KMT’s Hung proposes ’empowerment’ job plan

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Hung Hsiu-chu yesterday outlined a proposal emphasizing the need for government-business partnerships in creating relevant skillsets as a way to reduce the nation’s youth unemployment problem.

As a second part of her political platform emphasizing economic issues, Hung stated that youth unemployment was a reality that also corresponded with labor shortages faced by some high-tech and service industries. She proposed the formation of a “National Academy of Empowerment” to help young people find jobs by training to obtain skill sets that employers are looking for.

Citing a labor shortage of 240,000 and an unemployment rate of close to 13 percent for those aged 20-24, Hung placed the blame on the liberalization of higher education which she argues has inflated the number of degree holders without necessarily meeting industry demand for marketable skills.

The plan, “National Academy of Empowerment: Youth Assistance 4.0,” is a four-pronged approach hammered out by Hung’s campaign team and policy aides in response to the sputtering economy and youth discontent as trending campaign issues. Basing their ideas around experiences in Australia, the plan calls for the creation of a standardization of skills which are in demand by industrial and service sectors and the use of government institutional support and funding to put new job seekers or those currently unemployed through skills accreditation plans.

‘Power vouchers’

Under her plan, Hung proposed cooperation between the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and businesses in order to develop a systematic skill standard in the short term. She specifically named web, telecommunications and creative industries as having manpower shortages, and that a mechanism for establishing technical skills in informatics, cloud computing and software engineering needed to be established quickly.

In order to facilitate the increase in certifiable and industry required skills, the proposal calls for the distribution of “power vouchers” that will give young people “full-ride” access to training courses that will allow them to obtain certifications and job placements that will be guaranteed for a minimum NT$40,000 a month starting wage. Vouchers would be prioritized for those under 39 and unemployed for 13 weeks.

Funding Source

Hung proposes amending portions of the Employment Insurance Act (就業保險法) to fund the training and placement programs outlined in the Empowerment Plan. Specifically, it would entail increasing annual employment insurance premiums allocated for job training for both the employed and unemployed from the current 10 percent to 20 percent.


Lower house OKs bill to ban drones over certain areas


The lower house of the Diet on Thursday approved a bill that bans the flying of drones near airports and over areas where major events are being held, such as festivals and fireworks.

It also bans flying drones near the imperial palace, the Diet, the prime minister’s office, Supreme Court, foreign embassies and other facilities, Fuji TV reported.

According to the bill, air space within 300 meters of such buildings would be considered a no-fly zone. Offenders will be subject to prison terms of up to one year or a maximum fine of 500,000 yen.

Furthermore, flying drones at night without the government’s permission is also prohibited under the revised Civil Aeronautics Law.

Earlier this year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government banned the flying of drones in 81 public parks and gardens. Drones have been included in an ordinance that bans the use of remote-controlled aircraft in parks and gardens.

A Reminder for ‘Male Feminists’

They hate you, too:

tell a self proclaimed male feminist that he cant be a feminist and watch him turn in to the biggest misogynist abusive s–t within 0.2 seconds. happens 100% of the time.

That 31-word post got more than 25,000 notes on Tumblr in the past year, and the same Tumblr feminist had this to say:

leftist men are just as horrifyingly and violently misogynist as all other men, including old conservative christian dudes, but they get away with so much because they dress up their misogyny in a specific “social justice” language and call themselves feminists rather than just straight up saying that they hate women, and they think women are only good for sex, having babies, and domestic labor like right wing men do, but they both hate women the same.

Insofar as “lefist men” and self-proclaimed “male feminists” describe the same group of men, the question arises whether any man can escape feminism’s general condemnation of males. Obviously, some men still believe that feminism is something other than mere man-hating, and some feminists may also encourage men to believe this. What we never see, however, is feminists who condemn the man-haters among them. It would seem that the first commandment of feminism is, “Thou shalt not speak praise of a male, nor defend any man against thy feminist sister.”

Feminism’s discourse about men is relentlessly negative, and no feminist ever criticizes these anti-male sermons, because to do so would result in her ex-communication from the cult. Therefore, if any man dares to object to a movement that seems to contemplate the annihilation of males as its ultimate goal, he can be sure that feminists will unite to denounce him for doing so: “How dare this despicable man quote our words as evidence against us? This is misogynistic harassment!”

Men must never call attention to feminism’s deliberate hatefulness, because no man has any right to defend himself against women who wish him dead. The mere fact that a man notices how feminists express malice toward him — merely because he is male — is considered proof that he is a particularly egregious oppressor. Not even the most sympathetic “progressive” man can ever be exempt from feminism’s all-encompassing hatred of males. Yet left-wing men are so eager to appease these spiteful women (whose votes are necessary to electing progressive politicians) that their allegiance requires them to absorb a constant barrage of insults from their feminist “allies” without complaint

We can only conclude that progressive men think they deserve to be hated by women, and who am I to say that they don’t?