Genocidal Terrorist Sudan Jails Man for Filming Persecution of Christians…


Prague, Feb 27 (CTK) – Czech Petr Jasek, 52, has been in a Sudanese prison since December for making a video to show the persecution of Christians in the Islamic country, Czech daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes Saturday, adding that Czech diplomacy’s effort to have him released has failed so far.

Jasek’s trial might start in March. He may face a tough sentence in Sudan, whose legislation includes the elements of Sharia, the traditional Islamic law, the paper writes.

A key piece of evidence against Jasek is a video he made in Sudan. On the video, a man with burn wounds describes how he sustained them.




High school girl suffers from inability to use boys locker room

What do you do if you’re a girl who wants to use the boy’s bathroom but the school won’t let you? Cry discrimination!

There’s one in a continuing series of propaganda pieces in the Washington Post featuring the stories of boys pretending to be girls (or vice versa, as in this case) who talk about the enormous suffering they go through because they can’t go to the bathroom… because they refuse to go to the bathroom of their gender. Here’s one girl’s “story”

I am transgender. Although I was assigned female at birth, I realized around five years old that I was actually male.

Really? A five year old girl knows she’s a boy? How is that remotely possible?

Now, at 18, I’m a senior at Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls. When I told my school that I was transgender last year, they were pretty good to me. My teachers respected my male name and used the male pronoun to refer to me.

That’s called “enabling”.

Unfortunately, I am still fighting the school on one particular issue. The administration doesn’t have a written policy about bathroom and locker room use or other gender-specific activities such as team sports. My counselor has advised me not to use the men’s room. Because I’m male, the thought of using the girls’ bathroom makes me upset and uncomfortable, as if I’m doing something that just doesn’t feel right. As a result, I am forced to leave school at lunch to use the bathroom at home.

What in the world? This girl wants to use the boy’s locker room! She doesn’t seem to care about all the boys it would make “uncomfortable”. Their discomfort doesn’t matter; only hers.

There are times when I’m not able to leave school; in those cases I have to hold it in all day. That makes it hard to focus in class, and it’s not healthy either.

This nutty girl holds her dooty in rather than use the girl’s bathroom. Maybe she should wear adult diapers.

South Dakota’s lawmakers just passed a bill that would prohibit me from using the boys’ restroom no matter what my school decides. The measure would ban transgender students from locker rooms, showers and bathrooms “unless they correspond with their biological sex.”

Oh no! (Oh yes!)

this law does just the opposite. It suggests that transgender people like me are unequal and must be separated from our friends and peers.

It’s not about equality, it’s about special rights to piss off the entire gender of a school to cater to one mentally ill kid.

Every transgender child who starts school in my state will be subjected to unequal treatment and made to feel like an outcast. They may even be subjected to terrible things such as someone demanding documentation about their chromosomes or to see their genitals.

A good idea. This kid should start by looking at her own genitals. It might give her some clue about which bathroom to use.

It’s really scary.

As opposed to boys in girls’ locker rooms, which I guess is preferable to this freak.

A national survey found that 75 percent of transgender youth feel unsafe at school.

On the subject of safety, do you think the girls feel safe having boys in their locker rooms?

Studies have also shown that more than two-thirds of transgender Americans faced severe harassment in childhood, and 41 percent had attempted suicide

Because they’re nuts. They should be cured, not coddled.

Alvin Yeung wins Legco by-election

The Civic Party’s Alvin Yeung has promised to help reform Legco’s pan-democrats after a convincing win in the Legislative Council by-election for the New Territories East constituency.

Even though the pan-democratic vote was split between Yeung and other pro-democracy candidates – both more moderate and more radical – the barrister received 160,880 votes, or 37.2 percent of the 432,581 ballots cast, to beat out his closest challenger, Holden Chow of the DAB party, by more than 10,000 votes.

24 year-old activist Edward Leung from the localist group Hong Kong Indigenous also had a strong showing, garnering 66,524 votes — over 15 percent of the 432,581 total votes cast.

After the election results were announced early Monday morning, Yeung immediately pledged to shake up the way the pan-democrats operate in the legislative council.

“No doubt… Hong Kong people are expecting pan-democrats to reform, and I understand that I have this duty to take part in this reform,” Yeung said. He said the Civic Party is willing to assume greater responsibility and help unite the fractured camp.

His victory means that the pan-democratic camp will hold on to its one-seat majority in the directly-elected geographic constituency seats in the legislature. However, Yeung said that doesn’t mean everything will be business as usual.

“I don’t think people are happy that pan-democrat legislators simply press the veto button and simply say that this is the darkest day for HK democracy. In fact, I have seen in the past few months that legislators across [the pan-democratic camp] are willing and happy to get united and do something more than just pressing the button, like filibustering, and to get out of the seat and try to stop the bill,” he said.

Civic Party chair Audrey Eu said she’s relieved that Alvin Yeung was able to reclaim the seat that his mentor, Ronny Tong, formerly held before he resigned from the council last June. “It’s a very critical seat, and I’m very relieved that… the pan-democrats are able to keep this seat and, in a way, still maintain veto power in Legco as far as the direct-election seats are concerned,” she said.

The DAB’s Holden Chow said he was sorry he didn’t meet people’s expectations, but will continue to walk on the “right track”. Chow added that he hasn’t decided whether he will join the full Legislative Council elections in September yet.

Last updated: 2016-02-29 HKT 06:53

Volcanic eruption warning issued for Mt Io in Kyushu



The Japan Meteorological Agency warned Sunday of a possible small eruption at Mt. Io, which straddles the southwestern prefectures of Miyazaki and Kagoshima, after observing an increase in volcanic earthquakes.

The local government in Ebino declared a 1-kilometer no-entry zone around the crater of Mt. Io, part of the Kirishima mountains, while the weather agency said that large stones could be ejected within a 1-km radius in the event of an eruption.

The agency detected 50 volcanic temblors by 3 p.m. Sunday at the 1,317-meter volcano, the highest per day since it set up seismometers there in March 2013.

Volcanic activity has intensified since last year, the agency said. In addition to volcanic quakes, fumarolic gas was observed in December and areas with high ground heat have been expanding.