Abe to replace party panel head over sales tax hike impact mitigation




Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to name former industry minister Yoichi Miyazawa as chief of his Liberal Democratic Party’s tax panel, replacing Takeshi Noda, to ease tensions within the ruling coalition over how to soften the impact of a planned consumption tax rate hike, a senior party lawmaker said Saturday.

After the replacement, the LDP and its smaller partner, the Komeito, are likely to shift to the feasibility study of implementing a multiple sales tax rate from a Finance Ministry-proposed tax refund scheme backed by Noda, coalition sources said.

The ruling coalition aims to include a mitigation measure in the fiscal 2016 tax reform package to be compiled at the end of the year.

Miyazawa will chair the LDP Research Commission on the Tax System, which plays a key role in drafting annual tax reforms in Japan, replacing Noda, who has stoked tensions about how to soften the impact on households from higher consumption tax.

Talks between the two parties have stalled since Sept. 25 as Noda, who took up his post in 2009, has shown reluctance to accept calls from the Komeito to cut the sales tax rate on daily necessities in support for lower-income households.

The Komeito has proposed multiple rates be introduced when the tax is raised to 10 percent from the current 8 percent in April 2017.

That alleviation measure is believed to reduce the nation’s tax revenue by around 1 trillion yen ($8 billion), however.

Noda remains cautious about the system, saying it would be costly for businesses to prepare. He is backed by some ruling lawmakers as well as the Finance Ministry, which fears the multiple rates would reduce efficiency in raising state revenues.

Noda tried to promote the Finance Ministry’s tax refund plan that would see a 10% tax rate levied on all items, with the government providing 2% tax refunds for all food and beverage purchases excluding alcoholic drinks.

The Komeito objected to the idea as it prefers a multiple tax rate, as widely adopted by European countries.

The issue has cast a shadow over the prospects for cooperation between the two parties in next year’s upper house election, apparently prompting Abe to replace Noda. Miyazawa is expected to take the post as early as next week.


CNN launches dud against Russian campaign in Syria


Once upon a war, Western journalists eagerly jumped aboard the US military bandwagon to cover its overseas adventures; these days, however, the US military is mindlessly following the media into war zones on a black wave of hysteria and fabrications.

CNN has reported that Russian missiles have crash-landed in Iran after going tragically off course from its intended target, which, no, was not Ukraine. This time the Western mainstream media has focused its propaganda big guns on Syria, where Russia has decided to launch an aerial assault against Islamic State militants, bloodthirsty terrorists that Western forces have thus far been unable to contain or destroy.

In a CNN ‘Breaking News’ segment, correspondent Barbara Starr, narrating in her trademark tragic baritone, boomed: “CNN has learned at least four of the more than two dozen Russian cruise missiles launched from ships in the Caspian Sea crashed in Iran… US officials believe there are injuries.

There were more than a few glaring glitches contained in this report. First, once again CNN has built the foundation of a major story on sketchy “anonymous sources,” a form of journalism that is being particularly abused, especially at the expense of Russia. While it is common practice for journalists to have their secret inside moles for obtaining information that does not mean the shady source should be the final word.

In the CNN story, the source’s information is what grabs the headlines, which is a particularly alarming form of journalism because it seems that not even the US State Department knew what CNN was talking about.

When asked during the State Department’s daily news briefing (Oct.8) if they were “confident enough about [Russian cruise missiles landing in Iran] to say it on the record,” spokesman John Kirby replied: “No, I’m afraid – I mean, I’ve seen those reports but I’m not in a position to confirm them at this time.”

Clearly, Kirby was just as surprised by CNN’s breaking report as everybody else.

Assuming CNN has heard of telecommunications, how difficult would it have been to pick up the telephone and verify their inside information with the State Department before going live with a story that would only create a sh*tstorm of problems if false? Instead, they decided to go with the Russian reaction, a nice gesture but an altogether unnecessary one considering the story was hogwash in the first place.

Unlike CNN, we don’t report quoting anonymous sources, but we show launches of our missiles and the targets they hit in real-time mode,” the Russian Defense Ministry said Thursday in a Facebook posting. “No matter how unpleasant and unexpected it is for our colleagues in the Pentagon and Langley, our strike yesterday with precision-guided weapons at ISIS infrastructure in Syria hit its targets.”

CNN, quoting yet another ghost official, this time “a U.S. official familiar with the intelligence reports,” chided the Russian explanation, saying: “These are the people who told us there were no little green men in Crimea.

Bad jokes aside, the question remains why such unverified, unsubstantiated information was published in the first place?

By the way, did anybody bother to consult with the Iranians, whose country was the apparent target of the alleged Russian misfire. Apparently not. Iran’s FARS news agency, citing the Iranian Defense Ministry, rejected CNN’s report alleging that Russian cruise missiles had crashed in Iran, dismissing it as part of the West’s “psychological warfare.”

The only voice of sanity and reason in the ‘Breaking News’ piece came courtesy of Jill Dougherty, former CNN Moscow Bureau Chief, who told CNN in an interview from Tallinn: “Well, number one, you have to look at those reports and ask whether they are correct…. It would be good to look for some confirmation. If it is true – and again, that’s a big if – it would be very significant.

A big if!” Bravo, Jill Dougherty!

CNN understands that regardless if their story is accurate or not, few people will take the time to verify the truth behind the sensational headline. And just like other propaganda hit pieces aimed at Russia in the recent past – from the downing of MH17 in Ukraine, to reports that Russian missiles were killing civilians in Syria before any missiles were even launched – this false story will be accepted as 24-carat truth and regurgitated many times over by Western pundits and politicians in the weeks to follow. It doesn’t matter to them that the story is bogus, only that the story grabbed headlines. George Orwell must be turning over in his grave.

Fortunately, however, with every false story the Western mainstream media spins, their ship sinks a bit deeper into the shallow end as more and more readers – armed as they are with multiple sources of reliable news sources – understand the MSM’s objective is not reporting an honest, meticulously checked account of events, but something more resembling the world of science fiction.

And the reader may rest assured there will be no retraction or apology from CNN over this egregious piece of hit journalism, which will only serve the interests of powerful groups in Washington that are going to all extremes to show that Russia’s actions in Syria (against terrorists!) are reckless and irresponsible. America, which has been snorting from the mirror of power for so long it can’t think straight, believes that intervention in the affairs of foreign states is solely its private domain. Yes, power is a dangerous drug.

But for those thinking straight, the only recklessness in Syria has been Washington’s determination to oust yet another regional leader it deems to be unworthy of leading his people – a choice that should rest with the Syrian people, of course. Meanwhile, it is increasingly apparent that the US military has decided to let Islamic State run roughshod in Syria in the hopes that this band of psychopaths, together with the so-called ‘moderate’ anti-government rebels, will be able to oust President Bashar Assad.

And who or what will lead the Syrian people once Assad is ousted? Well, it will probably resemble something like the US colony known as Iraq, which heeds the orders of America from behind the walls of the forbidden ‘Green Zone’ – an embassy complex that rivals the Vatican in terms of sheer size, to say nothing of hard assets.

And just like that, another national trophy for the United States to mount above its fireplace, which already includes Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The region can ill-afford another failed state in the world, so please CNN, get your facts straight, if not out of love for Russia, than simply as your professional duty.

Man Hating Feminazi Bahar Mustafa Officer Could Go To Jail For Advocating Genocide

A student diversity coordinator at a British university could face jail time over her calls for the extermination of all white men.

Bahar Mustafa, a diversity officer at Goldsmiths, University of London, first attracted international attention last spring when she barred white men from an event on “diversifying” the curriculum, and defended herself by claiming that minority women like herself cannot be racist or sexist.


Has the Liberal Party of Canada been Infiltrated by Extremist Candidates?

NOTE: The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928 in Egypt has been listed as a terrorist group in a variety of countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The Jamaat-e-Islami has been banned or proscribed in some 25 countries. In January of 2015, the Muslim Brotherhood announced that they would return to a path of violence and that is members should “seek martyrdom.”

In April 2014, Tahir Gora published a paper that suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami would attempt to run multiple candidates in this year’s federal election using the Liberal Party of Canada as its political entry point.[1] This is the well-worn path of “political entryism.”

The question must arise as to whether any candidates in this election represent extremist views brought into Canada by the Muslim Brotherhood, its proxies or its front groups. With some 700(+) dues paying Muslim Brotherhood members in Canada[2], the question is increasingly relevant.

Despite its claims to peaceful change, the Muslim Brotherhood issued a new statement on 28 January 2015 which stated it would return to the path of violence[3]:

“It is in incumbent upon everyone to be aware that we are the process of a new phase, where we summon what is latent in our strength, where we recall the meanings of jihad and prepare ourselves, our wives, our sons, our daughters, and whoever marched on our path to a long, uncompromising jihad, and during this stage we ask for martyrdom.”

According to the article of 2014 written by Mr. Gora:

“The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the National Council of Canadian-Muslims — formerly the Canadian affiliate of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — and others are full of members linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, its Jamaat-e-Islami sister group and their ideology.”

Mr. Gora said he had a conversation with a staunch member of the Jamaat-e-Islami. He reports the conversation in the following manner:

We want Muslims’ representation in our parliament so that our members can watch our interests in the government.” By “Muslims,” he meant Jamaat-e-Islami and Muslim Brotherhood followers.

Testimony in the Senate of Canada in 2015 by Lorenzo Vidino stated that the Muslim Brotherhood has multiple front groups in Canada of which the four best known are the NCCM/CAIR CAN, the Muslin Association of Canada, Islamic Relief Canada and the now defunct IRFAN (listed as a terrorist entity).[4]

How many Liberal Party candidates have extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups? Omar Algebra, Iqra Khalid and Kalil Ramal are the three most obvious, although others have similar ties.

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