Trudeau: Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention exemplifies “our shared beliefs”


Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, sent a video message to the annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (December 25-27) in Toronto.

The annual “Reviving the Islamic Spirit” (RIS) convention is according the organizers “an attempt by the youth to help overcome new challenges of communication and integration.” Its official Facebook pagestates the following: “The convention aims to promote stronger ties within the North American Society through reviving the Islamic tradition of education, tolerance and introspection, and across cultural lines through points of commonality and respect.

“Furthermore, the convention will be a celebration of our identity and Islamic faith. To help attain these ideals, the convention will feature a wide range of voices from various parts of the world. The convention showcases Islamic leadership from across the globe sharing a common platform before the widest cross section of our community. This program hopes to empower the youth across North America and inspire a true revival.”

The following is the transcript of Trudeau’s message to the Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention:

“As-salamu alaykum, Hello my friends. I’m thankful for this opportunity to share a few words with you

tonight. I attended the Reviving the Islamic Spirit [RIS] convention in person three years ago

and have had the pleasure to of sharing a message every year since.

“It brings me great pride to support the efforts of this organization, a true force for the promotion of Muslim Canadian identity. I’m sure you will enjoy your RIS experience as much as I did.

Since its inception in 2001, RIS has fostered the creation of a proud and a dynamic community. It exemplifies the rich diversity that makes our country such a great place to live.

“The RIS convention provides an important form for so many of us to exchange ideas and promote stronger ties between and within our communities.

“Every year, you seek to create a unique experience that highlights the many positive contributions of the Muslim community in North America.

“This is also about celebrating our shared beliefs in justice, fairness, equality of opportunity and acceptance. The work you do in communities across the country is what builds the and strengthens our multicultural fabric.

“As your Prime Minister, I have noted with deep regret a number of highly disturbing acts aimed at Canadian Muslims. These recent acts of intolerance have no place in our country and run absolutely contrary to Canadian values of pluralism and respect.

This is why we are moving quickly to welcome refugees from Syria who are fleeing extraordinarily difficult situations. These people step off the plane as refugees and they walk out the airport as new Canadians.

“We define a Canadian not by skin colour or language or religion or background, but by a shared set of values, aspirations and hopes and dreams, and we are strong always not in spite of our differences but because of them.

“One does not need to look further than Maryam Monsef, our newly elected MP for Peterborough who came to Canada as a young refugee from Afghanistan and is now a Minister of the Crown.

“In Canada, the role of our government is to bring Canadians together, not to divide them. It is through this shared vision that we will work closely with you to build a better and a stronger Canada. May peace and blessings be upon you.”

Literature dealing with the Caliphate and flogging adulterers at Toronto Islamic conference

CIJnews obtained a textbook called “Islamic Studies” by Husain A. Nuri and Mansur Ahamd (Level 10) that was being sold during RIS conference at one of the Islamic booths. The following are excerpts of the textbook:

p. 79

“…her [the woman’s] legal liabilities are equal to man’s liabilities. If she commits an offence, her penalty is no less or no more than a man’s penalty i a similar case. For the crime of adultery, her punishment is 100 stripes, the same for a man…”

p. 83

“The ayah [Quranic verse] instructs men not to marry idolatrous women…

p. 85

Islam allows a Muslim man to marry a Jewish or Christian woman…Islam has prohibited Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men

p. 87

“While Islamic ethics advocates strict monogamy, Islam has allowed a Muslim man to marry up to four women. However, a Muslim man can have multiple wives only if is under certain obligations, and provided that he meets certain conditions.

p. 97

“When Allah intended to create human beings, He mentioned them as khalifah. Evidently, the role of human beings as khalifah requires them to live up to the status of being true representatives of Allah…

“In fact, in the Quran the word khalifah is used in the sense of one who judges or rules in accordance with the command of God. in ayah [Quranic verse] 2:30, the word khalifah is used to mean the children of Adam (A) as well as all of mankind. In ayah 6:165 the word khalifah is applied to include all of mankind…

P. 98

“In many Islamic writings, the word khalifah is understood as a political system. The title khalifah is used for the leader of the Islamic world. The leader has the right to adopt the divine rules, protect the religion, and rule the Islamic world. Thus all the leaders after Rasul [messanger] Muhammad (S) where political successors to Rasulullah [messenger of Allah] (S), therefore, known as khalifah. A Caliph or Khalifah is recognized as the Amir al-Mu’minin, or the Commander of the Faithful.

“This meaning of the term does not override the original sense applied during the creation of Adam (A). However, our purpose here is to see how the concept of the term applies to all of us and how each of us can be khalifah on earth…


“In the seventh century, Islam provided mankind the ideal code of human rights. These rights conferred honour and dignity to mankind and eliminated oppression, exploitation, intimidation, coercion and injustice. Allah is the ultimate provider of law and He is the source of all human rights. Establishing and upholding human rights is integral to overall Islamic order. Thus, it is obligatory for Muslim government and rulers to implement human rights in true Islamic spirit. Therefore, no ruler, government or king should curtail or violate the human rights conferred by Allah…

p. 100

According to many scholars of Islam to establish the institution of khilafa is fard al-ayan. It is a legal obligation that must be performed by each individual Muslim… According to some scholars, to establish the institution of khalifah is fard kifayah, or communal obligation. Although it is a duty for each individual, as long as a sufficient number of community members perform it, the duty is fulfilled.”

Cijnews also obtained an audio cassette in which Imam Hamza Yusuf, who vehemently opposed domestic violence, discusses the rights of men and women and explaining the Quranic verse (chapter 4 – An-Nisa, verse 34):

“Men have authority over women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.” — translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.

Referring to the meaning of the words “strike them” mentioned in this verse, Yusuf relies on the interpretation of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. “This idea of striking, the Prophet [Muhammad] clarified that it is a light strike. It is just a way of really saying: listen to me, please, you know, listen to me, and it is a type of discipline…” Yusuf said.

He further explained: “I just wan to end with what [the Muslims scholar] Ibn Ashur says because I really feel that it is so important. He says, after a long extensive investigation of this verse, he says it is prohibited to abandoned a woman or to strike a woman because one thinks she is going to do something wrong. In other words, something has to have happened, it needs to be a gross breach of a marital contract, and this is why a Muslim man have to know the rights and responsibilities of marriage. Really. They have to know them. You are supposed to know them before you get married… So what he says? As for striking, this is a very dangerous matter. he says: and really defining it is very difficult to examine this. And then he says: it is permitted in situations where [moral] corruption [فساد] is clearly manifested. In other words, You’ve got a very dangerous situation. She has gone into an aggressive behaviour. She is really in a state of aggression against her husband… it is only permitted if there is no harm that comes from it. That means that physical violence is prohibited. You cannot harm a person.”

Why Wynne government mum on statements over sexual violence against women?


In November, Premier Kathleen Wynne has unveiled Ontario’s latest public education campaign on sexual violence and harassment with an ad depicting behaviours that some Ontarians may have trouble recognizing as sexual violence or harassment including inappropriate comments regarding one’s sexuality, lewd looks and suggestions from the coworkers, and the expectation of sexual favours following a date.

The video, created by Leo Burnett and debuted at the 2015 Summit on Sexual Violence and Harassment, is a continuation of the province’s $41-million multimedia awareness campaign, a pillar of the Wynne government’s goal of ending sexual harassment and violence in Ontario. “It’s Never Okay: An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment,” released in March 2015, aims at tackling the roots of sexual violence and harassment, and improving supports and services for survivors.

Since its’ launch, Ontario’s #WhoWillYouHelp TV spot has reached over 85 million people worldwide, and the number of Ontarians who believe they have an obligation to intervene if they witness sexual violence has increased since March 2015 from 37 to 58 percent.

Statistic shows that one in three women will experience some form of sexual assault in her lifetime; 28 per cent of Canadians say they have been on the receiving end of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, or sexually charged talk while on the job.

However, Ipsos Reid poll, commissioned by the province, has shown that, many Ontarians are still unsure which behaviours constitute sexual violence and harassment. This new ad aims to help Ontarians identify sexual violence and harassment when it happens, so that they are able to step in and help.

Tracy MacCharles, Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues, said: “It is our responsibility as a government to ensure all Ontarians feel safe in their communities, workplaces, homes and schools, free from sexual violence and harassment. While this research shows progress, there is much work still to be done. We are calling on all Ontarians, through their actions and attitudes, to make change happen. We all have a role to play in stopping sexual violence and harassment.”

According to Ontario government website, sexual violence is any sexual act or attempt to obtain a sexual act by violence or force. It includes unwanted sexual advances or comments; selling or attempting to sell someone for sex; acts of violence directed against an individual because of their sexuality, regardless of the relationship to the victim.

Sexual violence against women is rooted in misogyny, a notion that women are inferior to men, which can be manifested in sexual discrimination, violence and sexual objectification of women and girls. It is historically true that for centuries, women had fewer rights in regards to property ownership and choice of marriage, solely dependent on their fathers, brothers and/or husband to provide for them. However, society has evolved and today, at least here in Canada, we pride ourselves to be a stronghold of equality in regards to ones’ gender and sexuality.

It seems, though, that some of the archaic notions in regards to women are still existent and are reinforced here in Canada by the Muslim community leaders, and Canadians actually accept these as cultural things and live it alone.

CIJnews previously reported that Shazim Khan, the Imam of al-Salaam mosque in Peterborough, Ontario, in a a speech at Abu Huraira Center in Toronto few years ago, explained that the wife must always respond to her husband’s call to bed unless she has a genuine reason.

This notion was taken further by Bilal Philips, the Canadian Muslim scholar, in his book “Contemporary Issues” from 2002, where he explained that the scenario of a wife being raped by her husband is generally irrelevant to Muslims. He stated that, even though in Western society if the husband desires sexual relations and she does not and he insists it is considered rape, “[in] Islam, a woman is obliged to give herself to her husband and he may not be charged with rape.”

Sheikh Musleh Khan, Director of Education at the Khalid bin Walid Mosque in Toronto, at his webinar ‘The Heart of The Home: The Rights And Responsibilities of A Wife’ in March 2013 also said that the wife should make herself available to her husband, after marriage has taken place and he has given the mahr [dowry], she should not withhold this right from her husband without a valid excuse (sickness, obligatory fasting etc.), and if she refuses without a valid reason then she has committed a major sin: “Even some scholars went as far as saying that even if it doesn’t feel right, or you’re just not in that emotional relationship you know it’s not the right manner, you’re not feeling that at that particular time, still try to make it happen, still try to force yourself even if you have to do that.”

York Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) held in campus (February 23-27, 2015) the annual event of Islam Awareness Week bearing the title “What Does The Qur’an Say?”

York MSA Female students wearing hijab and niqab, who manned the Info Booth at the Central Square of York University, handed out to students the book “Women in Islam & Refutation of some Common Misconceptions,” authored by the Saudi scholar Dr. Abdul-Rahman al-Sheha and printed by the Saudi Dawah organization Muslim World League (رابطة العالم الاسلامي). For Blogwrath’s report on the event clickhere.

The following are excerpts of the book: “Although beating of women is generally forbidden, Islam permits the beating of wives in a restricted and limited sense only as a final solution and acceptable valid reason when all else fails… Allah deals with the case of a wife who behaves immorally towards her husband’s rights. The treatment of this extremely sensitive issue comes in gradual stages… Third and final stage: Beating without hurting, breaking a bone, leaving black or blue marks on the body, and avoiding hitting the face or especially sensitive places at any cost. The purpose of beating her is only to disciplineThis treatment is proved to be very effective with two types of women… The first type: Strong willed, demanding and commandeering women… The second type: Submissive or subdued women. These women may even enjoy being beaten at times as a sign of love and concern… Beating, according to the Islamic teachings, is listed as the last and final stage of disciplining methods.”

The other notion that some Canadian Muslim leaders are continuously reinforcing and justifying is that the man has a right of gheerah (protected jealousy) over his wife – the idea that a wife should be obedient to her husband at all times, not admitting anyone husband dislikes, ask her husband’s permission before leaving the house, before talking to other men or hold a job of her own.

This can be interpreted by feminists as another example of deeply seated misogyny, when a woman is seen as one of men’s possessions, instead of another human being, meant to serve her husband’s every wish and maintain his honour.

More on this issue at Wife “beating in Islam is a type of education”: Canadian Islamic perspective.

One of the points of Ms. Wynne’s campaign states: “Just because someone buys you dinner or a drink, doesn’t mean you owe them sex in return.” It could be also said then, that if someone provides for you because you are bound by the union of marriage it shouldn’t mean that you have to repay your husband by accepting rape and losing any control over your life.

CIJnews reached out to Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Government of Ontario, asking why Ontario Campaign to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment does not address the issue of Canadian spiritual community leaders condoning what is perceived as sexual violence and prejudice against women, while using religion to justify it?

CIJnews also inquired whether this campaign was faith restricted and Canadians should just accept that some women will continue to face sexual violence and harassment because of the culture they were born in.

No comment was received at the time of the publication

Views from Kensington, Ohio passed 2000

Kensington is an unincorporated community in southwestern Hanover Township, Columbiana County, Ohio, United States.[1]Although it is unincorporated, it has a post office, with the ZIP code of 44427.[2] It lies along U.S. Route 30 at its intersection with State Routes 9 and 644.


Kensington had its start by the building of the Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad through that territory. Kensington was originally known as Mayville, and under the latter name was laid out in 1852.[3] The name Kensington was adopted in 1876.[4]




Hanover Township is one of the eighteen townships of Columbiana County, Ohio, United States. The 2010 censusreported 3,704 people living in the township,[3] 3,296 of whom were in the unincorporated portions of the township.[4


Located in the western part of the county, it borders the following townships:

The village of Hanoverton is located in southern Hanover Township, and the unincorporated communities ofKensington and Guilford Lake lie in the township’s southwest and northeast.


Name and history[edit]

Statewide, other Hanover townships are located in Butler, Ashland, and Licking counties. The township was organized in 1806.[5][6]


The township, governed by a three-member board of trustees, who are elected in November of odd-numbered years to a four-year term beginning on the following January 1. Two are elected in the year after the presidential election and one is elected in the year before it. There is also an elected township fiscal officer,[7] who serves a four-year term beginning on April 1 of the year after the election, which is held in November of the year before the presidential election. Vacancies in the fiscal officership or on the board of trustees are filled by the remaining trustees.


The township has many notable and famous pieces of infrastructure across it. Three main highways include Ohio State Route 9, Ohio State Route 172, and U.S. Route 30. The Hanoverton Canal Town District, a part of the Sandy and Beaver Canal, is part of the National Register of Historic Places. Another piece of notable infrastructure includes the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, which runs from south to north through the township.

Anti-Pedophile SJW caught with child porn

‘Anti-paedophile’ and justice campaigner jailed for child porn

A justice campaigner and self-described ‘anti-paedophile’ has been jailed for possession of child pornography.

Jason Packer, 45, claimed the images, which were on a document named ‘Explosive Hidden Hancock File’, had been planted onto his computer and fought his prosecution until the very end of the £2,800 court case, The News reports.

The children in the images were between five and 10 and other extreme pornography also found on his computer included women being raped and killed.

The children’s entertainer, described by Recorder Frank Abbott as a ‘staunch campaigner’, was handed a a six-month sentence for the extreme images and a 12-month sentence for the child abuse, to run concurrently.


‘At the end of the day, before me is a man who purports to be a person against child pornography, a person who is someone who is against corruption of politicians, various types of child abuse, and has got images of the same on his computer,’ Mr Abbott said.

‘It seems to me there really isn’t any excuse whatsoever.’

Packer, of Balliol Road, Buckland, was also handed a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years restricting his internet use and he must sign the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

Canadian Imam likens Trudeau to a King who helped Muslims and converted to Islam


Canadian Sheikh Shaban Sherif Mady (شعبان شريف ماضي), was a scholar at al-Azhar theological school in Egypt and served at the Ministry of Endowment and Ministry of Education of the Egyptian government. Today, he is the Imam of a Muslim congregation in Edmonton, Alberta which holds its Friday prayers at Glengarry Hall in Edmonton.

Shaban Sherif Mady dedicated his Friday sermon on December 18, 2015 to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whom he sees as the greatest ally of the Muslims. Trudeau was likened to “the Najashi”, the Christian King of Abyssinia in the 7th century AD, who is honoured in the Islamic history for the support and protection he provided to the Muslim emigrants who fled pagan Mecca and his persistent refusal to expel them while fending off the pressure and lure offered by Muhammad’s Meccan rival leadership. Later, according to the Islamic tradition, the Najashi King accepted Muhammad’s invitation to embrace Islam and became a Muslim.

The following is an excerpt of Shaban Sherif Mady’s sermon (originally in Arabic):

“Justin Trudeau – I call him today the Najashi of the current era. He hosted Muslims,honoured them, visited their mosques, greeted them for their holidays, and removed the suspicion that terrorism is related to Islam, honoured the Muslims, hosted the refugees.

He is the Najashi of the current era. This is the title of my sermon that will appear on YouTube – Justin Trudeau Najashi of the current era

“In Islam there are men, in the world there are men who helped the world with their wisdom, such as [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan [President of Turkey] and Justin Trudeau.

“Salute to Justin Trudeau, O the Najashi of the current era. Thank you… This man is affable. This amiable man we call him the Najashi of the current era.

“Thank you for hosting our Muslims on behalf of this Canadian country which you run in the same way the Najashi ruled in ancient era our Muslims, who were oppressed andtortured [in Mecca].

“Thank you. Thanks you, O the Najashi of the current eraThe world is happy to see people like Erdoğan and Trudeau. With people such as those the compassion is spread, the friendship is spread, the love is spread…”

In his Friday sermons in Edmonton during the years 2013-14, Shaban Sherif Mady said the following:

O the courageous Palestinian people! Al-Quds (Jerusalem) will become the capital of the Islamic State, not of Palestine… Had it not been betrayal, all the territory of Europe was almost conquered from Andalus (Spain). This is the promise of the Prophet Mohammad. The victory will come… Then the Rightly-Guided Caliphate (Islamic State) will be established and it will follow the path of the Prophet (Mohammad). We will welcome it.”

Why (the Muslim Brotherhood movement was designated as) a terrorist organization? Because it calls for the return of the Caliphate (Islamic State). If so, I’m an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood, I’m a terrorist… (O Allah) to those who want to harm Islam and the Muslims, make their animosity annihilate themselves, make them kill themselves, destroy them completely, annihilate them all, like you did to the peoples of A’d and Thamoud… O Allah, support all mujahideen in any place around the globe.”

O Allah, support any mujaheed (jihadist) who raises the flag of Islam.”

The secularism is always in a war against Islam and this conflict between the two still exists.”

The [unmarried] adulterer and the [unmarried] adulteress will be flogged 100 times and their testimony will never be accepted by court.”