Canadian man who protested Muslim Attacks in Paris was arrested by Toronto Police

Eric Brazau, a Canadian street art performer and a prominent critic of what he calls the “Muslim barbarism”, was arrested on Friday, November 13, after he publicly expressed his outrage of the terrorist violence in Paris on Dundas square – same place where The Walk-in Islamic Info Centre (WIIC), a Toronto-based Muslim organization dedicated to propagating Islam, operates its Dawah booth on a daily basis.

The blogger Blogwrath was the first to post a video of the protest and subsequent arrest of Brazau. In the video, you can see that the protester is attacked immediately by the onlookers and bystanders who accuse him of being a racist, though he repeatedly says that Islam is not a race and could attract people from many races and backgrounds.

At one point, the man (Muslim in appearance) physically attacks the protester by pushing, shoving and verbally assaulting him. Brazau then walks across the street to a nearby restaurant where he loudly reports the number of civilian casualties in the Paris attacks and states: “Those people who did this say they are Muslims. And by the way, there are lots of Muslims here in Toronto! That’s a problem.” When the police came to the scene and escorted him out, you can hear someone say: “Yeah, lead him out – he’s a hater.”

While the police were questioning him, you can see that Brazau was cooperative and didn’t display any violent or unreasonable behaviour when trying to explain his emotional outburst. In the end, however, Brazau is taken away in handcuffs by five Toronto Police officers.


Canadian Government Liable for Damages from Syrian Refugees?


If one of the 25,000 Syrian refugees now due to arrive in Canada commits a violent criminal act or an act of terrorism, can the Government of Canada be sued for negligence? Canadian citizens who suffer harm from un-screened refugees may have a case for damages.

Canadian Prime Ministerial candidate Justin Trudeau promised in his campaign that he would move quickly to have Canada take 25,000 refugees from Syria. Now, as the new Prime Minister attends the G20 meetings in Turkey (15 November 2015) he has reconfirmed this pledge by saying that Canada is a “country that defines itself by its shared values, not its cultural differences.”[1]

On the same day, European officials have stated that they believe that there is “a very professional new squad of terrorists inserting themselves into some of these migrant voyages.”[2]

Simply put, Canada lacks the resources and knowledge base to screen this many people this quickly. The union representing the CBSA border guards says “the government doesn’t have the manpower to process 25,000 people in less than eight weeks.”[3]

Most flagrantly, Canada’s new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, John McCallum, has stated that some of the screening will be done after the refugees arrive. Mr McCallum has stated that he might use a special exemption for the Syrian refugees called a “Minister’s Permit” and allow refugees into Canada even if the “security or health checks were not yet completed.” He would then “allow the rest of the scrutiny to take place in Canada.”[4]


It turns out there is a gender pay gap at gawker.


A former staff writer for the embattled and toxic Gawker haslifted the lid on what we’ve all suspected: despite the company’s handwringing and editorial proselytising about “diversity,” it’s a cesspit of sexism and entrenched patriarchial favouritism.

Gawker, hypocritical? It’s tough to believe, I know. But Dayna Evans’s post makes for difficult reading… difficult because it’s hard to read the words through tears of joy and schadenfreude as she brutally dissects the overwhelmingly white and male management and editorial staff and then — shock, horror — reveals that there’s a difference in how much men and women are paid.

Of course, that last claim falls apart under scrutiny. Evans seems to concede, after ticking founder Nick Denton off for considering women “disposable,” that men and women file different kinds of stories: “I suggested that a personal essay is just as valuable as an investigative piece if both have the power to change the way people think about and reassess the culture we live in,” she writes.

Yeah, no. Sorry. This isn’t being paid differently for the same work; it’s being paid differently for different work, as any idiot reading can work out. That’s the thing about writing at the unbearable length these New York media types love to do: sooner or later your prolixity leads you to make accidental admissions.

Anyway, Evans’s post is a lot of fun, and you should read the whole thing because it’s packed full of delicious progressive self-flagellation and the sort of vicious, bitter infighting between unutterably terrible people that makes watching Gawker’s descent into madness and bankruptcy such utterly compulsive viewing. As one of Gawker’s many undeserving targets, I enjoyed it enormously.

By the way, to those imagining Nick Denton as an aloof New York socialite with no grasp of what ordinary people want to read, there’s another gem tucked away in this explosive set of disclosures: Evans reveals he doesn’t give a shit about sociopathic feminist hate-ragJezebel, largely ignores the management of the whole vertical and doesn’t even read what they publish. Mirabile dictu.