Immigration Minister Chris Alexander gets defensive at his excellent Islamic Centre adventure

A very odd press release referencing an incident that occurred on Eid at the Al Mahdi Islamic Centre in Pickering has come to my attention. The press release refers specifically to keeping their “pulpits and podiums.” sacred, in light of the unfortunate incident, you can read it in the document below.


To make a long story short Chris Alexander was invited to speak at the Shia Eid event.

Some of the Shia were happy to see the invitation extended as Chris Alexander has greased the entry of certain Khomeinists into Canada for some bizarre reason.

Alexander was no doubt happy to accept because this is an election year and what harm could a little vote whoring do among crazed Khomeinists?

Boy was he wrong.

Mullah Zaqi Baqri, an absolute lunatic moderate Muslim, spoke just before Alexander and evidently was unaware that the minister had been invited to speak.

Feeling at ease among friends Baqri’s sermon was a typical example of Islam in multicultural Canada, Prime Minister Harper was denounced as a Poodle and anti-Muslim bigot.

This was not in Alexander’s plans… In defending Harper our Chris attacked Iran’s ranking Mullah Khamenei, the fallout was swift with shouting matches and denunciations all round…

I will let you read the following eye-witness account circulating in local forums of Chris Alexander’s Excellent Shia Adventure below.

But first… I have to ask:

Do our politicians expect us to sit idly by while they entertain these madmen?

Madmen that their lunatic immigration and multiculturalism policies foisted on an unsuspecting public?

The author of the letter below is an activist linked closely to Al Quds Day and the Al Mahdi Centre itself a major supporter of the annual Jew-hate festival.

Do our politicians expect us to support this madness?

Who gave them permission to establish this “New Normal” in our country?

“Salamun alaykum,

Belated Eid Mubarak to you all and may Allah (SWT) accept all our good deeds in the month of Ramadan and make us the way He wants us for the rest of the months, inshaAllah…..Ameen.

Let me share my thoughts as a witness to the unfortunate event that unfolded at the CIG Eid prayer. There were three distinct events that took place but before narrating them in sequence let me share the Conservative strategy that many of you are well aware of. By the way this Conservative strategy is nothing new, it is age old but still it  works every single time it is used against us, so what is this strategy……….it is “divide and conquer”, the conservatives have mastered these strategy, they are cunning and shrewd in exploiting our differences, pitting one group against another and stroking division within the community, using handful of dissident Muslims among us, that will attack their other Muslim brothers, in the name of secularism, and praise the Conservative government. In a nutshell, this is what the Conservative Immigration Minister Chris Alexander was able to accomplished at the CIG Eid Prayer on Saturday 18th July at CIG.

So let’s recap the three distinct events that took place at the CIG Eid prayer, the first event was the powerful Eid sermon of Mawlana Baqari, in his speech he covered all aspects of a true Muslim, he spoke about our social aspect, spiritual aspect, current events, and politics. He united the masses against Harper’s sinister evil ideology of divisive and anti-Muslim bigotry. He called Harper as “poodle” and mobilized the congregation to vote Harper out of office in the coming election. Unfortunately the irony of the matter with respect to Mawlana Baqari’s sermon was that he had no inkling that the next speaker in line was Conservative Immigration Minister Chris Alexander and all along the minister was listening to Mawlana Baqari’s speech.

Post Mawlana Baqri’s sermon, Br. Mazhar introduced the Minister and allotted him 4 to 5 minutes to speak on Immigration issue but hearing the comparison of Harper to poodle and call to boot Harper out of office, Chris immediately switched his speech from Immigration issue to Conservative hard core evil strategy of “divide and conquer”.

So the second main event was the Immigration Minister Chris Alexander 20 minute speech where on one hand he eulogized Imam Ali (AS) while on the other hand he accused Islamic Republic of Iran as an oppressive, brutal, and dictatorial regime. By doing this he isolated and drew lines between the two groups “Mawlai” and “Fikree”. Earlier Mawlana Baqari in his speech targeted Prime Minister Steven Harper and so the logical equivalent thing for Chris to do was to target Islamic Republic of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani instead he deliberately chose to target Rahbar Ayatullah Khamenei (HA), since the Conservative minister knew that targeting Hassan Rouhani will not yield the desire result, it will not divide this community, division in this community is only possible by attacking their religious leader Rahbar Khamenei (HA)and so he targeted Rahbar and obviously he was booed by the public for that blunder.

Post Chris’s speech, Mawlana Baqari returned back to podium to do damage control, He tried his best to rebut Chris’s accusation but in my humble opinion the damage was done and this was clearly visible by the third incident.

The third unfortunate incident was the division within the united community, one dissident from our community went to the Conservative Minister and apologized on behalf of the community, then this individual started swearing against Rahbar Khamenei (HA), against Imam Khomeini(RA) and against Shaheed Arif Hussaini (RA). This twisted soul kept repeating his swearing against Maraja’s, this swearing was heard and attested by Br. Asad Jaffri and few other brothers. Seeing nobody is stopping this nonsense, Br. Munir responded and then there was raised voices, discord and division within the community. That said, the rumour making round is that Br. Munir started the commotion but the fact of the matter is, it was not Br. Munir but it was this dissident that started swearing against our respected Maraja’s and Br. Munir reacted to this blunder.

A diverse community united by Mawlana Baqari with his Eid sermon was divided in groups and segments hurling and accusing each other, easily falling for the Neocon strategy of divide and conquer initiated by the pro Zionist Conservative Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.

There are few questions that comes to mind, first and foremost is, why was this pro Zionist minister invited to the religious gathering, few years ago there was the US counsel general that requested permission to speak at one of the Eid prayer at CIG and Mawlana Baqari categorically denied his request stating this is strictly religious ceremony and so why did the executives failed to follow the modus operandi set by Mawlana Baqari, they could have denied Conservative minister podium by citing the same reason.

Br. Mazhar while introducing this minister said, the minister has helped us to arranged visas for visiting Aalim’s and we are working with him on extending immigration to the refugee’s. So for few visa’s and few refugee’s, are we going to hand over our sacred pulpit to the pro Zionist Conservatives and allow him to divide our community, is it fair to hand over our sacred pulpit to the pro Zionist Conservatives to ignite fire, create discord and division within our community.

Second more important question is, why was Mawlana Baqari kept in the dark about this invitation. You see when we organized small majalis in our home and we invite Mawlana Baqari or any other Mawlana for that matter to recite majalis and if we have extended invitation to our Sunni friends to attend the majalis, as a courtesy we always let the Mawlana know prior to reciting majalis, that there will be Sunni Muslims in the audience, that way Mawlana is well informed to communicate the message without offending them, here we have Conservative Immigration Minister invited to speak at the Eid event and Mawlana has no inkling whatsoever, he is kept in the dark, he has no knowledge whatsoever about this speaker, this lack of communication has cost us our unity, it has cost all the believer’s pain, anguish and agony to hear pro Zionist Conservatives using our sacred pulpit to accused Islamic Republic of Iran as oppressive, brutal, and freedom suppressor.

The least we could do now is, the executives responsible for this blunder should apologize to the community and a well-documented process to deny request to all the pro Zionist including those that wants to create discord and disunity among our community should be put in place immediately to avoid such disaster in the very near future.”

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