Stoya@stoya – false rape accuser

When a woman’s fame falls, the claws come out. And so one porn actress has accused another of raping her. The Stoya v. James Deen rape accusation has all of the telltale signs of a false accusation. I therefore label this the James Deen Rape Hoax.

Summary: Stoya accused her ex-boyfriend of rape on Twitter while simultaneously promoting James Deen on a website she owns. (That’s not a typo. Read on!)

How do we know James Deen has been falsely accused of rape by Stoya?
Hint: The rape fits the narrative.

A proper rape hoax must fit the narrative. Unethical women understand this.

The media loves a good rape, if and only if it fits the narrative. When porn actress Cytherea was violently raped in her home, the media ignored it. Why? Because the narrative was bad. The media does not give coverage to cases where a white woman was raped by black men.

For a good rape hoax, you need the right defendant – which means a white man. James Deen fits the profile, and it doesn’t hurt that Deen is a confessed racist. In an interview with Haaretz, Deen said he viewed blacks, Hispanics, and non-Jewish whites as being beneath him. (“The Jews know we’re better than everyone else. That’s all that matters.” – James Deen.)

The rape accusation against Deen is false to the point of absurdity.

Stoya made the rape accusation on Twitter, not in a police station. Second, she mentions being a feminist in the Tweet, which is a total red herring. Finally and most damningly: She features her “rapist” on a website she owns!

Stoya accused James Deen of rape on Twitter.

If you want 7,500 RTs (and counting), falsely accuse a man of rape.


Rape accusations belong in a police station, and rapists belong in jail. Yet time and again we’ve seen women bring their rape accusations to the public rather than the police. The Rolling Stone Rape Hoax was the most recent example of a publicity-seeker accusing men of rape in the media.

Stoya, as a famous porn star, understands how desperate a biased, bigoted, anti-male media is for stories of men being accused of rape.

By posting her accusation on Twitter, Stoya has been able to receive considerable press coverage, boosting her profile.

BuzzFeed, Mic, Daily Mail, and dozens of other news outlets have covered the James Deen Rape Hoax.

Stoya mentions feminism in her false rape accusation.

Stoya specifically mentions feminism is her public rape accusation against James Deen. This is proof she seeks to interject ideology into what should be a police matter. She is also sending a bat signal out to SJW hate mobs.


Stoya features James Deen on a website she owns.

Stoya owns a website called TRENCHCOATx (NSFW). On November 17, just 10 days before accusing Deen of rape, Stoya promoted this website. The link to her website remains Stoya’s pinned Tweet on Twitter.


Her website features James Deen on the front page. (Archive link here; NSFW.)

In what world does a woman feature her rapist on her website?

UPDATE: Stoya’s most recent scene, which you can purchase on her website, is with James Deen.

Porn stars can be raped, and women can be raped by their ex-boyfriends.

SJWs with rabies and stupid people with poor reading comprehension are going to read a lot into this article. Let’s clear up some points.

Yes, porn stars and sex workers can be raped. Cythera was raped. Her case was a tragedy, even though it never made headlines.

It’s also possible for a woman to be raped by her boyfriend.

Stoya’s status as a girlfriend or porn star do not factor into my analysis.

Stoya’s rape accusation is false because it was made on Twitter in a desperate way to get attention to herself. She is clearly trying to get revenge against an ex-boyfriend.

Rape hoaxes harm women and men.

James Deen, if he’s lucky, will merely face SJW hate mobs and have his image destroyed. If he’s unlucky, this rape accusation ends with him in handcuffs.

Like many men before him, Deen is learning that women will violently attack any man who claims he’s innocent. I have already received death threats for insisting that we apply the presumption of innocence to Deen.

Moreover, false rape accusations harm women. I do not believe Stoya, as her accusation reads like every other rape hoax.

Every high profile rape accusation has turned out to be a hoax.

  • Rolling Stone rape hoax.
  • Duke lacrosse rape hoax.
  • Hofstra gang rape hoax.

In the unlikely event Stoya was raped, few will believe her. We’ve been lied to and now view all public rape accusations as false.


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