Ireland: Muslim cleric who led anti-ISIS demo praises Hamas jihadis

Recently I wrote (here) about a Muslim rally in Ireland against the Islamic State, that drew a grand total of fifty people. It was led by Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri, who said this about “radical teachings”: “We as Muslims, we must condemn them. We must not remain silent. The Mosques, the Islamic centres, the organisations, we should not ignore these, because these people are like an infection, like a cancer. If you remain silent you will let them come in the Mosque and they will speak to the youth and spread the cancer of extremism to the Muslim youth.”

However, it turns out that Al-Qadri is not quite as vigilant against this “extremism” as many may have assumed. Here is some important information from Mark Humphrys:

Umar Al-Qadri of the Blanchardstown mosque attacks Israel at a protest in Dublin in Jan 2009.
This video was here but was deleted.

  • He has a fanatical hatred of Israel. He calls Hamas “my brothers and sisters”. He says “Hamas loves peace.” But of course reluctantly has to be fanatically violent.
  • He says (at 5 min) that he stands with Hamas in not recognising Israel. No two-state solution here.
  • He claims Israel rapes Muslim women in front of Muslim men: “If you kill our children, rape our women in front of us, in front of our eyes, how can we remain peaceful people?”
  • The crowd chants Islamic war cries during his fanatic speech. An uncovered infidel woman stands by on stage with these religious maniacs as they chant their war cries. This is possibly Freda Hughes.
  • Umar Al-Qadri’s mosque was inaugurated by Minister for Justice Brian Lenihan in January 2008. Did Brian Lenihan ask a single question about Islamic extremism at this mosque? Did it ever cross his mind?
  • Umar Al-Qadri organises demo against ISIS, July 2015. Great. But how does this square with his support for Hamas?

It is remarkable how many “moderates” prove to be anything but when it comes to Israel.

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