The Brazilian HB 5 and the sad state of affairs of American women by SharpShooter


I currently work for a global company and make quite a nice living for myself. Now don’t get it twisted…there’s nothing glamorous about my job. My office is about the size of a closet with a window that faces an ugly ass warehouse building creating just an absolutely stunning “view” and my office is always the first place the stale coffee smell wafts into around 11AM. Outside of my above average ability to evaluate and maximize talent, I’m pretty much the same as every cubicle imprisoned schlub here. With any luck my side gig will have me outta this shit hole in a few months.

Anyway, I recently hired a female 28 year old transfer from our branch in Brazil. Her reputation preceded her and she’s proven to be a great decision on my part thus far.

I didn’t expect her to make as big a “splash” as she has because she’s not that attractive. In fact, I’d give her a 5/10….maybe it pushes her to a 5.5 or a 6 if she were dressed up for a night on the town. She’s a skinny woman (not bony) with shoulder length hair, and braces! Not a looker at all. Not even close.

But that hasn’t stopped every dude here from trying to get at her at some point or another. I’m certain that the reasons range from the fact that she’s “exotic” (she speaks perfect English with a heavy Portuguese accent), to the fact that she’s not overweight and tatted up like most of the women here (young AND old), and she is genuinely pleasant and kind.

What’s more is that she looks everyone in the eye, man or woman, when speaking to them or just saying hello or good morning in passing. And it’s not in a way that tries to exert power or dominance over them. She does it in a way that is welcoming and warm. She always seems to be in a good mood and the men here are drawn to that like cats to warm milk in the winter time.

In a word she’s feminine and that’s what’s got every man and woman here up in a tizzy.

The girls hate her because she’s everything they’re not and the men can’t get enough of her because they’re tired of being stonewalled by fat, blue haired, tattooed, ear-gauged, harpees who don’t even look them in the eye or even engage in casual water cooler conversation.

It’s a damn shame when a relatively unattractive woman draws the ire of females and the praise of males for simply being feminine. There are a few women who work here that look far better than her to be sure but their mannish tendencies and masculine mannerisms make them unattractive.

Any time an HB5 is getting unlimited offers from just about every man here is a testament to the sad state of affairs that is the SMV of the American woman…even the good looking ones.


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