Record numbers of women marrying up north

Friday, July 31, 2015

The number of Hong Kong women marrying mainlanders reached a record 7,685 last year, according to census figures.

But the Census and Statistics Department noted that the magnitude of growth is still relatively small.

For the number for such marriages surged 10-fold between 1986, when there were just 675 such unions and 2006 to 6,483.

Meanwhile, the number of unions featuring Hong Kong men and mainland brides fluctuated throughout the period.

A total of 15,776 such unions were registered in 1986. The number rose dramatically to 28,145 in 2006. But it dropped again last year to just 18,645.

The number of married Hongkongers generally increased for both men and women between 1986 and 2014.

There were more married women than men since 2001, but the scales are reversed when foreign domestic helpers are excluded.

The same period also saw a growth in the numbers of men and women of marriageable age aged 15 or above who never married, with increases of 14.3 and 61.7 percent, respectively.

Such marriage patterns follow a continuous drop in ratio of males to females over the past three decades from 1,087 in 1981 to 858 in 2014.

Notably, there are generally more women than men in the 20-39 age group since 1996 as well as in the 40-44 age group since 2001.

The number of divorces soared from 2,062 in 1981 to 22,271 in 2013, and dropped slightly to 20,019 last year.

The median age of Hong Kong women’s first childbirth rose steadily since 1981.

In 2014, the median age was 31.3, as compared with 25.1 in 1981 and 29.4 in 2001.


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