Lower house OKs security bills despite opposition boycott



Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday pushed through legislation in the lower house of the Diet that could see troops sent to fight abroad for the first time since World War Two, despite thousands of protesters overnight chanting and holding up placards reading “No War, No Killing.”

A lower house panel approval on Wednesday of the unpopular bills, which would drop a ban on collective self-defense or fighting to defend a friendly country like the United States, sparked a huge demonstration and more are planned.

The protest was reminiscent of those that toppled Abe’s grandfather from the premiership 55 years ago after he rammed a revised U.S.-Japan security pact through parliament.

Crowds of protesters – organisers said 100,000 – gathered near the Diet. Many stayed well into the night, chanting and holding up placards reading “Abe, quit”, “No War, No Killing” and “Scrap the War Bills”. Protesters were assembling again on Thursday, although rainy weather could dampen the numbers.

The bills will now go to the upper house, and if no vote is taken after 60 days they will be returned to the lower house, where Abe’s coalition can enact them with a two-thirds majority.

Abe says a bolder security stance, welcomed by ally Washington, is essential to meet new challenges, such as those from a rising China.

“The security situation around Japan is getting tougher,” Abe told reporters after the vote, which was boycotted by the main opposition parties. “These bills are vital to protect the Japanese people’s lives and prevent war.”

The changes expand the scope for Japan’s military to also provide logistics support to friendly countries, relax limits on peace-keeping operations and make it easier to respond to “grey zone” incidents falling short of war.

Opponents say the revisions could entangle Japan in U.S.-led conflicts around the globe and violate pacifist Article Nine of the U.S-drafted, post-war constitution.

“Opposition to the bill is growing louder,” said opposition Democratic Party leader Katsuya Okada just before the vote. “Prime Minister Abe, you should admit you have not obtained the people’s understanding and immediately withdraw the bills.”
China’s Foreign Ministry said the move called into question Japan’s postwar commitment to “the path of peaceful development”, and urged Japan to learn the lessons of history.

Sino-Japanese ties have long been frayed by China’s memories of Japan’s wartime aggression, although relations have thawed since a November leaders’ meeting.

Abe, who returned to office in 2012 pledging to bolster Japan’s defenses and reboot the economy, has seen his support slip to around 40% on voter doubts about the legislation and other policies, such as a plan to restart nuclear reactors.

A clash with the governor of Okinawa over a U.S. Marines air base will likely flare up in August, when Abe will also unveil a controversial statement marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two.

Some analysts have begun to draw parallels to Abe’s grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, a wartime cabinet minister who was prime minister from 1957 to 1960 and resigned on July 15, 1960 because of a public furor over the U.S.-Japan security pact.

Other analysts say that although Abe’s ratings will take a hit, he is likely to survive and win re-election in September for another three-year term as leader of his Liberal Democratic Party, given weak opposition inside and outside of the party.

“There is a lot of hubris and arrogance and it will come back to haunt him. He is no longer the Teflon prime minister,” said Jeffrey Kingston, director of Asian studies at Temple University’s Japan campus.

Here Are All The People Who Should Sue Gawker Media


What is it with Gawker? Are they just incompetent, or are they actually trying to get sued into bankruptcy?

The odious blog network has just added yet another powerful name to the growing list of people who ought to sue them, running a story outing Condé Nast CFO David Geithner as gay, including what purports to be a set of text messages between Geithner and a gay porn star who works as a male escort.

Geithner has a wife and kids, and Gawker has offered no public interest justification for outing him. He’s not a public figure or law enforcement official and has never spoken against LGBT rights. So there’s no argument he’s a hypocrite worth exposing. He’s just an accountant – for one of Gawker’s commercial rivals.


Worse, it seems the story may not even be true. According to at least one source, the male escort used by Gawker is a conspiracy theorist who delights in leading journalist and politicians astray with bogus stories.

Geithner, for his part, denies that any text messages between the “escort” and himself took place: “I don’t know who this individual is. This is a shakedown,” he told Gawker. They went ahead with the story anyway.

And Gawker knew it was a shakedown from the very beginning. The “escort” specifically told the blogging network that Geithner promised to take one of the escort’s conspiracy theories to President Obama if he got Gawker to kill the story.

Let that sink in for a second: the conspiracy theorist’s plan was to use Gawker as leverage over Geithner. And Gawker acted as a willing participant in gay extortion. A man’s reputation was held hostage at blogpoint and an editor went ahead and pulled the trigger, perhaps even knowing the story was shaky.

Evidently, Gawker is the kind of place where they hold up pictures of Sabrina Erdely and say: “Now this is how you do it!”

Many of my Twitter followers use “archive links” to deny advertising revenue to sites they dislike. It’s a way of producing a photocopy, if you like, of web content that does not generate new clicks, and therefore ad revenue, when readers visit.

I have in the past resisted using services like that out of journalistic solidarity. But after Gawker’s appalling story about David Geithner, there is no more solidarity to be had with them. No reputable journalist can recognise that company as a responsible reporting outlet.

From now on, it’s archive.today all the way.

It’s as though Gawker CEO Nick Denton has a death wish. I mean, I know liberals are obsessed with ending life, whether by abortion or euthanasia, but I didn’t realise that extended to their media properties.

Gawker’s latest blunder even threatens to turn GamerGate, the hashtag movement whocost the media company seven figures in revenue after an advertiser boycott last year, into unlikely heroes. A list of Gawker’s advertisers created by GamerGate last year is currently going viral on Twitter, even appearing in USA Today.

Journalists from other publications quickly began piling on.

Recognising the magnitude of the disaster, other Gawker writers have started to run for cover.

But it’s too late. This couldn’t have come at a worse time for Gawker. The company is currently facing a $100m lawsuit over their release of Hulk Hogan’s sex tape. Again, no public interest justification has been offered besides mentioning Hogan’s celebrity and his penchant for machismo bragging.

For Gawker to remind the world of its reputation for poorly researched, personally-invasive reporting at this moment is utter madness. But, you know what, I’m happy to play Dr. Kevorkian to Gawker’s suicidal tendencies.

Geithner and Hulk Hogan are well within their rights to sue. But they’re not the only ones.


What the Planned Parenthood hoax really proves: Right-wing extremists have no qualms about destroying peoples’ lives


They say a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on. That’s certainly the case with a new and highly deceptive anti-choice propaganda video that claims to show a Planned Parenthood official caught on a hidden camera while allegedly discussing how the women’s health clinics are involved with the harvesting and selling of aborted fetus organs via a sordid underground black market.

In the video, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, is seen eating salad and drinking a glass of red wine as she discusses what the selectively edited video would lead us to believe is the process of acquiring intact organs from aborted fetuses and then selling them to buyers. Nucatola describes the most desirable organs, as well as the admittedly disturbing manner by which the fetuses are aborted in a way that doesn’t damage the organs that are to be harvested. She also appears to discuss the prices that buyers pay for a particular fetal organ.

As we’ve seen with similar “gotcha!” videos, this one completely misrepresents what Nucatola was discussing, and numerous sites have almost too-easily debunked just about every claim. (Full debunkery here, here, here and here.) It turns out, Nucatola wasn’t discussing the illegal black market sale of fetal organs, but instead the perfectly legal donation of the organs to biomedical research laboratories that use the organs to help save lives. The price range of the organs described by Nucatola is, in reality, the reimbursed expenses accrued in the delivery of the specimens. (Which makes sense: $30 to $100 is hilariously below the going rate for human organs.) Furthermore, the video was produced by an anti-choice pop-up outfit called the Center for Medical Progress, which not only claimed that this one video required three years of research, but which also has ties to known video fraudster James O’Keefe.

Yet as rapidly as the video was resoundingly debunked as a fraud, it wasn’t fast enough to catch up with the zealous haste of the lies.

As soon as the video hit The Daily Caller and The Drudge Report, it was pretty much game over for the already beleaguered Planned Parenthood. Social media immediately erupted with garment rending and all varieties of unhinged screeching over what too many gullible viewers perceived as the ultimate smoking gun indictment of the organization. Anyone pointing out the obviously deceptive editing and the false claims made by the video were attacked as ghouls, Nazis and baby-killers.

The intensity of the outrage closely matched the degree of the flimflam. Anti-choice activists wanted desperately to believe the video was an accurate representation of what Planned Parenthood is up to behind the scenes, so they overlooked the obvious scare-edits and manipulative soundtrack. Clinically speaking, the video is cleverly produced, even though it’s really easy to make abortion sound creepy. That said, it flagrantly exploits the worst and most ignorant aspects of social media: the utter lack of critical viewing, the impulse to rapidly retweet clickbait without reading, and especially the internet’s torch-and-pitchfork mob justice.

On the Tuesday edition of my podcast, I predicted that in addition to the radical far-right mob, the video would also be accepted at face value by A-list Republicans and especially the congressional GOP. And why not? It’s happened before. Congress buried ACORN based on a provably fake video. Planned Parenthood has been relentlessly de-funded due to previously fraudulent videos. Indeed, members of the most powerful governing body in the world spoke on-the-record from the floor of both the House and Senate and permanently attached their names to more than one egregiously fake smear video. Legislation was passed and livelihoods were ruined because congressional Republicans were repeatedly duped by James O’Keefe and his acolytes.

Sadly, my prediction came true on Wednesday when Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee announced they’d hold hearings on the video.

“This video is abhorrent and rips at the heart. The committee will get to the bottom of this appalling situation,” the press release quotes Republican lawmakers Fred Upton, Marsha Blackburn, Tim Murphy, and Joe Pitts as saying.

Again, taxpayer money will be wasted on an investigation into Planned Parenthood based on a video that was debunked within 24 hours of dropping. Even anti-choice Americans ought to be outraged by this total waste of resources. But they won’t be because now the “respected” members of an elite governing body of 535 powerful Americans have announced that this mendacious video is, in fact, “abhorrent” and “appalling.” So, now, the video is endowed with the legitimacy of a congressional committee.

Meanwhile, several GOP presidential hopefuls have condemned Planned Parenthood for the (misleading) content of the video.

“The video showing a Planned Parenthood employee selling the body parts of aborted children is a disturbing reminder of the organization’s penchant for profiting off the tragedy of a destroyed human life,” said former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

“Today’s video of a Planned Parenthood official discussing the systematic harvesting and trafficking of human body parts is shocking and gruesome,” said Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. […]

“This latest news is tragic and outrageous,” said businesswoman Carly Fiorina. “This isn’t about ‘choice.’ It’s about profiting on the death of the unborn while telling women it’s about empowerment.”

We seriously have to question whether any of these Republicans have given their bank account information to Nigerian princes with dubious Hotmail email accounts. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, Republicans, but guess what? Professional wrestling is fake and the Easter bunny isn’t real. Sorry.

Arguably the worst aspect of this scam video, beyond the harm it will do to reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood, is the reality that Dr. Nucatela’s life is all but ruined for the foreseeable future. At this moment, anti-choice extremists are likely fanning out around the internet, collecting damaging information about her; finding out her home address and contact information; discovering whether she has children and where they go to school; planning rallies outside her house; or worse. Based on wrongful charges, she now represents Enemy Number One for googly-eyed radicals, fueled by visions of aborted fetuses and the false impression of Planned Parenthood as the Walmart of black market fetus organs.

Group Behind Planned Parenthood Attack Founded by Radicals and Woman Once Sought for Child Endangerment


The release of a video produced by anti-choice activists who claim to prove that Planned Parenthood illegally sells fetal organs has ledGOP lawmakers to call for congressional hearings andgovernors to call for investigations.

However, questions have been raised about the claims of alleged illegal activities and about the agenda and connections of the organization that produced the heavily-edited video.

The video is alleged to show Planned Parenthood Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola discussing the sale of fetal tissue with two unidentified actors posing as buyers from a biological company. The video was filmed without Nucatola’s knowledge at a Los Angeles restaurant on July 25, 2014.

Contrary to the claims of anti-choice groups, Nucatola never says anything in the video about Planned Parenthood selling fetal organs or tissue.

Planned Parenthood spokesman Eric Ferrero said in a statement that patients sometimes want to donate tissue to scientific research that can help lead to medical breakthroughs, such as treatments and cures for serious diseases.

The videos were produced by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), a self-described group of “citizen journalists” who monitor and report on “medical ethics and advances.” David Daleiden, the organization’s project leader, told the Washington Post that the actors wore “police-quality undercover cameras,” but refused to elaborate further on how the video was produced.

“I don’t answer questions about our undercover costumes,” Daleiden said.

Daleiden is also an associate of the right-wing activists James O’Keefe and Charles C. Johnson.

O’Keefe produced similar undercover videos of public figures with his organization Project Veritas, most notably undercover videos that purported to show wrongdoing by employees of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) in 2009. O’Keefe pled guilty in 2010 to charges stemming from an attempt to make undercover recordings at the office of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D), and was sentenced to three years’ probation.

Johnson, who shared the same academic advisor as Daleiden at Claremont McKenna College, wrote in a post on his website Got News that Daleiden worked “largely alone” on the Center for Medical Progress project.

Beyond Daleiden’s connections to these prominent conservative young activists, CMP includes connections to some of the anti-choice movement’s more radical members.

The “initial registration form” the organization filed with the Office of the California Attorney General in 2013 lists three people as the organization’s officers: Troy Newman, Albin Rhomberg, and Daleiden.

Newman, who is named as the organization’s secretary, is one of the most prominent and radical activists in the anti-choice movement, and serves as the president of Operation Rescue. After the 2003 execution of Paul Jennings Hill, who was convicted for the 1994 murder of abortion provider John Britton in Pensacola, Florida, Newman issued a press release defending Hill because the “court prevented him from presenting the legal defense that his conduct was justifiable defensive action.”

Newman and Operation Rescue targeted Wichita abortion provider Dr. George Tiller andclinic workers with protests for several years prior to Tiller’s murder by anti-choice terrorist Scott Roeder in 2009.

Another individual, Nichole Surkala, is listed on the initial paperwork as “initial agent,” who under state law would accept legal documents on the organization’s behalf if a lawsuit was filed naming CMP.

Sukala was arrested and jailed in 2007 on suspicion of child endangerment, according to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle. Law enforcement discovered multiple animals living inside her home; authorities described the conditions as “horrendous.”

Life Legal Defense Foundation revealed its support of CMP this week, prompting Daleiden to praise the organization, reported the Christian News Wire. LLDF provides legal counsel to various anti-choice activists and organizations. It has been involved with litigation with clients including pro-life Mississippi anti-choice activists who were arrested due to protest activities outside the Jackson Women’s Health Center. LLDF also joined Alliance Defending Freedom in filing an amicus brief in the Fifth Circuit in support of HB 2 in Texas. “The Center for Medical Progress thanks Life Legal Defense Foundation for their initiative and foresight in consulting on and helping to develop this project,” said Daleiden.

The Foundation issued a statement that said it had been with the project from its inception, and “Life Legal is committed to following through.”

CMP, a nonprofit registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3, is at the center of media firestorm over the videos. However, there is still precious little information publicly available about the organization or the individuals and funding behind it.

There is no office space that houses the organization, as both the address listed in the founding paperwork and the address listed on the organization’s website contact information are private mail boxes rented at PostalAnnex stores. The CMP website was registered through the Bluehost privacy service in April 2013, and the phone number listed goes directly to voicemail.

Daleiden has been the only public face of the organization, but he has given few interviews since the release of the video. RH Reality Check requested an interview with Daleiden through CRC Public Relations, a public relations firm with clients that include conservative organizations such as Americans for Prosperity and the Federalist Society.

Daleiden declined to comment for this story.

Daleiden is the former Director of Research for the anti-choice organization Live Action andwrote dozens of articles for its news site during his time there. Daleiden was employed by Live Action for five years, according to Breitbart, before leaving to found CMP.

Live Action has produced several similar undercover and selectively edited videos attacking Planned Parenthood for alleged wrongdoing. None of Live Action’s claims have ever been successfully proven. In his blog post, Johnson claimed that “the lack of power” in Lila Rose’s recent videos at Live Action “owes mostly to the fact that David [Daleiden] left her organization.”

The release of the video has led to calls for congressional hearings and investigations of Planned Parenthood—a longtime target of anti-choice legislators on the state and federal level.

“When an organization monetizes an unborn child—and with the cavalier attitude portrayed in this horrific video—we must all act,” Republican House Speaker John Boehner (R) said in statement, reported Politico. “As a start, I have asked our relevant committees to look into this matter. I am also calling on President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to denounce, and stop, these gruesome practices.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R) announced Wednesday that his committee would investigate the allegations made against Planned Parenthood.

“Every human life is sacred and should be protected from the atrocities allegedly undertaken by Planned Parenthood. The House Judiciary Committee is investigating these horrific acts including ascertaining how Congress might act,” Goodlatte said in a statement.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler, the senior Democrat on the Judiciary panel, said the upcoming investigations are “another witch hunt” by Republicans, reported the Associated Press.

The fury from at least some Republican lawmakers might not have been as spontaneous as it appeared.

Republican Congressman Tim Murphy, a member of the House Pro-Life Caucus, said at a press conference Wednesday that he’d seen the video weeks before, reported CQ Roll Call. Republican Congressman Trent Franks also said that he had seen the video about a month ago.

When Murphy was asked why he and others waited until the video’s release to take action, the congressman reportedly struggled to answer the question before abruptly ending the interview with CQ Roll Call. Murphy then reportedly said that he should not be quoted. “This interview didn’t happen,” Murphy said.

Several anti-choice organizations also expressed outrage over the videos and called for investigations.

Americans United for Life President Charmaine Yoest said in a statement that there should be an immediate congressional investigation. “We call for an immediate Congressional investigation into these alleged atrocities,” Yoest said. “And just as important, the time is now to de-fund Planned Parenthood. The American taxpayer should not be in business with such callous profiteers.”

Governors of five states have also called for investigations into Planned Parenthood.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) ordered an investigation of Planned Parenthood and moved to block the organization from building a reproductive health-care facility, and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced his office is investigating whether the state’s three Planned Parenthood centers broke the law by “profiting from the sale of aborted babies.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that his office has launched “an official investigation into Planned Parenthood,” and Gov. Mike Pence (R) of Indiana and Gov. Nathan Deal (R) of Georgia have also called for investigations.

Co-Founder Behind Planned Parenthood Video Has Close Ties to Abortion Clinic Violence


The Shady Anti-Choice Actors Behind The Deceptive Video Accusing Planned Parenthood Of “Selling Aborted Baby Parts”


Center for Medical Progress, the anti-choice group behind the deceptively edited video attacking Planned Parenthood, is run by an activist with ties to discredited conservative groups and a board member who believes killing abortion doctors is “legally justified.”

Conservative Group Claims Planned Parenthood “Sells The Body Parts Of Aborted Fetuses”

Center For Medical Progress: Video Proves Planned Parenthood Is “Selling Aborted Baby Parts.” The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released a video July 14 that it claimed shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola discussing how the organization “sells the body parts of aborted fetuses.” The nearly nine-minute video and an accompanying press release claimed that Planned Parenthood is in violation of 42 U.S.C. 289g-2, a federal law regulating the use and sale of fetal tissue. According to CMP’s press release:

New undercover footage shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, describing how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted fetuses, and admitting she uses partial-birth abortions to supply intact body parts.

In the video, Nucatola is at a business lunch with actors posing as buyers from a human biologics company. As head of PPFA’s Medical Services department, Nucatola has overseen medical practice at all Planned Parenthood locations since 2009. She also trains new Planned Parenthood abortion doctors and performs abortions herself at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles up to 24 weeks.


The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2). [The Center For Medical Progress, 7/14/15]

The Center For Medical Progress Bills Itself As A Non-Profit That Conducted A 30-Month Investigation Into Planned Parenthood, But It Has Almost No Internet Footprint

Center For Medical Progress Describes Itself As A Non-Profit “Group Of Citizen Journalists.” According to the organization’s website description of itself:

The Center for Medical Progress is a group of citizen journalists dedicated to monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances. We are concerned about contemporary bioethical issues that impact human dignity, and we oppose any interventions, procedures, and experiments that exploit the unequal legal status of any class of human beings. We envision a world in which medical practice and biotechnology ally with and serve the goods of human nature and do not destroy, disfigure, or work against them.

The Center for Medical Progress is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. [Center for Medical Progress, Accessed 7/15/15]

Center For Medical Progress Has A Small And Recent Internet Footprint. CMP’s presence online was nearly non-existent until several weeks ago. The group’s Facebook page shows no posts before May 24 of this year and the organization didn’t join Twitter until May 30. No videos other than the deceptively edited Planned Parenthood clips appear on the group’s YouTube site. The website address listed on their Facebook page leads to a PostalAnnex+ in Irvine, CA instead of real organization. [Facebook.com, Accessed 7/15/15; Twitter.com, Accessed 7/15/15, YouTube.com, Accessed 7/15/15; Yelp.com, Accessed 7/15/15]

CMP’s Founder, David Daleiden, Has A Long History With Discredited Conservative Groups

Center For Medical Progress: Daleiden Is “Founder” And Project Lead For The “Human Capital” Investigation. According to the Center for Medical Progress’ website, Daleiden not only spearheaded the “Human Capital” investigation that produced the deceptively edited video attacking Planned Parenthood, he also founded the organization. Daleiden’s bio also describes his past work at conservative news outlet The Weekly Standard:

David Daleiden is a citizen journalist with nearly a decade of experience in conducting investigative research on the abortion industry. In 2013, David started The Center for Medical Progressas a vehicle through which to pursue sophisticated, in-depth, and scintillating investigative journalism projects pertaining to contemporary bioethical issues.

As Project Lead at CMP, David recently completed the organization’s first long-term project, the 30-month-long “Human Capital” investigation documenting Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of body parts from aborted fetuses. Prior to CMP, David worked as Director of Research for a national new media education and advocacy organization. David is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College with a B.A. in Government, and his writing has been published in The Weekly Standard and The Human Life Review. [Center for Medical Progress, Accessed 7/15/15]

Life Legal Defense Fund Credits Daleiden As Director Of CMP’s Project. In a press release discussing CMP’s video, the Life Legal Defense Fund credited David Daleiden as the director of the “Human Capital” project behind the deceptively edited video, thanking him specifically “for bringing these shocking practices to light”:

The “Human Capital” project was a nearly 3-year-long undertaking produced by The Center for Medical Progress (CMP). Directed by CMP Project Lead David Daleiden, the effort secured audio and video recordings of Planned Parenthood administrators and abortionists casually agreeing to sell freshly-extracted parts from their abortions. CMP’s devastating expose of PP’s trade in body parts may be seen at centerformedicalprogress.org.


Life Legal gives the credit for bringing these shocking practices to light to David Daleiden. But Daleiden gives a lot of credit to Life Legal: “The Center for Medical Progress thanks Life Legal Defense Foundation for their initiative and foresight in consulting on and helping to develop this project.” [Christian News Wire, 7/14/15]

Daleiden Was Formerly The Director of Research At Live Action. In 2009, Daleiden was the director of research for the discredited anti-abortion group Live Action, which has been criticized before for deceptively editing undercover footage of abortion clinics in an attempt to smear Planned Parenthood. According to Daleiden’s bio from the time on Live Action’s website, he assumed his role in 2008 and was later banned from Pomona College’s campus after “videotaping a Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles speaker denying Planned Parenthood’s responsibility for the cover-up of statutory rape”:

David Daleiden has a passion for promoting the culture of life in communities and campuses across the country. He is proud to be a part of the Live Action team.

A native of the Sacramento area, David first became involved with the pro-life movement at age 15, working with local college pro-life groups and learning from veteran activists in his community. He founded a pro-life club at his high school, helped bring pro-life debater Scott Klusendorf to his hometown, and has participated in the “Genocide Awareness Project” to show abortion images to the public. David points to such images as the original impetus for his work in the pro-life movement.

During high school, David was also heavily involved in speech and debate. He first met Lila Rose in the Junior State of America (JSA) organization, and over the years became more and more involved in Live Action.

In 2007, David began his studies at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) in Claremont, California. David currently runs a Live Action chapter in Claremont, which routinely conducts sidewalk counseling efforts, community education, and campus activism.

David took on his current role as Director of Research for Live Action in 2008 during the early stages of the Mona Lisa Project. In March 2009, David and a fellow student were banned from sister campus Pomona College after videotaping a Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles speaker denying Planned Parenthood’s responsibility for the cover-up of statutory rape. The ban was soon lifted after intense public scrutiny. [Live Action, 8/17/09; Media Matters for America2/4/11Media Matters for America5/31/12]

Snopes: Daleiden Is Reportedly Friends With Conservative Figure Best Known For “Severely Edited” Videos. A Snopes.com takedown of CMP’s video noted that Daleiden is reportedly a friend of James O’Keefe — another conservative figure notrious for using “severely edited” videos to target liberal organizations:

An individual named David Daleiden has been widely credited as the “leader” of the Center for Medical Progress. While Daleiden’s online footprint is minimal, a 2009 Claremont University article (penned by fellow conservative activist Chuck Johnson) reported:

James O’Keefe is a friend of David Daleiden’s. O’Keefe and Hannah Giles have been going coast to coast documenting instances of ACORN employees willingly giving advice on how to avoid paying taxes and shielding a would be pimp (running for congress) and a prostitutent from the watchful eye of the law. They’ve brought their investigation to New York City, Washington D.C., and Baltimore.

O’Keefe came to prominence in 2009 after he produced “egregiously misleading” and “severely edited” videos targeting agencies such as ACORN.” [Snopes.com, 7/14/15]

Center for Medical Progress Board Member Called Murder Of Abortion Doctor “Justified”

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, Serves On Board of Directors. “Operation Rescue President Troy Newman serves on the Board of Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress. During this investigation, Newman advised Daleiden, providing consultation services and material support.” [Christian Newswire, 7/14/15]

Newman Called Murder Of Abortion Clinic Doctor A “Justifiable Defensive Action.” In a 2003 press release, Newman defended Paul Jennings Hill, who was executed by lethal injection for murdering abortion doctor John Britton in Pensacola, FL. Newman argued that Hill should have been able to defend himself by classifying the murder as justifiable.

Today’s scheduled execution of Paul Hill is not justice, but is another example of the judicial tyranny that is gripping our nation. A Florida judge denied Rev. Hill his right to present a defense that claimed that the killing of the abortionist was necessary to save the lives of the pre-born babies that were scheduled to be killed by abortion that day. Our system of justice is based upon ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but in Rev. Hill’s case, there was no justice because the court prevented him from presenting the legal defense that his conduct was justifiable defensive action.

“There are many examples where taking the life in defense of innocent human beings is legally justified and permissible under the law. Paul Hill should have been given the opportunity to defend himself with the defense of his choosing in a court of law. [Operation Rescue West press release, 9/3/03]

Newman Stalked Clinic Workers. A 2004 Los Angeles Times story detailed Newman’s anti-abortion activism:

“Newman will pick through clinic workers’ trash to figure out where they do business; he’ll trail them at a distance to learn their routines. His goal is not just to make their lives uncomfortable. He wants to unsettle and disgust their friends and associates, so their hairstylists and their pharmacists, even their neighbors, make it clear they’re not welcome in Wichita.” [Los Angeles Times, 2/17/04]

Center For Medical Progress Connected To Disreputable Anti-Choice Organization

Vox: Center For Medical Progress “Appears To Be Associated” With Life Legal Defense Foundation.  In a July 14 post detailing the controversy around the deceptively edited video released by CMP, Vox noted that the Life Legal Defense Foundation  “appears to be associated with” the organization, linking to a series of materials on Life Legal’s website from the Center For Medical Progress. [Vox, 7/14/15]

Life Legal Defense Foundation Has Been With The Center For Medical Progress “From The Very Start.” In a press release discussing CMP’s video, the Life Legal Defense Fund said it had been working with CMP “from the very start”:

Life Legal Defense Foundation was finally able today to reveal its support of an undercover operation proving that Planned Parenthood routinely peddles the organs and tissues of babies aborted in its “health centers.” This systematic profiteering is known about and approved by officers at the abortion giant’s highest levels of authority. Planned Parenthood’s abortionists will even alter the abortion procedure in order to guarantee the tissues most sought after–regardless of what might be best for the aborting mother.


Life Legal gives the credit for bringing these shocking practices to light to David Daleiden. But Daleiden gives a lot of credit to Life Legal: “The Center for Medical Progress thanks Life Legal Defense Foundation for their initiative and foresight in consulting on and helping to develop this project.”

Familiar as we are with the contract killer’s practices, Life Legal can’t claim to be surprised by Planned Parenthood’s utter disregard for medical ethics. But we are delighted that it has been so ably and thoroughly documented by David Daleiden.

Life Legal is proud to have taken an active, essential role in exposing Planned Parenthood’s “Dr. Frankenstein” wrongdoing. Katie Short, Life Legal’s Vice-President for Legal Affairs, remarked, “Planned Parenthood’s unconscionable acts are recorded and proven. But it will take a lot of pressure to bring consequences to bear. After these revelations, the first thing every public official should be asked is why a penny of taxpayer money is going to fund any part of Planned Parenthood’s work.”

Having been with the project from its inception, Life Legal is committed to following through. Planned Parenthood will not lightly escape the judgment it has merited by trafficking in babies’ eyes, hearts, livers, muscles, and other organs and tissues. [Life Legal Defense Fund, 7/14/15]

Life Legal Defense Foundation Does Not Meet Standards Of Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance. According to the BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance, which “helps donors make informed giving decisions and promotes high standards of conduct among organizations that solicit contributions from the public,” the Life Legal Defense Foundation does not meet their standards for charity accountability. Citing the organization’s indirect compensation of board member’s sibling as well as inaccurate “presentation of LLDF’s fund raising and program service expenses. [Give.org, Accessed 7/15/15]

Right Wing Watch: Life Legal Defense Foundation Espoused Conspiracy Theory That National Defense Authorization Act Was “Really A Way .... To Round Up Anti-Abortion Activists And Imprison Them Indefinitely Without Trial.” In a January 2012 post, Right Wing Watch called out members of the “Religious Right” — including the Life Legal Defense Foundation — who forwarded the fringe conspiracy theory that the Obama Administration’s National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 would allow the government to permanently imprison pro-life activists without a trial. Speaking to LifeSiteNews.com at the time, Dana Cody, the president and executive director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, said her organization was studying the NDAA because it says “enemy territory could be anywhere,” and added, “If it’s within the discretion of the government under the National Defense Authorization Act, of course it will be used by the government to intimidate and silence pro-life people, especially those who are in the public forum.” [Right Wing Watch, 1/4/12]

The Full Planned Parenthood “Sting” Video Reveals Right Wing Deception Tactics


I’m posting the full version of the Planned Parenthood hit job produced by David Daleiden and his “Center for Medical Progress” (an Orwellian name if there ever was one), along with a link to the complete transcript, because it leaves absolutely no doubt that the edited version most people are seeing is deliberately deceptive. The edited video leaves out some very important information — and even the unedited version carries a completely false title: “Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts.”

No, they do not.

For example, here’s a section from the transcript in which the undercover right wing operative sleazily tries to get Planned Parenthood medical director Dr. Deborah Nucatola to discuss selling organs and body parts for profit — and she makes it very, very clear that this is not something Planned Parenthood ever does. This was left out of the edited video, obviously deliberately, because it destroys the impression they’re working so hard to convey, that Planned Parenthood is profiting from the sale of fetal tissue.

Buyer: If, we can offer to an affiliate that we’re going to take care of everything, the consenting, the collection, we don’t even need an extra room, we just need three feet of space in the path lab, in the back with a dish so we can do that.

PP: Uh huh. Which we already have set up, you just have to-

Buyer: Right. Is that- are there affiliates, who would just donate the tissue for

PP: Probably. I mean really, the guidance is, this is not something you should be making an exorbitant amount of money on.

Buyer: Is that the PPFA guidance or?

PP: Yes. Our goal, like I said, is to give patients the option without impacting our bottom line. The messaging is this should not be seen as a new revenue stream, because that’s not what it is.

Buyer: That seems like it would be, and correct me if I’m wrong. Seems like it would be such an easy thing to not show a profit. No matter how much we compensate, it—

PP: Yeah. Well, but at the end of the day, you still need to have the paperwork to back it up because, we are under a microscope.

Buyer: But your cost, your loss in some areas must be so much that that can be shown to, I don’t know-

PP: I understand. If you were to look at it in the big picture, yes. But nobody looks at it in the big picture, they look with the little blinders on.

Buyer: Ok. I’m just trying to brainstorm. Because, I think offering some people, not only, just offsetting their cost in other areas, seeing the potential for that, besides the potential, for the patient, I’m still going down that road, even though I know, I understand what you’re saying. This cannot be seen as, “We’re doing this for profit.”

PP: No. Nothing, no affiliate should be doing anything that’s not like, reasonable and customary. This is not- nobody should be “selling” tissue. That’s just not the goal here.

Notice how the undercover operatives label themselves as “Buyer” — even though they’re not “buying” anything and Dr. Nucatola made that very clear to them. Again, Planned Parenthood and other clinics do not profit from the sale of fetal tissues; these specimens are donated by the women who undergo procedures, like any other tissue might be donated from any other medical procedure. Any fees involved are only intended to cover costs of handling, shipping, storage, etc. Nobody profits from these donations.

Another section was left out of the edited video because it destroys the image of Dr. Nucatola as a soulless monster, and makes it clear she’s a compassionate, caring physician who was motivated to help women in a time of great need and distress. Dr. Nucatola talks about a patient she saw when she was an OB/GYN resident, who was transferred to her after suffering complications:

I will tell you the date, I was on-call, it was my last day, I was on call, when you’re a resident in obstetrics and gynecology you spend a dedicated amount of time in obstetrics and a dedicated amount of time in gynecology. In your senior year, it’s four months of each. So, February 28th 1998 was my last day of GYN ever as a resident and then I would be done. July I would graduate and then I would be an OB/GYN. And on that day, there was patient that was transferred to me, from an outside clinic, who had had a D&E, dilation and evacuation, late second trimester abortion, she was bleeding. That patient was transferred to me and she got to the hospital and I met her in the emergency room and I saw her and she was as white as this napkin, and I still remember her name, I remember everything about her, and she looked up at me, and she said, “Don’t let me die.” And she actually bled to death. We did a hysterectomy in about twelve minutes and she died. It was very distressing and very upsetting. I probably had a very different reaction than most people would, which was well I do D&Es all the time, and I don’t ever have complications. And I think I’m pretty good at them, I need to keep making sure that there are lots of people doing these D&Es safely so there’s not another patient like this.

There you have it — the reason why we can’t let these dishonest right wing hatchet men succeed in destroying Planned Parenthood. If their agenda succeeds, there will be many more women who die from complications after illegal abortions. Making abortion illegal won’t stop abortions, it will just drive them underground and bring back the bad old days.

But of course, that’s exactly what these right wing goons are after — bringing back the bad old days.
Read more at http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/44841_The_Full_Planned_Parenthood_Sting_Video_Reveals_Right_Wing_Deception_Tactics#A3y8ZTQT0fKK9rYB.99

Toronto Arab newspaper says US and “Zionist-Masonic” movement behind ISIS


The Toronto-based Arab newspaper Meshwar published an article (Issue 133, June 26, 2015, P.21) suggesting that the US and the “Zionist-Masonic movement” are the hidden forces behind the civil wars in Iraq, Syria and other Arab countries. 

The author, Hisham al-Habishan, a Jordanian writer and political activist, contends that the goal behind this scheme is primarily to weaken the Arab region by tearing into pieces the existing countries in order to safeguard the security of the State of Israel. The article and the accompanied cartoon imply that the US and the “ Zionist-Masonic movement” are siding with ISIS and even supporting it.

The following are excerpts of Habishan’s article (translated from Arabic):

The goal of the Zionist entity today, and its allies in Washington, by spreading this chaos that followed the Arab Spring in the Arab homeland, is to safeguard their entity, which is called the State of Israel, in the region, and expanding its influence to the closest point, in which it will be able to become the master to whom all 43 ethnic, sectarian and religious entities will obey.

The US, with cooperation with those who disguise themselves as Arabs and Muslims, strives now to establish it in the Arab region. Some world leaders in the West, who belong to the Zionist-Masonic movement, have already long ago drawn their plans to divide the Arab homeland in order that the Zionist-Masonic generations will inherit it generation after generation.

All aforementioned details confirm without a doubt that there is today an actual track to implement the Zionist -American enterprise, which is aiming at weakening Iraq and Syria, to tear them apart and to fragment them as a basis to tear apart and fragment the entire Arab region. This also confirms without a doubt that the goal of the attack, which the entire Arab region and areas are subject to, is basically to tear apart this region in order to serve the colonial Zionist -American enterprise.

Tennessee Shooter’s Father Was on Terror Watch List…


After it was revealed that the Muslim shooter who on Thursday murdered four US Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee was the son of a man who previously was on the terrorist watch list, new details have surfaced about the father.

It has been widely reported that the shooter, Muhammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, was a naturalized American born in Kuwait.

While it’s true his mother Rasmia Abdulazeez is from Kuwait, where Muhammod was born in 1990, multiple reports reveal that the attacker’s father Youssuf Abdulazeez actually hailed from Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria, a city under Palestinian Authority (PA) control.

Apparently Abdulazeez the father traveled to Kuwait where he married and had Muhammod, before the family relocated to the US.

The Palestinian connection was also demonstrated by pictures posted on Facebook recently by Muhammod’s family member, either a sister or cousin, who put up an image featuring a fist grasping a loudspeaker in the colors of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flag with the words: “speak for Palestine!”

Abdulazeez lived with his parents in Hixson, Tennessee, located near Chattanooga where the shooting took place.

His father reportedly is employed by the City of Chattanooga Public Works Department and as of 2005 was appointed to be an unarmed special policeman by the Chattanooga City Council, reports Business Insider.

That comes despite the fact that Youssuf Abdulazeez was investigated several years ago for donating money to an organization possibly connected to a foreign terrorist organization. He was on a terrorist watch list and even was questioned during a trip out of the country, but eventually his name was taken off the terrorist list.

Experts have said the attack by the 24-year-old Abdulazeez fits the mold of attacks Islamic State (ISIS) has called for, although FBI officials on Thursday night said they don’t have “anything that directly ties” the attacker to any foreign terrorist organizations.

The attacker, seen driving an open-top Ford Mustang, first went to a joint military recruiting center in a strip mall and sprayed it with gunfire, riddling the glass facade with bullet holes. He then drove off to a Naval Reserve Center about 6 miles away, fatally shooting the four Marines before being shot and killed in a firefight with police.

Abdulazeez’s Palestinian connection is particularly notable given the similarities of his attack on an army base with the 2009 deadly shooting rampage at the Fort Hood army base, conducted by Palestinian American Army Major Nidal Hasan.

Hasan admitted to conducting the shooting as an Islamist terror attack, during which he shouted “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greater), although initial government reports on the attack played it down as a case of “workplace violence.”

It was revealed by the counter-terror SITE Intelligence Group that Abdulazeez this week uploaded two blog posts about Islam, describing life as “short and bitter” in one, and warning Muslims not to miss “the opportunity to submit to Allah” in the other.

Delhi Woman Who Tried To Rape An Auto Driver, While Her Friend Filmed The Act, Has Been Arrested


In an incident which once again proves that men,  too, are sexually harassed, a 32-year-old woman from South Delhi has been arrested for forcibly trying to have sex with an auto driver, while her friend from Tanzania who tried to make their MMS is on a run.

41-year-old Umesh Prasad told the police that Renu Lalwani hired his rickshaw from Saket in South Delhi and wanted to go to Arjun Nagar. Upon reaching the destination, Renu, on the pretext of paying him the fare, invited the driver to her flat. She offered him drinking water after which she suddenly locked all the doors from inside and sought sexual favours from the driver which he clearly denied.

Frustrated, she then tried to offer him wine and threw herself on him when he declined that too. She tore his clothes, tried to kiss him while her Tanzanian friend named Hitija filmed the entire act.

Luckily when the women were distracted, Umesh found a way to jump out of the first floor balcony but fractured his foot. He then reported the incident to the police and they picked up Renu from from her residence. Apparently several other licenses of auto drivers have been found from her flat.

This is beyond disgusting!