of] Haifa with selfmanufactured rockets and and airplanes [drones] which are the pride of the Palestinian industry.

Truly, these lessons you would learn only in the school of glory of Gaza.”

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