Abe faces growing risk over security policy shift: Okada



Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be taking a big risk if he pushes through a dramatic change in security policy despite objections from most citizens, who want a better explanation why the change is needed, a top opposition figure said on Tuesday.

Abe’s ratings have slipped over the security policy shift, which could let Japanese troops fight abroad for the first time since Tokyo’s defeat in World War Two, and which he hopes to enact into law in a parliament session that runs until Sept. 27.

The ruling bloc has a majority that would allow it to enact Abe’s bills, but any perception of high-handedness could erode support further even as the prime minister eyes re-election as head of his Liberal Democratic Party in September.

“Ultimately, it depends on public opinion,” Katsuya Okada, the head of the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), told Reuters, when asked if Abe’s bloc could be kept from forcing a vote in parliament’s lower house.

That step could come as soon as next week.

“Pressure on the administration is mounting,” Okada, a former foreign minister, said in an interview.

Abe’s support fell three points, to 42%, in a Mainichi newspaper survey published on Monday.

Sixty-one percent of respondents opposed passage of legislation in the current session to end a ban on exercising the right of collective self-defence, or militarily aiding a friendly country under attack.

“Basically, I think we face a choice between two paths,” Okada added. Will we stick to the pacifism of the constitution or become a ‘normal’ country?”

Conservatives say Japan’s postwar constitution puts limits on its ability to defend itself that are too severe. Proponents say it has kept the nation at peace, and reinterpreting it outside formal amendment procedures sets a dangerous precedent.

Okada, 61, acknowledged Japan faces a tough security climate and said collective self-defense might be a future option.

But conditions set in the bills were too abstract and there was a high likelihood it violated the constitution’s pacifist Article 9, he said.

Some analysts say Abe’s ratings could slip as much as 10 points if the bills go through, possibly encouraging a rival to challenge him in the LDP leadership race.

But the Democrats, ousted in 2012 after three rocky years in power, have made few gains. Seven percent backed the DPJ in the Mainichi poll, versus 31% for the LDP.

Canada: Wannabe Muslim terrorist gets vicious prison beating after threatening non-Muslim inmates


Carlos Larmond’s time in jail since his arrest on terrorism charges in January has been anything but quiet, with him allegedly trying to recruit “soldiers of Islam” and ending up on the wrong side of a vicious two-on-one fight that left him hospitalized.

Since his arrest at a Montreal airport by the RCMP on charges of leaving the country to wage terrorism, Larmond, 24, has earned a name at Ottawa’s Innes Road jail for allegedly threatening non-Muslim prisoners. According to one inmate, Larmond told prisoners if they don’t convert to Islam their families on the outside would be killed by ISIL. Another inmate, a Muslim who refused to be a “soldier for Islam,” told fellow prisoners that Islam is a religion of peace, not war.

There was nothing peaceful about March 3, when two non-Muslim prisoners had had enough of Larmond’s talking and ended the conversation with their fists and feet, according to witness accounts.

It was just after 11:30 a.m, right as lunch was about to be served on B Range, when Larmond was talking up a storm with two other inmates. Then, outside of Cell No. 1, witnesses say that the two inmates unleashed a severe beating, hitting Larmond in the head with their fists again and again and backing him into a cell off the hallway, where he fell backwards onto the floor only to be foot-stomped in the head and body.

In all of this, according to witness accounts, the accused terrorist didn’t throw a single punch and tried as he could to keep his arms up in a defensive position.

The accused terrorist twins have been charged with intimidating and threatening guards at the Innes Road jail over events that occurred in March and April.

Terrence Wilson, 24, is also charged with assault causing bodily harm in connection with the incident. None of the allegations against the two men have been proven in court.

“I can’t really comment on the specifics of the case other than to say that there have been recent events at the (Innes Road jail) with Carlos Larmond and his twin brother getting charged with intimidation and threats that are related to my client’s defence on this charge and I fully expect to raise and explore these issues in greater detail at Terrence Wilson’s trial,” said Wilson’s defence lawyer Paolo Giancaterino.

Feminist Tumblr: It’s Not As If They Hate Men or Anything Like That



The fascinating thing about Feminist Tumblr is that it’s totally unfiltered. Nearly all of the participants are very young — a 25-year-old is a senior citizen on Tumblr — and also anonymous. There’s no adult supervision (your mother is not on Tumblr) and inside this feminist echo chamber, everything inside their zany brains comes pouring out. There is a constant competition on Feminist Tumblr to say the most demeaning things possible about males. Of course, no feminist ever says anything goodabout males, but the anti-male venom of Feminist Tumblr gives it a special edge.

“it’s so weird that women are seen as emotional and melodramatic when all the men i know are the most unbelievably melodramatic people on earth and also every time i express an emotion as a woman i feel guilty and apologize profusely but I’ve literally never once heard a man apologize for expressing an emotion even though they throw literal temper tantrums all the time”

This is the exact opposite of the usual feminist complaint about men who, allegedly, are emotionally stunted and incapable of anything like the intuitive and sympathetic feelings over which feminists claim women have a monopoly. However, you see here the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t aspect of feminism. Everything that men do is wrong, and so men who do show emotion are condemned as “the most unbelievably melodramatic people on earth” in a post that got more than 6,000 notes in a month.

Who is the author of this screed? Hannah Beth, a 20-year-old Florida State University student who is “majoring in literature and double minoring in art history/german” and also “queer as hell.” When she’s not busy denouncing males for their emotional melodrama, Hannah Beth has some emotions of her own:

I feel like books are a giant blanket I am wrapping myself up in. every morning lately when I wake up the first thought I have is about whatever I was reading before I went to sleep. it’s good to be corny about books on the internet I think. it’s good to have something I love this much. anyway, I felt really anxious all day today and had one of those Bad Days For No Reason and I cried a little bit in my car and I was scared to sleep alone but now I am curled up at 1am with my tiny book and I feel like it is the most reassuring hug on earth, like 100 angels whispering “it’s okay and it’s always been okay and it always will be” which is true and very good to hear from the universe. I wanna write a love letter to literature tbh.


So, yeah, guys “throw literal temper tantrums,” and meanwhile Hannah Beth is crying in her car and scared to sleep alone.

Tumblr Feminists cry alone a lot, when they’re not busy plotting worldwide revolution, like 21-year-old Athena, a “Gemini bitch” from Sweden who describes herself as “stone cold lesbian, post-structuralist radical feminist, marxist communist” and also a bunny owner & advocate for proper animal care. So she loves bunnies, but hates men and capitalism, not necessarily in that order.

“I’m not interested in dedicating my feminist effort to making masculinity more comfortable for men, I could not care less; they created it, they uphold it, so they fix it. I’m not gonna wade through their toxic waste to try to awaken some core of softness and compassion in men. If men are supposedly as good at analysis and reflection as they like to claim then they can fix their own shit. Demanding that women use up our effort to do it for them in the name of feminism – a women’s movement – is just another facet of the same masculinity they supposedly disapprove of.”

We got your message, loud and clear. Got nearly 9,000 notes in three month for that. Cute selfies for a lesbian Marxist, though.

So “queer as hell” or “stone cold lesbian” — kind of a theme becomes apparent here. There may even be a pattern on Feminist Tumblr. Then there’s 24-year-old Jam, “bisexual and aromantic,” who is “half Jamaican half Finnish, first generation Canadian” and also — surprise! — has complaints about men:

“one part of the male gender role I can’t stand is thinking that being irritating and pissing women off is funny????
every man I’ve met thinks that’s hilarious and
gets mad when I’m not into it. like why did
no one teach them to shut the fuck up”

That got over 160,000 notes in five months, because Tumblr Feminists share a profound contempt for “the male gender role.”

Oh, and Jam also posts a lot of selfies. You might like her, if you’re into pierced noses and tattoos and know how to “shut the fuck up.”

Speaking of which, Kethrellan, 19, is studying Music Education and Voice at the University of Delaware and — thanks to a questionnaire she filled out — we know that she’s 5-foot-7, lost her virginity before she was 18, has never been in a serious relationship and is, of course, bisexual.

Question: Is bisexuality as common in real life as it is on Feminist Tumblr? Or is there just reflecting a trend among fashionable young people to identify as Something Other Than Normal? Then I remember —Feminism Is Queer!


The title of that 2010 textbook by a Women’s Studies professorsummarizes the basic message of feminism in the 21st century.

Whatever she does, the Third Wave feminist cannot be normal, because being normal is oppressive. This came to mind particularly with Kethrellan because I was looking at her selfies — because posting selfies is why they invented the Internet, right? — and thinking “never been in a serious relationship”? Long curly hair, nice smile, wide-set eyes — not a Barbie doll-type beauty, but more like a pre-Raphaelite painting. Rosettior Millais would have loved her, and yet Kethrellan has “never been in a serious relationship”? Maybe the Tumblr Feminists have got a point. Maybe young guys nowadays are just a bunch of clueless clowns. Maybe they lack a proper appreciation of beauty. And maybe that’s why Kethrellan wrote this on her Tumblr blog:

“overhearing straight boys talk about girls is so terrifying”

Seriously, what’s wrong with these guys? Did their mamas not raise them right? Were they dumped off in daycare when they were babies? Did they grow up without two loving parents? We they shuttled back and forth between their divorced parents or abused by stepparents? How is it that so many of these young men seem to be uncouth savages or feral beasts with no respect for women? It’s almost as if civilization is being destroyed, perhaps by a War Against Human Nature.