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Louisville woman accused of assaulting, robbing disabled man after he jokes that he doesn’t believe in God


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A woman was arrested at the Hall of Justice in downtown Louisville Tuesday afternoon, months after police say she assaulted and robbed a man after he joked that he did not believe in God.

According to an arrest warrant, the incident took place on Oct. 20.

Police say that 49-year-old Laura Reid was visiting a disabled man in his home. At one point, police say, Reid asked the victim if he believed in God, and he jokingly replied that he did not.

According to an arrest warrant, Reid became angry with his response, so she picked up his metal cane and began beating him on the head and body, hitting him so hard that the cane broke.

Police say the victim was unable to leave his home because of his disability, and Reid stayed there for three hours after the assault. When she finally left, she allegedly took the man’s cell phone, keys, $50 cash and a wallet containing credit cards.

Police say the man eventually crawled to a nearby gas station, where police and EMS were called. The man was taken to St. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital, where he was treated for injuries he sustained, including a concussion, a broken arm, multiple bruises, as well as cuts and abrasions.

The victim was eventually able to cancel his credit cards — and identify Reid, who was known to him, according to police.

A warrant was issued for Reid’s arrest on Thursday, Oct. 29. She was arrested by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office deputies on Tuesday, Jan. 5, at the Hall of Justice. She is charged with second degree assault, second degree robbery, and first degree unlawful imprisonment.

How The Viral Hashtag #WasteHisTime2016 Will Spectacularly Backfire On Women



The number one trending topic, one week into 2016, has turned out to be the charming hashtag of #WasteHisTime2016. If you’re on social media it’s more or less a given that you’re wasting your time, but it appears the lady philosophers of Facebook have decided to take the next step in bringing horrible men seeking companionship or sex to heel by…wasting their time.  Apparently the motive for this wonderful social innovation is “to get back at fuckboys” (i.e. for women to treat men the way they’ve apparently been treated when strung along for a while by a guy).





Le sigh. Not a sigh of exasperation, mind you — rather, a contented sigh from all of us here at Return of Kings, if not manosphere sites generally. This hashtag is likely to bring even more men to our cause. Why? In brief, the Law of Unintended Consequences. But let’s break it down for the ladies into five simple insights:

1. If he’s a player, you’re not his only partner


If you’re dealing with a “fuckboy” or, in more technical terms, a player, you should understand that he’s not just into you. He’s not so fixated on the prospect of sex with you that you’re the only one he’s trying to (or having) sex with. Odds are on that there’s any number of women he’s interacting with similarly in the hopes of getting into their pants.

Little sister @Ellsafriqa, above, suggesting that her victim is not the only one she’s contacting, gets this because that’s the exact behaviour she’s modelling. She just hasn’t thought through what that behaviour means. The reality is that while you think you’re causing the player a major inconvenience or a broken heart, you’ve at best caused him to lose a few text messages when he’s going after—and banging—other women than you.


2. A player doesn’t care if he doesn’t get to fuck you


This is partially a consequence of you not being the only girl he’s fucking, but the sort of men you are getting annoyed with usually have what we call an abundance mentality. The attitude is similar to that taught to good salesmen: you don’t care about, or indeed you enjoy, the 10, 20, 30, or even 99 times you didn’t get laid because each failure gets you closer to a bang.

That being so, the sort of “fuckboy” you’re pissed at isn’t affected if you waste his time. He simply moves on to the next prospect. So: who are you inconveniencing, if not players? Read on.


3. The guy you’re deceiving is unlikely to be a player


The majority of Western men have been conditioned by thirty to forty years of feminist browbeatings not to escalate relationships with women — or if they do, to escalate it timidly and ineptly. Men have been screamed at over twelve years of their public school educations that they’re all rapists and exploit women by their very existence. And they’ve been given contradictory if not flat-out wrong information about how a woman wants them to behave that does not match up with how she acts.

They are conditioned to not take the relationship further because they’ve been frightened into incompetence. Simply put, most of the good men orbiting you on social media have no idea how to seduce you or even to escalate their relationship without making you feel uncomfortable in the process.

Never doubt there is an art to seduction, an art we teach here — but it’s hard to master that art or submit to it when you’ve been screamed at for decades (and still are) by feminist idiots that all sex is rape, the Ars Amatoria is Mein Kampf, and a relationship is more like an MMA bout than a tango.

The point being: the next guy you treat this way is not likely to be a fuckboy. He will much more likely be a guy crippled by years of indoctrination that he’s a sexual predator, consequently insecure about his interactions with you, and often unsure of himself or his masculinity. But worst of all – for you ladies – he’s still going to be a better prospect for a relationship than the player you’re trying to hurt will ever be.


4. If he’s not a player, you’re likely to hurt him


Despite what feminists will tell you, men are not, in fact, emotionless. The sort of man willing to put in the time to talk to you for weeks or months without escalating anything is often the sort of man who likes you and is praying that that somewhere in your solipsistic brain you’ll figure that out and maybe give him a chance to make you come. Or did you think all those likes and tweets of support were because he wanted to be nothing more than your friend?

When you fuck him over like that, he’s not likely to empathize with your rationalization that it’s justified because it was in payback to Chad Thundercock. What he will perceive is that you, a woman—supposedly the kinder sex—chose to coldly lead him on for weeks or months. And you didn’t even do it to spite him, you did it to spite a guy who fucked you and left you.

This is doubly humiliating for such a man, because not only are you rejecting him, you’re doing it because you can’t get over the guy who rejected you. 


5. When you do, he’s going to look for a solution





This is how you send that man to us. For all the attempts the education system makes to drug it out of them, men are solution-oriented. As a group we try to fix shit when it’s not working. The man you do this to won’t ask you how (he still has some pride, after all). When he gets this sort of stunt pulled on him, he’s going to turn to Google. He’s going to punch in search phrases like: “How can I succeed with women?” or “Why is she mean to me?” or “How to pick up girls?” or “Why do women behave like they do?”

That’s when he finds us, ladies. That’s when he learns the difference between what women say and what they do. That’s when he learns there’s a lot more to life than just a relationship with you. That’s when he learns the art of seduction. That’s when he accepts the principles of neomasculinity.

And that’s when he learns to treat low-quality women the same way they once treated him.


Japanese ministers urge calm over China’s stock plunge





Japanese cabinet ministers say a recent plunge in Japanese stocks is mainly caused by concerns about a slowdown in the Chinese economy.

The stock selloff in Japanese and other markets is “largely influenced by the effects of the Chinese market,” where stocks have been nosediving, Finance Minister Taro Aso told a press conference late Friday.

But he advised people to remain calm, saying the Japanese economy’s fundamentals are “not so bad.”

Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Akira Amari pinned the recent fall in Japanese stocks mainly on “external factors,” including “circuit breaker” trading halts in Shanghai stocks and intensifying political turmoil in the Middle East.

With such factors having driven stocks down, “we have to put more efforts into steadily expanding domestic demand and getting the virtuous cycle of the economy to work,” Amari said.

Motoo Hayashi, the minister of economy, trade and industry, said he will pay close attention to how the Japanese economy could be affected by the slowdown in China and the recent global stock market rout.

“It is possible” that the deteriorating Chinese economy and global stock selloffs could affect the Japanese economy “if we take into account their impact on financial markets, trade and investment,” Hayashi told reporters.

Feminist Tumblr Syndrome




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Kylo Ren is the name of the villain in the latest Star Wars movie. You may wonder, “What does that have to do with feminism?” Honestly, I don’t know, but Lis is a feminist Tumblr blogger:

I’m a 20 year old dfab white demigirl living in the United States with my parents. Currently, I’m in college and am looking for a job. I enjoy a lot of things and have a lot of friends, and talk a lot about video games and am very opinionated. I’m bisexual, and living in a very hostile environment for a person such as myself so I use tumblr as an outlet for various frustrations I feel because of that.

Got that? OK, so now you may be ready for this from Lis:

Kylo Ren, cishet white male, 30. I hope I offend you. Try and argue with me, your ignorant anger is the reason I get up in the morning. Triggered yet?

It is perhaps necessary, for readers not familiar with Third Wave feminist jargon, for me to explain that “dfab” means designated female at birth — biologically, she’s female — and “demigirl” is “a gender identity describing someone who partially, but not wholly, identifies as” female. Whenever I encounter bizarre jargon terms like this (which are very common inFeminist Tumblr) my first impulse is alway to wonder, “Has she consulted an endocrinologist?”

This is not merely sarcasm. Because I intend to include a chapter onFeminist Tumblr in the second edition of Sex Trouble, I’ve plowed through enough of these blog profiles that various patterns and clusters of symptoms have become apparent to me. “Feminist Tumblr Syndrome” typically involves a combination of mental illness and abnormal sexuality. There may be feminists who are both (a) sane and (b) heterosexual, but none of those women are running Tumblr blogs.

These women are a non-random set — there is a pattern, as I say — and in many cases, the Feminist Tumblr blogger will describe herself in ways that seem symptomatic of endocrine disorders. I find myself wondering, “Has your doctor checked your thyroid function? Do you have any problems with your metabolism? What about your hormone levels? Is there some kind of underlying gynecological problem? An undetected cyst somewhere? Could you maybe ask the doctor to run an MRI?”

It is difficult to believe that an entirely healthy 20-year-old would be spending all her time on Tumblr, describing herself as a bisexual “dfab white demigirl,” claiming she is the victim of a “hostile environment” andranting about Star Wars characters.

Crazy is as crazy does, I guess, and the fact that I consider these weirdos on Feminist Tumblr to be a subject for journalistic research may not say much for my own mental health. Yet if “the personal is political,” as Carol Hanisch says, we cannot understand feminism without examining the demography of the movement’s rank-and-file, and in the 21st century, one way to do this is by examining the movement’s online presence in free-for-all venues like Tumblr. And let me point out something you may not have noticed: Lis’s denunciation of Kylo Ren (which got nearly 12,000notes on Tumblr) labeled him a “cishet white male.”

OK, what is “cishet”? This jargon term combines the prefix cis– (which is the opposite of trans-) and “het” which is short for heterosexual, so that “cishet” just means a man who is sexually and biologically normal, andFeminist Tumblr demonizes “cishet white males” as the Worst Thing Any Human Could Possibly Be.

Young feminists evidently believe it is wrong to be male, wrong to be white, and wrong to be heterosexual. The rhetoric of the feminist movement, day in and day out, looks very much like hate propagandaagainst anyone who fits the category of “cishet white males,” and yet nobody ever seems to question this type of categorical hatred.

To understand this hatred, perhaps it might help to take a look at the feminist “humor” of The White Dad Magazine






Once we understand feminism as organized irrationality — the political mobilization of mentally ill women — we can recognize their rhetoric assymptoms and their ideology as a disease.