Singer Hikaru Utada to return to showbiz in April with theme song for NHK drama



Popular Japanese singer Hikaru Utada will make a comeback to the entertainment world after nearly six years in hiatus from the spotlight with the release of a new song this spring.

Utada, 33, will perform the theme song for a NHK TV drama series “Toto Neechan” which is set to begin in early April, the national public broadcaster said. Utada confirmed the rumors on her official website and Twitter account, writing that she is “just about to finish up the last line of the song’s lyrics.”

Utada, who rose to massive popularity in Japan and abroad with her debut album “First Love” in 1999, featuring major hits such as “Automatic” and “First Love,” announced her withdrawal from the music world in 2010 “to return to her personal life” for an unspecified amount of time. Since then, she married an Italian man and gave birth to her first son in 2015. Utada also suffered a tragedy when her mother, Keiko Fuji, a former enka singer and actress, jumped to her death from her apartment building in August 2013.

INSANE: Canada, Edmonton school teaches that Syria’s Assad is a CHRISTIAN, possibly “waging genocide against Muslims”



The dictator of Syria is a Muslim named Bashar Assad. He’s propped up by the Muslim dictatorship of Iran, and the Muslim terrorist group called Hezbollah. And those Muslims are fighting against other Muslims, like ISIS.

Of course, the groups that get it the worst are the religious minorities — Christian Arabs, moderate Kurds, and the prized rape victims of the Islamic State terrorist men, the Yazidis.

But let me show you the lesson plan used in an Edmonton School: It’s a news scoop from the blog Blazing Catfur. It reads:

“The government in power in Syria, the so-called ‘Assad Regime’ named for the current president, Assad, is Christian and the rebels are Muslim. As a result, most of the refugees are Muslims.”

So, the tyrant,the one who allegedly uses chemical weapons on his own people — he’s a Christian? And he’s waging some sort of genocide against Muslims?

This is being taught in Canadian schools.

Seriously — politicians; the media; police; and now teachers. Is there anyone in authority who isn’t promoting political Islam these days?