Muslim got Swedish citizenship and immediately raped a woman because he ‘could no longer be deported’

Lovely socialist Sweden again and it’s staggering Muslim rape waves. Once they get their citizenship in any country, they can no longer be deported. Time to change that rule when it comes to Muslims. A Muslim must always be eligible for immediate deportation, generally including the entire family of 30+.

Here a Muslim has raped a social case worker in revenge for managing muslim spousal abuse and honor killing cases, gloating that he could not be deported. He was given the five-star vacation of a Swedish prison for a mere 3.5 years, which entails a private chef, game rooms, television, and hotel styled living – and often, even home visits. No wonder the entire muslim world, notoriously demonic, dream of Sweden where no sensible laws exist to deal with their barbarity.

You may recall a few years ago when police in Norway openly declared in media that “100%” of all rapes in Oslo were committed by “immigrants”. On further inquiry it was revealed that the rapes were not in fact committed by immigrants in general, but by MUSLIM immigrants. Why tarnish other immigrants that have a low incidents of crime and rape if one specific group stand out like a sore thumb?

We know that rape has increased in Sweden by 1395 percent between 1975 to 2014. A significant spike in rapes was immediately apparent with the first larger batch of Muslim migrants arriving to the country. Roughly 80%+ of rapes in Sweden are committed by Muslims (even police admitted this when we contacted them), but the numbers can be much higher because statistics don’t reveal what birth country or religion rapists who got granted Swedish passports fall into.

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