Feminist Hates White Heterosexual Men


Melissa Fabello (@fyeahmfabello on Twitter) is currently pursuing aPh.D. in Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University. Fabello is managing editor of an anti-male/anti-heterosexual website calledEveryday Feminism dedicated to promoting an “LGBTQIA+” agenda, and she is also a close personal friend of Twitter commissar Anita Sarkeesian.

Melissa Fabello‘s feminism is about inciting women to hate males generally, but she particularly delights in expressing contempt forheterosexual white men, constantly mocking them as ignorant bigots.

Deliberate insults are a form of hate propaganda. Melissa Fabello is promoting hatred of men. Melissa Fabello is encouraging hatred of heterosexuals. And it would seem that Melissa Fabello, who is white, especially despises men of her own ancestry and ethnicity.

Is it surprising that the people she constantly derogates, categorically impugning them without any concern for their human dignity or individual merit, sometimes wish to call attention to the fact that she is a vicious hatemonger? And why should anyone expect that the peopleMelissa Fabello so blatantly insults would respond to her spiteful messages courteously? Exactly why should anyone be polite to a fanatical anti-male/anti-white/anti-heterosexual ideologue?

Yes, of course! Whatever rude and demeaning things a feminist says about men, we are always expected to silently accept her putdowns. No man is allowed to answer Melissa Fabello’s insults. It would be “hate” for a heterosexual to remark that Ms. Fabello’s website Everyday Feminism might more accurately be called Everyday Queerness.

“Right now, today, as of writing this, I identify as queer.
But I didn’t always. And no, I’m not referring to that
awkward, uncomfortable time in my life where I knew
that something felt ‘off,’ but I couldn’t quite place it,
and so I paraded around in the charade of ‘straight.’
I mean that a few years ago, I identified as homoflexible.
And before that, a lesbian. And even before that, bisexual.”

Melissa Fabello is sexually dysfunctional, and cannot obtain psychological or emotional satisfaction through normal sexual behavior. Because she is so profoundly abnormal, Melissa Fabello hates (or perhaps envies) anyone who is not as confused and unhappy as she is. “Sexuality” is not confusing to normal women who actually like men, but feminists . . .

Well, why should I bother to finish that sentence? Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It, andMelissa Fabello never wants to hear a word any heterosexual white man has to say. Mellisa Fabello doesn’t believe heterosexual white men have anything to say that anyone else should ever hear. Melissa Fabello is afeminist, and the First Rule of Feminism is “SHUT UP!”

Excuse me, Ms. Fabello, if I’m “hard to talk to,” but it was probably just a coincidence that on Feb. 19, while you were meeting with Twitter commissar Anita Sarkeesian to “talk media and feminism over dinner,”Comrade Sarkeesian’s close personal friend Del Harvey was shutting down my Twitter account.