Jay Z and Timbaland Win Copyright Lawsuit Over ‘Big Pimpin’’ Sample

they won on a technicality.

A federal judge has ruled that Jay Z and his producer, Timbaland, will not face a copyright infringement claim over the hit single “Big Pimpin’,” ending a complex eight-year lawsuit that involved the sampling of a decades-old Egyptian song.

A week into a trial in United States District Court in Los Angeles, Judge Christina A. Snyder announced on Wednesday that the plaintiff in the case, Osama Ahmed Fahmy — whose uncle, Baligh Hamdi, composed the original song, “Khosara Khosara” — did not have standing to pursue his infringement claim.

REPULSIVE: Anita Sarkeesian Has a Convicted Pedophile as Her Twitch Moderator



I had a very interesting time last night, and I’m going to talk about it in a lot more detail during the next post. But I have a fucked up story that I need to print out first, and it concerns everyone’s favorite fraud, Anita Sarkeesian. During the #BIGMILO stream last night, it came out that Ms. Sarkeesian has a convicted pedophile as a moderator on her Twitch channel. Yes, this is reality. We have loads of screens and archives, so buckle up.

First, let’s let Encyclopedia Dramatica give you a little background on this sick bastard…

Valis77 (aka ValisHD) — IRL name Promise Delon Redmond as he’s known to terrified children across the state of Kansas due to being a registered sex offender — is among the legion of sexual deviants clogging the Tubes. Even moderating known SJW toilet Anita Sarkeesian’s Twitch channel. Fancying himself an e-celebrity, Valis delights his thousands of subscribers with his poorly-made Let’s Play videos.

Being of simple Midwestern stock, Valis is easily amused, therefore rather than being satisfied with quality content leading to a modest upload count, he sees the upload count as an end unto itself. With that in mind, our hero gleefully inflates his own upload count with horrendous side productions, thinly veiled as contextually relevant by the appending “Let’s” to the beginning of the title, seemingly almost as an afterthought.

They also have some photos, including his police record:



You may ask yourself, as I did, “What on earth is Anita doing having a convicted pedo as a Twitch moderator?” I know these people are sanctimonious and brazen with most of their lies and bullshit, but this is not a good look to most normal people. Then I think about the SJWs recent move to normalize pedophilia and it all starts to make sense. These sick fucks just do not care anymore. They’re going to do what they can to make this sort of depravity accepted by the mainstream. Still, you would think that advertisers and sponsors would shy away from backing people who knowingly put pedos into positions of power. What about the gaming press? Or the gaming industry, for that matter?


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