If gay=normal, why so much bondage, whipping, pony prancing and canine behavior?


Every year San Francisco has something called the Folsom Street Fair, where gays do some very bizarre things. They dress like dogs, horses, and ponies, tie themselves up, get spanked, and more. This isn’t a fringe movement–thousands of homosexual (mostly men) do this. If gay=normal, then why do they do these very strange things?

My oldest daughter and I were walking around San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood on a clear autumn day in search of a mattress store called Keetsa back in 2008. I remember turning a corner and almost bumping into an enormous naked man riding his bicycle on the sidewalk.

My daughter was five at the time and she was startled.

“Mom, why does that guy have a sock on his penis?” she asked.

“Um, well, um…”

“Why are there rings sticking through his bottom?”

Walking further down the sidewalk, we passed men wearing black leather chaps with their rears fully exposed and a few more naked guys.

I said more than “Ummm” when my daughter asked about the man with the sock on his penis, but my bumbling explanation isn’t anything to offer up as an example for other parents.

The photos in the article show

o Dog Masks. Men wearing dog masks. A LOT of men wearing dog masks. And we’re not talking about poodle or maltese masks, but very threatening looking angry black dog masks. There was even a very menacing group called the K9 demonstration group. Are they looking for anonymity because they are ashamed of what they are doing? Or do they find the idea of imitating dog behavior sexually attractive, and if so, why?

o Dog Behavior. The photos show dog-face men almost completely naked on their hands and knees, imitating dogs Marcel Marceau style, and there was the man who was chewing on dog toys. Is this about beastiality? Sniffing of rear ends? Something else?

o Horse heads. There were also people dressed in very disturbing looking horse heads. Again, if this isn’t about a craving for beastiality, what is it about? The fair also introduced something called “slave ponies“, women wearing ears and long snouts over their faces. One pony was gagged in a photo which had the caption: “Dressed in a pink pony outfit, participant Nikki, of the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club, awaits for her pony master at the Folsom Street Fair”

o Whippings. A number of men volunteered to be whipped. One person who appeared to be a woman in black underwear had a back that was red from whipping. Here’s a typical caption “Tim McDonald, left, stands behinds a parking meter as he is flogged by Phillip Wolf, right, at the Folsom Street Fair”, and , “People watch a man being flogged on a stage during the Folsom Street Fair”.

o Exposed Anuses. A lot of people had their rumps exposed and others were fondling their bottoms in public.

  1. Bondage. People volunteered to be handcuffed to street signs. And one man even had the word “prisoners” tattooed on his back and had himself locked up in chains and locks. A third man had himself bound in leather and tied to a wheel. One person had himself tied and hung upside down like a piece of meat in a frozen food locker.

o Tonguing in inappropriate areas. One photo showed a shoeshine stand but shoes were being shined with a man’s tongue.

This fair was in public, on the streets of San Francisco, and though there were warnings for children to stay indoors, the public space had basically become invaded with very sexually inappropriate content.

The big question: is this typical of the gay community? By the numbers, it sure looks like it is for at least a substantial minority. Once again, this wasn’t some deviant fair with 20 fairgoers. There were thousands of participants, and this goes on every year. How can we be asked to teach our children that this medically unsafe lifestyle, which doesn’t produce children, is the equal of traditional men-women relationships, especially when this disturbing subculture seems to be married, for want of a better word, to the whole gay rights movement?

By the way, while some heterosexuals go to strip clubs, or buy kinky sexual devices, no where in the world will you find a similar large exhibition of sexual perversity like this in the heterosexual community. It’s exclusively in the gay community, and it raises a lot of disturbing questions.

Perks planned to get nursery school teachers on leave back to work



To reverse the increase in the number of children waitlisted to enter nursery schools, the government plans to offer incentives to the estimated 700,000 qualified nursery school teachers now on leave or otherwise not working, government sources said Saturday.

The number of children on waiting lists for spots at nursery schools rose to 23,167 as of April 1, marking the first increase in five years, according to data by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

The government has stepped up efforts to build and equip nursery facilities around the country to realize Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s goal of eliminating that waiting list, a drive hampered by a severe shortage of teachers.

Beginning next April, the government plans a number of incentives aimed at getting as many as possible of these qualified teachers to return to work through such measures as subsidizing childcare fees for their own children, the sources said.

Many qualified teachers are reluctant to go back to work once they leave to give birth and raise children, due in part to the difficulty of balancing work and family.

The staff shortage also reflects the low average monthly salary of about 210,000 yen ($1,750) for nursery school teachers in Japan, which is more than 10,000 yen below the average wage across the board.

Under the planned scheme starting in fiscal 2016, nursery school teachers with preschool children who want to return to work will receive subsidies amounting to half of their own childcare fees. Their children will also be given priority for admission to childcare facilities, the sources said.

The government is also considering offering 100,000 yen to nursery teachers with or without children, to use buying items needed to return to work such as clothing after being out of the workforce.

The number of nursery teachers has been increasing, but the health ministry estimates that Japan will need an additional 69,000 teachers over the five-year period through fiscal 2017.

To secure enough teachers, the government also plans to conduct its national certification exam for nursery school teachers twice a year starting in fiscal 2016, rather than once annually.

There is strong demand for childcare services for those under the age of 3 in Japan, and urban areas have more children who cannot enter day-care centers compared with rural areas.


UN Report “Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls, — A World-Wide Wake-Up Call,”


Well, it appears that the UN has discovered just how flawed is the UN Report “Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls, — A World-Wide Wake-Up Call,” a report so flawed and bereft of evidence that it could only be love child of contributors Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn.

It is a document so disingenuous that the only thing factual about it is the fascism of the authors. Even the UN saw it, so they dumped the piece of social justice porn from their website. Once that happened it started disappearing everywhere.

Well, sort of.

Per our usual courtesies to AVFM readers, we have secured a copy of the document to be offered here to any and all who care to read it. It is SJW smut in its purest form so take break out the Kleenex before reading…for your eyes.