NYC man who tried to behead daughter caught trying to join ISIS


By Daniel Greenfield

Arafat M. Nagi, a Muslim in New York, has done his part to enrich the fabric of our diversity by not working since 2009.

Nagi said he has not worked since 2009 when he was injured. He told the judge he previously worked delivering medication to pharmacies for Prestige Delivery Systems, but was fired. He also described himself as disabled, although he never has filed for disability benefits.

Nagi said he relies on family members to pay his bills.

Nagi said he is divorced and the father of a son, 23, and daughter, 21.

Also he tried to behead his daughter.

Officers Pyjas and Fino responded to a Ingham Avenue address for a menacing complaint. After speaking with a witness who states that she was with Arafat M. Nagi’s, 42, daughter when he pulled up next to them and displayed a large knife. Nagi’s daughter ran into her residence to call 911 and he told the witness that he was going to shoot and behead his daughter. Nagi was located a short distance away inside of his vehicle. He was arrested after the officers located a large knife inside of his vehicle he was Nagi was charged with menacing 3rd degree and criminal possession of a weapon 4th degree.

That was two years ago. You would have thought he could have been jailed or deported by now.

Anyway aside from all that, Arafat Nagi was into long walks on the beach by moonlight and Jihad.

Arafat Nagi, 44, was preparing to leave Lackawanna and agents believed he was headed to the Middle East to fight with ISIS, prompting agents to take him into custody, according to a source.

U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr. at a news conference Wednesday said Nagi has on two separate occasions traveled from Lackawanna to Turkey to try and join the terrorist organization, which also is known as ISIL.

Will the United States finally be rid of Arafat? Don’t count on it. Either way taxpayers will subsidizing him until the end of his miserable life. Just like the real Arafat and his PLO.

The last time Lackawanna made headlines it was because of the Lackawanna Six, a sleeper cell of six Yemeni Muslims aiding Al Qaeda. Arafat Nagi also appears to be Yemeni.

There are a whole bunch of Yemeni Muslims living in Lackawanna, New York, because this country’s government has an obsessive death wish.

More than 1,100 people of Yemeni descent live in Lackawanna. Their culture and their faith set them apart from others in the city – and co-existence has had its rough edges.

This is a piece of ethnic America where the Arabic-speaking Al-Jazeera television station is beamed in from Qatar through satellite dishes to Yemenite-American homes; where young children answer “Salaam” when the cell phone rings, while older children travel to the Middle East to meet their future husband or wife; where soccer moms don’t seem to exist, and where girls don’t get to play soccer – or, as some would say, football.

That was 13 years ago. Assume there are a lot more than that now in a population of less than 20,000.

A popular stretch of Ridge Road now has Yemini and American flags waving. Some residents in the community don’t welcome it, but the Mayor of Lackawanna said he’s not backing down.

“Some people don’t like the fact that they’re flying side by side with our flag. Then my response was well you didn’t call anybody or complain when the Polish flags were flying side by side with the American flags,” said Mayor Geoff Szymanski, (D).

Szymansky said the Yeminite community is the fastest growing community in Lackawanna.

Except that the red in the Yemeni flag stands for the “blood of martyrs” and Yemen is currently divided between ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s Shiite Houthi terrorists. That’s a little different than the Poles.

Also the Poles don’t seem to be joining ISIS as much.


Mainland China sees manufacturing index slow more during July

BEIJING — Mainland Chinese manufacturing activity slowed further in July, official data showed Saturday, an early sign of weakness for the world’s second-largest economy in the second half of this year.

The official Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) came in at 50.0 last month, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said in a statement.

The reading, which tracks activity in China’s vast factory and workshop sector, decelerated slightly from 50.2 in June.

The index is seen as a key barometer of the Asian giant’s economic health, a key driver of global growth. A figure above 50 signals expansion in the sector, while anything below indicates contraction.

“The decline of the official PMI suggests the manufacturing sector remained weak,” economists from Australian bank ANZ said in a statement.

They predicted that the mainland Chinese authorities would further ease credit in the second half of 2015 in an attempt to shore up growth.

The official report showed a better result than an independent survey sponsored by Chinese media group Caixin, announced late last month. Its preliminary PMI reading for July tumbled to a 15-month low of 48.2.

Caixin is due to release the final figure, compiled by financial information services provider Markit, on Monday.

China’s economy, a key driver of global growth, expanded 7.4 percent last year, the weakest since 1990, and has slowed further this year, growing 7.0 percent in each of the first two quarters.

Authorities, while accepting the need to steer China’s growth lower to make it more sustainable, have still taken stimulatory measures to put a floor on the slowdown.

The central People’s Bank of China in June announced its latest cut in benchmark interest rates, the fourth such move since November, in a bid to kick-start lending.

It also reduced for the third time this year the amount of cash banks must keep in reserve and has taken other steps such as easing mortgage policies to boost the property market.

Adding uncertainty to China’s growth outlook has been a bout of intense volatility in the country’s benchmark Shanghai stock index that saw it plunge more than 30 percent after peaking on June 12, forcing authorities to implement support measures including limiting stock sales and funding purchases.

Malawian Circumcised Men Most Likely to Be Infected By HIV, Research Shows

Research conducted in Malawi revealed that circumcised men were the ones with a high prevalence of HIV rate in Malawi, Malawi24 can reveal.

The research which was conducted long before the championing of the circumcision campaign dispelled the assumptions that circumcision reduces the chances of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

A document which Malawi24 has seen and throws back to a 2010 research on the prevalence rate of HIV among Malawian men established that over 10% of Malawian men who had undergone circumcision were HIV+ compared to only 7% of uncircumcised men.

The report dubbed The Malawi Health and Demographic survey states on page 207 that the prevalence rate of HIV was higher among circumcised men that the uncircumcised in Malawi.

However regardless of these statistics the World Bank went ahead to pump $15,000,000 (about MK7 billion) into circumcision campaign for Malawian men when research had proved to them that circumcision did not reduce the chances of Malawian men contracting HIV rather it made them high.

MK7 billion is an equivalent of the money that was set aside in the 2014/15 national budget for buying of drugs in hospitals that could have prevented Malawians from dying unnecessary deaths. Money allocated to the infrastructural developments in Malawian Universities and building of new Primary school blocks as well as teachers houses when combined in the same budget could not total the K7 billion.

Recently medical male circumcision has been embroidered in controversy as it has emerged that most men had contracted the HI virus after being circumcised because they had been told that it would reduce their chances of contracting the virus.

Former Homeschooled Pentecostal Woman Weds ISIS Militant She Met Online; Celebrates Chattanooga Terror Attack

A Tennessee woman who identified as a Pentecostal Christian during her teenage years has allegedly started a new life in an Islamic State-controlled territory where she married a member of the terror group whom she met online.

Ariel Bradley, 29, of Chattanooga, fled the U.S. and has lived with her IS husband and two children for more than a year, according to BuzzFeed. She also celebrated the recent shooting and killing of five servicemen by a Muslim in her hometown via Twitter shortly after the incident.

“Gifted this morning not only with Eid but w/ the news of the brother puttin fear n the heart of kufar [non-believers] n the city of my birth. Alhamdullilah [thanks be to God],” wrote Bradley before making her Twitter feed private.

She now goes by the name Umm Aminah on Twitter and many of her friends have not heard from her for some time.

Bradley’s former boyfriend, who chose to go by the alias David, described Ariel’s upbringing to earlier this month.

“She grew up in a house with a radicalized evangelical Christian mother who was an obsessive pack rat with insane fundamentalist beliefs,” said David.

WDEF also spoke with Bradley’s former employer, Muslim business owner Akram Musa, who described the last time he saw her.

“She came back [to the U.S.] with a baby one day; I saw her at the mosque. That is probably the only time I’ve seen her since she came back, and she said she lives in Sweden and she’s happy,” said Musa, who owns University Pizza and Deli, a popular meeting spot for Muslims.

Musa also said Bradley planned to move to Syria, although most of her friends and family are unsure of her actual whereabouts.

Bradley’s Christian faith was something she flaunted at a young age by writing Bible verses on the roof of her car, but she abandoned those beliefs and moved into a socialist group home in her later teenage years, according to her friends and family.

Bradley transformed into a staunch feminist who even claimed to be an atheist who believed Christianity was a delusion. She took up various causes while working with Chattanooga Organized for Action, a group dedicated to progressive movements and social justice in the city, including racial equality and fair housing policy.

In 2010, Bradley started meeting with the local religious group The Twelve Tribes. She began dressing more modestly and eventually donned a scarf around her head.

She also started working at the University Pizza and Deli around that time and befriended some Muslim Americans. After some time, her friends say she started bashing these new friends as her views became more radical, falling in line with some of the teachings of the Islamic State.

Bradley eventually went on the Internet to find a man who held similar views, and left the U.S. shortly after.

The Christian Post reached out to Akram Musa and Chattanooga Organized for Action for comment, but they did not respond by press time.

Supporters of an Islamic State mull running for Canadian parliament

A new a party was recently founded in Canada bearing the name The Islamic Party of Canada (IPC). Its founders are working these days to gather at least 250 electors to sign as a supporters of the party in order to complete the official registration process. As of July 29, 2015 the Facebook group of the party had only 148 members. 

According to its website, “The Islamic Party of Canada was originally formed by a group of people in Halifax, Muslims and non-Muslims, interested in knowledge-processing cognition and politics,” based on the premise that “there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is is messenger.”

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, is portrayed “the most educated person ever and a role model for the rest of the humanity,” and Muhammad’s companions “the most rightly guided in human history.”

The Islamic Party of Canada’s purpose “is to encourage a political, economic, social, and educational reform, and an exponential increase in knowledge…to dismantle the ruling corporate elite in Canada, restructure the economy, encourage peace and tolerance, protect the poor and oppressed domestically and abroad, and become an example for the rest of the world.”

Other goals of the party include “restructuring of the inherently oppressive capitalist economy and provide a true free market, focusing on internal security including domestic non-violent threats to the nation, and dismantling of the ruling elite in Canada.”

Referring to the Palestinian- Israeli conflict, the Islamic Party of Canada denies the right of Israel to exist: “Most importantly, it [Islamic Party of Canada] condemns the notion that it is okay to establish a country [Israel] over another [Palestine] without any consequences, we do not believe any country, let alone Canada has the permission to decide which countries are to exist and which countries are not to.”

IPC opposes any Canadian military involvement in Afghanistan, and with regard to the situation in Syria and Iraq the party stated the following without naming specific entities: “We strongly condemn any group (there are dozens) in the area and abroad, that kill, rape, kidnap, or otherwise terrorize innocent people. This applies at state, militia, gang, and individual levels.”

The Canadian government is accused of “succumbing to American pressure” while IPC calls for striving to be “economically independent from the United States” and to “develop our own security means.”

Dr. Rafiqul Islam, co-founder of IPC, has reportedly nearly 30 years of experience in teaching and research in the fields of education, environmental sustainability, and conscientious technology development. His postings on Facebook may shed a light on his beliefs. The following are glaring quotes of Islam’s selected postings in recent months:

“For Harper, Obama is just a black man, therefore, cannot be trusted,” “For Bush, he could at least be called stupid. Cameron is just vile. Harper? Mix of stupid and vile. Cameron at least gives out Eid [Islamic holiday] message. Harper? Can’t even pronounce the word Muslim,” “When it comes down to licking Israel’s rear end, Neocons and liberals converge. No argument here. They even find a ‘terrorist looking’ hold up the banner,” “How could an American president even open his mouth about human rights? Even Satan sounds more logical than this Big Satan.”

“Don’t expect me to cry for you, KurdZionistan,” “No matter what happens Zionazis blame Islam,” “ Soft Zionists by far more racist and Islamophobe,” [Bnai Brith Canada] One terrorist organization that actually receives funding from Harperian criminals.”

“Solution [referring to Police violence in the US] is simple: Put the entire police force to trial, facing death penalty,” “Time to bring back death penalty in Canada” [referring to CBC report: “RCMP officer charged with torture”].

“Liberalism is the worst form of dogma,” “Atheism is the worst form of dogma and the most grotesque blend of Zionism,” “Let’s bring back the Ottoman empire,” “Why does all hell breaks loose when I say, my daughter should get married as a teenager?” “I think it’s about time Shariah law came to Wall Street” [referring to a news report on cutting of thieves’ hand by ISIS].

“How is this narration any different from the flat earth theory? Change the first premise for once. Humans Allah’s Khalifah (viceroy), Earth (Ardha) – habitat for the viceroy, and the word ‘world’ (Dunya) that means near, short-term is a test period for the viceroy whose primary objective is to establish the rule of law (Shariah) of the King of the King. No, this is not the centre of the universe as in physical sense, it is the centre as in headquarter (residence of the viceroy) sense.”

Jaan Islam is IPC’s “campaign manager” and also the executive editor of Ummah Youth Journal published in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The website of the Ummah Youth Journal explains the Islamic duty that applies to all Muslim to establish the global Islamic State or Caliphate and to implement the Islamic Law (Sharia).

The following are excerpts from this website: “Forming Ummah [Islamic nation]… is an obligation in Islam… Forming Khilafah [Islamic State/ Caliphate] is forming Allah’s Kingdom… How do we form this Khilafah? By following Allah’s manifesto. It’s the Quran… This manifesto says we have to use prophet Muhammad as the role model… there is no excuse for not creating this Khilafa. Join us now… Make the intention of forming/joining the Khilafa now. If you would like to become a citizen of the khilafah state please click the page on the left.”

The Canadian branch of Hezb ut-Tahrir [Liberation Party] places the goal of establishing the Islamic State as a first priority on its platform. However, its leaders vehemently oppose democracy because it “contradicts” Islam and instruct their followers not to take part in any elections to Canadian institutions.

The global Muslim Brotherhood movement espouses the “political Islam” concept, which means using democracy as a legitimate path to spread Islam and to pave the way in the long run to change the face of the hosting country and to turn it into an Islamic State.

An Honest Feminist on Tumblr

She describes herself on Tumblr as “a queer radical leftist. Feminist, anti-gun, vegan, body positive, anti-racist, etc.” She wants it to be known thatshe hates men:

I fucking HATE men I haTE the way they’re socialized I hate the way they talk I hate the way they take off their shirts like the world wants to see their nasty nipples I hate the way they don’t shave the fucking birds nest in their armpits but throw up a fuss if girls have leg hair I hate the way they think they’re the center of everything and how they erase women’s contribution to literally everything and make women believe that they’re worthless and sexualize women’s bodies I hATE men

She posted that five days ago and it’s got 1,200 notes already.

This is what feminism really is — raw hatred toward men. Some feminists manage to conceal the furious intensity of their hatred, but on Tumblr it comes pouring out as incoherent rage. Men “erase women’s contribution to literally everything and make women believe that they’re worthless”? It’s been a busy week. I’ve fallen behind on my erasing.