Taipei, New Taipei to release education plan

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) yesterday said that he and New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu (朱立倫) have formulated a new enrollment plan for the 12-year compulsory education system, which will be unveiled to the public on Aug.1.

During a public event yesterday where Ko invited local students to Taipei City Hall, he was asked by a student whether or not the Comprehensive Assessment Program For Junior High School Students (國中教育會考) would undergo yet another amendment.

In response, Ko said that at a meeting between himself and Chu on Wednesday night, the mayors came to a consensus.

Ko said that since New Taipei City is in charge of the 12-year plan this year, both he and Chu have formulated an updated enrollment policy for the 12-year education plan that will be revealed on Aug.1.

The mayor went on to reassure students that policies have been tailored to their benefit, and that all details will be clearly addressed.

Local media asked Ko to elaborate on the details of the cooperative education tasks both cities have agreed to share.

Ko said that he and Chu usually talk about everything, but have tasked the education departments of both cities with resolving the situation. Ko said the problems with education right now transcend those of political parties and must be dealt with immediately for the benefit of students.

Fortunately, he and Chu agree on the most important education decisions, he said.

With regards as to whether or not the 12-year plan of the entire nation should follow the mayors’ idea of conducting distinguished characteristics enrollments before administering the exam-free admissions, Ko said such an important decision is not his to make alone.

Ko Invites Students to City Hall for Summer Holiday

In related news, Ko invited elementary, middle-school and college students to an event yesterday that encouraged students to visit or intern at Taipei City Hall during summer vacations so as to better understand the functions and dealings of the city government.

Ko said he hopes to get a different perspective on municipal policies from local students, which is why students can apply to visit and intern in 19 different departments.

The mayor then joked that the application to become his intern would be the most popular.

During a Q&A with students, students were interested in knowing how Ko remains so energetic while living a busy life, to which the mayor was quoted as saying, “just breathe.”

LifeSite being sued after exposing Peel Board’s LGBT lesson plans

Brian Lilley of talks to the editor-in-chief of, John-Henry Weston.

LifeSite is being sued over its coverage of an LGBT-themed teachers’ conference. Their reporter’s audio from the event included a self-described lesbian teacher describing “how they teach children as young as Grade Four about same-sex marriage, LGBT rights and homosexuality, basically.”