Sakai city launches initiative to cover up adult magazines at convenience stores



Sakai city in Osaka Prefecture is planning to introduce a new initiative to cover up pornographic magazines at convenience stores in a bid to keep them out of children sight, city officials announced Wednesday.

The initiative is expected to launch in the beginning of the new fiscal year in April. It will have the city cooperate with convenience stores located in Sakai that sell magazines designated by the prefecture as harmful to children under 18, Sankei Shimbun reported.

The city’s idea is to place semi-transparent plastic veils on the magazines, while leaving the title visible, as well as install plastic shields on the shelves, limiting overexposure and access to children.

Most convenience stores in Japan place pornographic magazines on the same racks as regular weeklies and other magazines, simply separating them with a sign marked “for adults.”

The magazines, despite being R-rated, are easily visible to anyone visiting the convenience stores, city officials explained at a news conference, adding that the initiative was inspired for educational purposes, as well as in consideration of the increase of foreign tourists.

So far, the city has advanced talks with one convenience store chain, which they did not identify, but it hopes to widen the campaign citywide, Sankei quoted officials as saying.

The project is part of the city’s Sakai Safety Program, aimed at building a safer living environment for women and children. The city has requested 950,000 yen in the budget for fiscal 2016 for the magazine cover-up initiative, officials said.

Japan Today


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