Top Chinese legislator meets with Hong Kong politicians

BEIJING, July 24 (Xinhua) — Top Chinese legislator Zhang Dejiang met with a delegation led by Starry Lee Wai-king, chairwoman of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB), in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Friday.

Zhang said the nation has strong momentum and sound development and is striving for the realization of the Chinese dream in line with President Xi Jinping‘s strategic layout for national renewal, known as the “four comprehensives”.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region should seize opportunities and work together with the central government to achieve new development, he said.

It is hoped that the DAB always sticks to its patriotic stance and actively supports and cooperates with the Hong Kong Chief Executive and government in developing the economy and improving people’s living standards, Zhang said.

The DAB should continue to improve itself and further contribute to national sovereignty and Hong Kong’s long-term stability and prosperity.

Sharia run school has been rated good by U.K government

A secretive Muslim boarding school has been rated good by the government watchdog despite significant apparent failings.

The government’s ‘British Values’ requirement for schools seems again to have failed its intended purpose, as a Muslim faith boarding school which threatened its pupils with expulsion if they mix with outsiders was rated ‘good’ by the school inspectorate. The Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, goes so far to avoid the public eye it doesn’t have a website and refuses to speak to the press.

Despite that, Sky News has seen documents from the school for parents setting out the rules of the school, which lay out a remarkably strict routine that few would recognise as having the ‘British Values’ that most schools are now required to teach. Pupils are threatened with expulsion if they mix with outsiders, are taught to shun the media, and are banned from reading newspapers.

Because the school is run on strict adherence to Sharia law, the pupils are also banned from things that are considered ‘un-Islamic’ by the extremist interpretation of that law, including televisions, radios, and cameras. Pupils are forced to wear Islamic garments and are banned from having mobile phones or devices that can play music.

The government has been expressing concern for over a decade tht the school didn’t offer sex education or trips to its pupils – but still was content to award the secretive Islamic institution a ‘good’ rating.

The contrast to a number of Christian schools who have had their reputations trashed or worse, have been arbitrarily closed by the government in the past year for failing to teach these arbitrary values is remarkable. The Durham Free School was forced to close by the Department for Education in Feburary this year as despite strong academic results and a traditional learning environment after inspectors found the primary-school aged pupils were insufficiently knowledgeable about lesbianism, sex, and Islam.

After a government report on the school which said “Leaders are failing to prepare students for life in modern Britain”, the headmaster retorted “It feels like the school has been made a scapegoat. Durham is primarily white British so knowledge of other cultures is not as prevalent. But I don’t think the children are bigoted”.

Hamas ‘summer camp’ trains 25,000 Gazans as fighters,7340,L-4683772,00.html

The military wing of Hamas opened its new Gaza summer camp on Saturday, building on its successful winter military camp, which aims at providing basic combat training for 25,000 Palestinians in the embattled strip.

Hamas, the de facto power in Gaza, is reportedly engaged in indirect contacts with Israel to try to reach a long-term truce, but a year after last summer’s devastating 50-day war the militant movement has kept up the fighting talk.

“The goal of these military training camps is to train the vanguard for liberation: spiritually, intellectually and physically, to be ready and able to play its role in liberation,” said a statement by the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing.

The group said that participants, aged 15-60, would spend two weeks being “trained in military techniques and in firing live ammunition” as well as “first aid and rescue techniques.”

As with all the brigades’ activities the camps will be conducted out of public and media sight.

Hamas has long run summer camps devoted to sport and study of the Koran in Gaza, but over the winter the al-Qassam brigades launched a new kind of camp, giving military training to youth.

Under the guise of a program named “Pioneers of the Resistance,” Palestinian youths – aged 15 to 21 – have undergone intensive military training, including exercises simulating operations of Hamas naval commandos.

The participants of the militant camp were also trained in firing sniper rifles, using the portraits of Israeli leaders for targets. The Palestinian youth simulated attacks on Israeli destinations through model terror tunnels, meant to recreate the experience of infiltrating Israeli territory.

Recently Hamas claimed that demand for a place in the camp had exceeded the planned quota and they were forced to make changes to accept all the applicants. The group’s leader Ismail Haniyeh attended a graduation ceremony for the thousands of future Hamas militants earlier this year.

Human rights activists condemned the camps as a forced militarization of Gazan society and a violation of children’s rights.

Brushing off the criticism, the brigades are repeating the exercise with the summer camp, while raising the upper age limit to 60.

This Is What a Feminist Looks Like

My apologies. I meant, this is what two feminists look like:

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner — and her WNBA star fiancee Glory Johnson — were both arrested for allegedly attacking each other in Phoenix yesterday … TMZ Sports has learned.
Law enforcement sources tell us cops were called to Griner’s home around 4:30 PM on Wednesday . . .
Both women were arrested and booked by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for assault and disorderly conduct. Griner and Johnson were released around 4 AM on Thursday.
Griner plays for the Phoenix Mercury.
The two got engaged last August and had been planning to get married next month in Phoenix. No word if the wedding is still on. . . .
According to the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, Brittney told cops the two had been fighting for days and were having serious “relationship issues.”
As for the specific incident, cops say there were several people at the home when Brit and Glory began to argue — and the fight turned physical.
Cops say Brittney admitted to throwing a dog bowl at the wall — and then the two began fighting.
Glory’s sister eventually called police because people “couldn’t get them pulled apart” and she didn’t want anyone to get hurt.
When cops arrived, officers say Brittney had several cuts — and a bite wound. Glory was bleeding from the lip.

Celebrity lesbian damage control:

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner says her engagement to Glory Johnson is STILL ON … despite their domestic violence arrests this morning … TMZ Sports has learned.
Griner’s attorney Michael Cantor tells us … “The last few months have been an extremely stressful time for Brittney and Glory. They will continue to work through these hardships together.”
As we previously reported, both Griner and Johnson — who’s also in the WNBA — were arrested for assault in Arizona this week after cops say they attacked each other during a heated argument.
The couple has been engaged since last year and are scheduled to get married on May 8th.
Griner’s attorney did not say if the two will be pushing back the wedding date in light of the arrests — but says the two are determined to “handle this family matter.”
Cantor adds, “Glory and Brittney sincerely apologize for the distraction this has caused their families, respective teams, the WNBA, sponsors and fans.”

You will notice that the word “lesbian” does not appear anywhere in TMZ’s reporting about this (alleged) crime, for the same reason that news coverage does not include the word “lesbian” when female teachers molest their female students. That is to say, “lesbian” and “gay” are words that are only ever used by the media in a positive context, or in stories about gays and lesbians being victims of homophobia.

According to the liberal media, all homosexuals are virtuous and innocent and thus, when they commit crimes, the magic words “gay” or “lesbian” are never to be used. This rule was stretched to the limit last year, when Walter Lee Williams, a Ph.D. in anthropology who was “an eminent professor of gender and sexuality studies” at the University of Southern California, pleaded guilty in federal court to traveling the world to pursue sex with boys as young as 9. You see, Professor Williams was co-editor of a 1997 book, Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia, and also co-edited the 2003 book Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United States: A Documentary History.

Common sense says: “Hey, there’s a dot here and a dot there and over here’s another dot, so maybe they’re . . . connected?”

In 2015, however, common sense is a hate crime, so feminists — who demand stringent enforcement of the Violence Against Women Act(VAWA) as a way to punish men — are notably silent about violence against women when this involves two celebrity lesbians. We are not supposed to notice this, just like we are not supposed to notice how prevalent lesbianism is in the world of female athletics. (Really, are there any heterosexual women playing NCAA Division I sports?) Meanwhile, the reality of lesbian domestic violence has some lesbians straining to claim that this isn’t like, y’know, the bad kind of domestic violence that men do. No, what happened with Griner and Johnson “is fairly common and much less likely to include sexual or emotional violence and is not about controlling a partner.”

Also, while male violence against women requires its own federal law with special punitive authority, “Communities, Not Police, Are Our Best Bet for Ending LGBTQ Domestic Violence.” In other words, don’t call the cops when a lesbian is beating up her girlfriend, because that might make the “community” look bad. Remember this 2012 headline?

A Victim of Racism, Sexism, Homophobia
and Her Violent Lesbian Ex-Girlfriend

WNBA star Jennifer Lacy was the victim of a frightening attack by her former teammate and ex-girlfriend Chamique Holdsclaw.

Well, how dare you notice that they are both black, female and gay? In terms of feminist “intersectionality,” these women are both oppressed victims, and therefore neither of them can be responsible. Blame the white racist heteropatriarchy!

Nobody has suggested banning crazy lesbians from the WNBA because that would pretty much be the end of the WNBA. Finally, a few inspirational words from Toni Morrison:

“I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager
in the back. And I want to see a white man
convicted for raping a black woman.”

That’s some Nobel Prize-winning feminist inspiration, my friends!

Lesbian Divorce Gets Nasty

One positive thing about legalizing gay marriage is that it gives the rest of us the opportunity laugh about gay celebrity divorces:

Brittney Griner shockingly filed to annul her marriage with Glory Johnson just 28 days after the same-sex couple wed and one day after Johnson announced she was pregnant by using donated sperm. At the time, Griner cited “fraudulent statements” made by Johnson and pressure into marriage “under duress” in the original June 5 paperwork. . . .
The amended documents reveal that Johnson was texting an ex-boyfriend while the two were engaged. The amended documents also detail Griner “recently discovering” Johnson’s “sexual relationship with a man” while the couple was dating.
Griner’s claims of Johnson’s unfaithfulness from the court documents are detailed in full below. . . .

Petitioner [Griner] just recently learned that Respondent {Johnson} was not completely faithful during their courtship leading up to the engagement. Respondent intentionally concealed her sexual relations with a man to whom she was simultaneously in a relationship with from 2013 to July 2014; said relationship between Respondent and this man was unbeknownst to Petitioner. Petitioner had no idea that Respondent was sexually and emotionally involved with another individual at the same time she was sexually and emotionally involved with Respondent. Had Petitioner been aware of Respondent’s relationship with another person, she would have never proposed, let alone marry Respondent. Upon information and belief, Respondent not only deceived Petitioner, but also the man to who Respondent was in a relationship with.

Griner contends she was pressured into marriage as well as agreeing to start a family with Johnson, who announced she’s having twins from in-vitro fertilization using donated sperm; Griner has no biological relationship to the unborn children. A motion filed on June 29 details Johnson’s request that Griner pay $20,000 per month in spousal support in addition to a $10,000 advancement toward attorney fees.

These two women are saying about each other the same thing every divorced guy says about his ex-wife: “That evil bitch is crazy!”

(via Memeorandum.)

Remember: This Is What a Feminist Looks Like.

UPDATE: Consider this story:

On Friday the 13th of January 1989, Catherine [Rouse], former manager of Lysistrata — the celebrated feminist restaurant that existed for five years (1977-1982) in Madison, Wisconsin — took a gun purchased a few days before, drove to the house of her ex-lover Joan [Kebick], who had recently ended their relationship, and shot her three times, dead. . . . She did not find Joan’s new lover. She then drove home, answered the phone. It was her sister, a university dean of students who, worried, had set up emergency counseling for her. Catherine said, “Thank you very much,” did not mention having shot Joan, hung up the phone, and shot herself, dead.

That account is from Professor Claudia Card’s 1995 book, Lesbian Choices. Professor Card also tells the story of Annette Green who, on Oct. 30, 1988, “shot and killed Ivonne Julio, her lover of eleven years, at their home in Palm Beach County, Florida.” Green pleaded self-defense, claiming her partner had battered her, but was convicted of second-degree murder. Professor Card, herself a lesbian feminist, cites two books, Naming the Violence: Speaking Out About Lesbian Battering by Kerry Lobel (1986) and Violent Betrayal: Partner Abuse in Lesbian Relationships by Claire M. Renzetti (1992). Curious readers might also be interested in Woman-to-Woman Sexual Violence: Does She Call It Rape?by Lori B. Girshick (2002). In that book, Professor Girschick “discusses how the lesbian community has silenced survivors of sexual violence due to myths of lesbian utopia.”

This myth of lesbians enjoying conflict-free relationships has become a sort of propaganda deployed by feminists who wish to blame males for everything everything wrong in heterosexual relationships.

Anyone who knows anything about human nature knows better than to believe these things, but just as the gay-rights movement has sought to suppress negative information about the LGBT community, feminists have sought to suppress positive information about heterosexual males. This has produced a distorted perception of the world which, all things considered amounts to a propaganda of hatred, which Professor Daphne Patai called Heterophobia. However, when anyone — particularly a heterosexual male — tries to balance this one-side propaganda, he is invariably accused of sexism and homophobia: “How dare you suggest some women are not entirely sane?” or, “How dare you suggest some homosexuals are not entirely honest?”

You will be accused of promoting ignorant stereotypes, you see. The only stereotypes acceptable to liberals are ones that disparage men, particularly white heterosexual men. Liberals hate white heterosexual men the way Nazis hated Jews.

If it weren’t for hateful lies, how could Democrats ever win elections?

Atheist mum bans children from school trip to church and synagogue – and says she may stop them learning RE

An atheist mum has stopped her children from going on school trips to churches, mosques and synagogues because she does not want religion forced on them.

Claire Baker, 32, says she believes an atheist upbringing is as much a choice as being brought up with a religion – which she does not want forced on her son and daughter.

Instead she would prefer her children Benn, 12, and Katie, eight, to learn first aid, because it would be more useful.

Claire says she feels the same way about all religions – and finds it offensive that people preach in public places or go door-to-door trying to convert people.

The mum is also considering removing her children from RE lessons at Elmwood Primary School in Middleton and Middleton Technology College.

She has refused to be a Godmother to a relative’s child and says she believes people with no faith should not have to eat Halal or Kosher prepared food.

The mum spoke out after receiving a letter from the primary school about trips to places of worship.

She posted her comments about the school trip on Facebook it provoked a huge debate – with some agreeing it is a parent’s right to choose and others saying it is important to understand others’ beliefs.

Claire, who lives with Benn, Katie, and partner Craig Livesey, 47, in Middleton and is a support worker for adults with learning difficulties, said: “From a young age I’ve always been an atheist.

“I chose non-religious schools for my children on purpose so they can make their own minds up when they’re older if they want to practice a religion.

“I don’t think RE should be on the curriculum – it should be replaced with First Aid, which is more useful in life.

“I was shocked to receive a letter for a school trip to a mosque, church and synagogue.

“I absented my child and have been debating for the best part of a year whether to take my children out of RE lessons.

“I respect that people choose to christen their children but I would also like them to respect that I have no interest in religion.

“Also why should I have to take my children to get baptised to get them into good schools? “It’s all about choice – I don’t go banging on peoples’ doors or preaching in town centres about it.

“People have accused me of being racist, but this is about all religions, not race.”

he M.E.N. was unable to contact Elmwood Primary School for a comment.

Current UK law states that all pupils should follow a curriculum which promotes spritual, moral and cultural development’ – of which RE is essential.

Government guidance also states the subject ‘promotes community cohesion’ and ‘become responsible citizens.”

But parents are able to withdraw children from RE lessons.

The rules state:

“The use of the right to withdraw should be at the instigation of parents (or pupils themselves if they are aged 18 or over), and it should be made clear whether it is from the whole of the subject or specific parts of it. No reasons need be given.

“Parents have the right to choose whether or not to withdraw their child from RE without influence from the school, although a school should ensure parents or carers are informed of this right and are aware of the educational objectives and content of the RE syllabus. In this way, parents can make an informed decision.

“Where parents have requested that their child is withdrawn, their right must be respected, and where RE is integrated in the curriculum, the school will need to discuss the arrangements with the parents or carers to explore how the child’s withdrawal can be best accommodated.

“If pupils are withdrawn from RE, schools have a duty to supervise them, though not to provide additional teaching or to incur extra cost. Pupils will usually remain on school premises.”