Feminist Tumblr: Still Crazy



Because I’ve been busy the past week reading Women’s Studies textbooks (including Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions), I haven’t updated you on Lilly the Human Train Wreck. She is the mentally ill feminist Tumblr blogger who filed a federal complaint against her university, which forced her into an alcohol counseling program after she accused a fellow student of raping her. After I called attention to her “Support Survivors” blog — because every survivor needs “support” from a 23-year-old mentally ill alcoholic college dropout, right? — Lilly freaked out: “We Need to Get Him Off the Internet.” A week later, I’m still on the Internet and Lilly is still a trainwreck, but Sunday someone on Twitter pointed out that conservative blogger Gerard Vanderleun has waded into the digital swamp of crazy that is Tumblr, in an apparent attempt to confront these lunatics with facts, logic and other oppressive social constructs. Gerard responded to Lilly and I noticed in the “notes” of that post another feminist’s unhinged rant directed at me:

this incites a rage within me that i cannot even begin to explain.
“don’t go to college parties if you don’t want to have sex”
basically if you’re a woman, don’t leave your fucking house or do anything if you don’t want to have sex because men are so self-entitled that they will fucking do whatever they want anyway and then blame you if you speak up when they literally assault you.
this whole entire ‘article’ is complete bullshit. and don’t even get me started on the whole jibe about ‘not listening to successful adults’ because there are plenty of very successful adults who recognize rape culture and work against it. the ‘adults’ this asshole is listening to are victim-blaming shitlords and i would rather listen to educated people on social media than listen to ‘established’ people who have no fucking idea what they’re talking about.
i could seriously write a whole fucking essay about what complete shit this is, but i’m so fucking angry i just can’t rn.
i’m just so sorry that lilly has to deal with this bullshit when she’s already dealing with so much and helping so many people. lilly, you are a wonderful human being and i know so many people, including myself, are so grateful to you and proud of you.


See? She “could seriously” write an essay, not “rn” (right now), because she is so angry at “victim-blaming shitlords” like me. People who criticize feminism “have no fucking idea what they’re talking about.”

She’s so mad, she might even learn to capitalize properly.

It is necessary to remind you what I actually wrote:

Perhaps it is traumatic to college girls who, despite solid GPAs in high school and high SAT scores, are nevertheless too stupid to understand why college guys want to get college girls drunk. Do I need to draw you a diagram, ladies? Whatever else is going on at these parties, sex is certainly near the top of the list of desired outcomes, so if you don’t want to have sex, don’t go to the party. However, if you choose to ignore that advice, and go to the party even though you don’t want to have sex, there are all kinds of common-sense strategies that smart girls use to avoid misfortune. On the other hand, if you’re a feminist, common sense doesn’t matter, and offering smart advice is “blaming the victim.”

Please go read the whole thing. Maybe in recent decades, human nature has completely changed. Perhaps a spirit of humanitarian generosity is now the reason college guys cheerfully provide alcohol to underage freshman girls. Why, only a complete “shitlord” — someone who has “no fucking idea” — would suspect that college guys want to get 18-year-old girls drunk so they can have sex with them. Because college girls getting drunk at parties and having sex with college guys never happened at any previous time since the dawn of human history.

Facts, logic, caustic sarcasm — nothing can penetrate the rigid fanatical certainty of her totalitarian worldview. She buys into this belief system, and achieves Feminist Consciousness.

“In terms of the oppression of women, heterosexuality is the ideology of male supremacy. . . .
“What we are doing in revolutionary struggle is to make our consciousnesses different. When enough people’s consciousnesses are different, then we make a revolution.”
Margaret Small, “Lesbians and the Class Position of Women,” in Lesbianism and the Women’s Movement, edited by Bunch and Nancy Myron (1975)

“Feminist consciousness is consciousness of victimization . . . to come to see oneself as a victim. . . .
“To apprehend myself as victim in a sexist society is to know that there are few places where I can hide, that I can be attacked almost anywhere, at any time, by virtually anyone.”
Sandra Bartky, Femininity and Domination: Studies in the Phenomenology of Oppression (1990)

“All women are prisoners and hostages to men’s world. Men’s world is like a vast prison or concentration camp for women. This isn’t a metaphor, it’s reality. Each man is a threat. We can’t escape men.”
Radical Wind, August 2013

“The threat of violence alone affords all men dominance over all women.”
“Men and Violence,” March 27, 2015

Feminism teaches her that she is victimized by heterosexuality, the “ideology of male supremacy,” and she is induced into a state of anti-male paranoia: Fear and Loathing of the Penis!

Once she learns that every man is a threat, the young feminist experiences any overt expression of male heterosexuality — a glance, a smile, a confident masculine swagger in his walk — as psychologically traumatic. It is specifically those traits that any normal woman finds attractive in a man that the feminist is taught to view with fearfulness and resentment. For example, a muscular man’s superior strength represents to the young feminist a threat of violence. The feminist despises any man who has advanced skills, knowledge and experience, because this means he is “arrogant,” a word which in the feminist lexicon defines any man who thinks he knows anything about anything. If a champion NASCAR driver were to offer a feminist advice on how to drive, she would walk away in a huff and then get on her Tumblr blog to denounce him as a “mansplainer.” Like, who does that Jimmie Johnson think he is, right?

Strong men are dangerous, knowledgeable men are arrogant, white men are racist, straight men are homophobic and any man who is successful in life is privileged — his success is actually proof that he is a misogynistic oppressor, because the only way that any man ever achieves anything is by depriving women of equality. Because feminism is a totalitarian ideology, the young feminist is led to believe that she has acquired a monopoly on knowledge merely by calling herself a feminist. She automatically becomes an expert on any topic that interests her, and no man on earth knows anything — unless he agrees with her.

Circular logic is circular. Quod erat demonstrandum.

America is still a free country, and therefore feminists have a right to promulgate their lunatic ideology. The problem is that anyone who tries to point out what hopeless lunacy is involved in feminist ideology is branded a “hater,” a “rape apologist,” a victim-blaming shitlord who has no fucking idea what he’s talking about. Therefore, the next time a freshman girl accepts an invitation to attend the welcoming festivities of the Philanthropic Collegiate Benevolent Society for Providing Alcohol to Horny Teenagers (for so she must imagine such a party to be) and the results are exactly what any person with common sense would expect, her sexual victimhood is to be blamed on the patriarchy, and not on feminism, even though it was patriarchy that told her the simple truth:


What part of that is so hard for feminists to understand? Most college girls actually do understand this, which is why a majority of college girls are neither (a) feminists nor (b) rape victims. They don’t get drunk at parties, they don’t get raped, they don’t make false accusations or file federal Title IX complaints. Most college girls do not suffer PTSD, anxiety disorder or suicidal depression. Most college girls are not bisexual alcoholics, and they do not seek out bisexual mentally ill alcoholics on Tumblr when they need advice.

We see how feminists (in fact, a tiny minority of deranged fanatics) have managed to arrogate to themselves a presumed authority to speak for all woman. Disagreeing with feminists proves that you hate women.

Being a married father of six and now a grandfather, I am far beyond danger of any direct threat from these lunatic ideologues. Unfortunately, however, radical feminists now exercise hegemonic control over academia, and no one in authority at any college or university would dare criticize or oppose them. The frightening thing is that many young male students are unaware of the peril that hovers like a ghastly shadow over every campus in the 21st century.

Think about this: At a private Catholic college in California, where parents pay tuition of more than $40,000 for their children to attend, the Student Coalition Against Rape (SCAR) is operating a 24-hour Campus Assault Resources and Empowerment (CARE) telephone hotlinefor female students who want to report their male classmates as sexual predators. Do you think they are doing this so that, during the entire nine-month school year, zero reports will be made?

Or do you suppose that at some point (this year and every year henceforth) at least one woman at this college will have an experience that she will identify as sexual assault or “harassment”? Female students substantially outnumber males on this campus (59% female, 41% male), and this hyper-vigilant scrutiny of male behavior must either (a) yield at least an occasional accusation, or else (b) give rise to claims that victims are afraid to report what horrible brutality these beastly rapists have inflicted on them. Feminists assert as a fact that 1-in-5 college females will be raped before graduation, and if they cannot produce a sufficient number of valid accusations, they will be forced to invent them.

In 2015, no male can safely attend college unless he resolves never to socialize with his female classmates. Never speak to them, never look at them, avoid them to the greatest extent possible and, whatever you do, don’t even think about dating a college girl, let alone having sex with her. Attempted heterosexuality on the 21st-century campus can destroy your life, young man. Therefore, if any female student attempts to strike up a conversation with you, it must be presumed that she is endeavoring to solicit a reaction that can provide her with the pretext to accuse you of harassment or sexual assault. You think I’m joking, young man, but do you want to take the risk of becoming the next unfortunate victim of feminism’s Campus Crusade to Abolish Heterosexuality?

“Oh,” says the clever young fellow, “that will never happen to me. I would never make the mistake of dating a feminist.”

How do you know? Do you think these crazy women all wear fluorescent orange vests marked “Feminists Against Heterosexuality”?

Do you think Emma Sulkowicz showed up for her sophomore year at Columbia University and told Paul Nungesser that she was setting him up for a false rape accusation? Do you think fraternity members at the University of Virginia had any clue, in the fall of 2012, that a mentally ill freshman named “Jackie” was preparing to blame them in a rape hoaxthat would lead to national headlines two years later?

Look here, young man: Behold the face of Karyssa, the young feminist who branded me a “victim-blaming shitlord.” Karyssa looks utterly normal, and yet she is clearly in the throes of the same anti-male hysteria as Lilly the Human Train Wreck.

Feminist Against Heterosexuality are monitoring every campus now, young man. These hate-filled young fanatics are watching everything you do and listening to every word you say. Feminist ideology defines every man as an oppressor of women. You are their enemy and they will celebrate your destruction as a victory. You should assume that any woman with whom you communicate is sharing all your e-mails and text messages with her feminist comrades. They are archiving your social media data, searching for proof that you are thinking unacceptable thoughts or engaging in unacceptable behavior. Feminists are collectingevidence against you, young man, so they can get you expelled from college, permanently branded a rapist and, they hope, sentenced to prison. Your downfall will make international headlines, your name will become a synonym for masculine evil, and the woman who destroys you will be applauded for her heroic courage.

This is your final warning, young man. Don’t become a statistic.

Abe’s support rate lowest since taking office in 2012



Support for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet has fallen to the lowest level since he took office in 2012, to just over 40%, with nearly two-thirds of voters opposed to his defense policy that would end a self-imposed ban on the military fighting overseas, a weekend media survey showed.

The survey by Nippon Television Network coincided with weekend rallies by thousands protesting the legislation, which would allow Japan to exercise its right of collective self-defense, or militarily aiding a friendly country under attack.

Abe’s cabinet adopted a resolution last July reinterpreting the pacifist constitution to allow the dramatic shift in security policy. In April, Abe told the U.S. Congress that the changes, already reflected in new U.S.-Japan defense cooperation guidelines, would be enacted this summer.

But the outlook for passage in the current session of the Diet, set to end next week but which may be extended until early August, has been clouded by growing criticism that the legislation violates the pacifist constitution, drafted by U.S. officials after World War Two.

“I think the government should retract the bills because the core element of the bills – the use of the right of collective self-defense – is manifestly unconstitutional,” Yasuo Hasebe, a constitutional law professor at Waseda University, told a news conference.

Hasebe’s remark to the same effect at a parliamentary panel earlier this month shocked his ruling party hosts and reignited debate about the bill’s constitutionality.

Abe’s support slipped to 41.1% from 43.5% in the Nippon Television survey, which also showed 62.5% were opposed to the exercise of collective self-defense and 63.7% were against the enactment of the legislation in the current session of the Diet. Almost 80% felt the government has not explained the legislation sufficiently.

Thousands rallied on the weekend to protest the security bills and other policies such as plans to restart nuclear reactors taken off-line after the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Organizers said 25,000 attended a rally near parliament on Sunday, while more than 10,000 turned out the day before. “I think the majority of the citizens are raising voices of anger towards Abe’s move to destroy the constitution,” said Akira Matsudaira, 73, who played a trumpet at Saturday’s protest.

Abe’s ruling coalition can push the bills through parliament given its majority, but any perception it had done so without enough debate could further dent his support rates.

false rape accuser: Sarah Eastwood



A woman has been sent for trial accused of falsely reporting to gardai that a man raped her at a pub in Temple Bar.

Sarah Eastwood (33) made the allegation against a named man, but gardai subsequently viewed CCTV footage and “disproved” the claim, the prosecution alleges. She had a book of evidence served on her at Dublin District Court.

The accused, with an address at Judge Darley’s Hostel, Parkgate Street but formerly of Ballyfermot Parade, Ballyfermot, is charged with making a false statement at Store Street Garda Station on June 4, 2013.

The charge states that she alleged she was raped by a named man at a pub in Temple Bar the day before, June 3, 2013.

Ms Eastwood is further charged with making a false statement to gardai at Pearse Street Garda Station on August 12, 2014 that she was raped by an unknown male while walking through a laneway on June 4 that year. Judge Michael Walsh gave the defendant the formal notice that she must provide any alibi details to the prosecution within 14 days.

He then sent her forward to the present sittings of Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, on a date later this month.

At an earlier hearing, the court was told the DPP consented to the case being dealt with at district court level, but Judge Walsh refused jurisdiction.

Defence solicitor Noelle Kenny said the defendant had been at the current hostel address for some time. She was remanded on bail under existing terms, including a condition that she stays away from the alleged victim and all witnesses in the case.

Previously, Garda Joanne McCormack said that after the accused made her statement, a garda investigation was set up and on viewing the CCTV evidence, gardai “disproved the allegation”.

Who Is ‘Tiggy Upland’?


During my explorations of Feminist Tumblr, I stumbled across an online “advice” site called Tiggy Upland. The word “advice” must be put in quotation marks because it’s actually an advocacy site, promotingbisexuality and polyamory (i.e., what used to be called “swinging”). The name “Tiggy Upland” is obviously a pseudonym. At first I suspected the person behind it must actually be male, because there was such a weird “Dear Penthouse Forum” vibe of kinky fantasy to it.

A simple and obvious question: How does a person hiding behind a pseudonym become an online advice columnist? That is to say, where does the adviser get that first advice-seeker? Ah! The self-created “Tiggy Upland” must have invented this seeker and also invented the seeker’s dilemma, you see. Does the phrase roman à clef mean anything to you? Don’t you suspect this first post included some element ofautobiography? Whatever your mere suspicions or speculations may be, however, any intelligent person must conclude that there is a self-interested authorial purpose behind the creation of “Tiggy Upland.”

Anyone can see — it’s right there in plain sight, clearly written — that “Tiggy Upland” wants people to believe it is perfectly normal for a man in a heterosexual relationship to masturbate with gay porn and also to want his girlfriend to penetrate him with a strap-on dildo.

Furthermore, pay attention to the backdating of posts, so that “May 3, 2011″ was actually posted Jan. 3, 2012. Why would “Tiggy” do this? January 2012 was quite a busy month for “Tiggy” in terms of creating backdated Q-and-A posts, and the similarity of themes is notable. Wereany of those questions authentic? Why was “Tiggy” doing this?

Check the “late bloomer” tag, and you find “November 1, 2011″ (posted Jan. 10, 2012), “November 15, 2011″ (posted Jan. 12, 2012) and “January 10, 2012″ (also posted Jan. 12, 2012). So in the span of three days, “Tiggy” posted three Q-and-As with people who were interested in pursuing bisexuality. Some of these questions seemed authentic. But look very closely at this backdated post in which “Tiggy” answers two questions from bisexual women, the second of whom says she “grew up in North Carolina and didn’t really even know what it meant to be LGBT until I moved to Boston four years ago.” The answer to that question included this unusually detailed information:

Since you’re in Boston, I highly recommend that you attend the peer-led group, “Straight Marriage, Still Questioning” on the second Monday of each month. For more information, contact kate.e.flynn [at] gmail [dot] com. . . . They’re in the same position you are and will welcome you into their mutually-supportive space with open arms.

Is that just random and coincidental? Is “Tiggy” simply such a conscientious adviser that, upon getting a question from a woman in Boston, “Tiggy” did some research about support groups in the area and (what luck!) found this monthly meeting advised by Kate E. Flynn?

No, of course not. Here’s your answer: “Ask Tiggy” is a regular column in the quarterly newsletter of the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network. It would seem that the column first appeared in the Summer 2011 issue. Yet if this is a women’s group, and the advice columnist is supposed to be giving advice to bisexual women, why is the “Tiggy Upland” site fielding questions from so many bisexual men?

In the fine print of the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network newsletter, they declare their purpose to provide “a safe environment” for support of “women of all sexual self-identities, gender identities,” promoting “full acceptance” of bisexuality “within the larger LGBT community,” including “transgender people.” Carefully examine Page 16 of the Spring 2015 issue of their newsletter and see if you can’t guess who might have managed to smuggle a penis into their November 2014 brunch.

“Tiggy Upland” made her public debut in October 2011, performing at the Bilicious Boston show, produced “in association with the Bisexual Resource Center.” Oh, what’s the Bisexual Resource Center?

It’s a Boston-based tax-exempt 501(c)3, the administrative director of which was, from 2004-2014, Ellyn Ruthstrom, whose resumé is quite interesting: After getting her master’s degree in Women’s Studies from Ohio State University, Ms. Ruthstrom worked five years (1995-2000) at Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass., then spent six years (2001-2007) as editor of Teen Voices, “the only national magazine and website written by, for, and about teen girls,” where she “trained a team of college-aged editorial assistants and mentors,” etc., etc. If the dates on Ms. Ruthstrom’s LinkedIn profile are correct, therefore, during the years 2004-2007, she was simultaneously president of the Bisexual Resource Center and the editor of Teen Voices.

(Hey, Teen Voices, let’s talk about your vaginas!)

While Ms. Ruthstrom is too old to be “Tiggy Upland,” she certainly must know who “Tiggy Upland” is, which leads us to the question, “Why the strange masquerade? Why the pseudonym?” Because I stumbled onto this entirely by accident, the why part of this question is as mysterious as thewho, and Ms. Ruthstrom’s career is an intriguing tangent. The director of the Bisexual Resource Center is the former editor of Teen Voices, “an intensive journalism, mentoring, and leadership program for teen girls in Boston”? Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

What happened to Teen Voices? Their former website is defunct, but the non-profit tracker GuideStar showed their blog address on WordPress, which hasn’t been updated since August 2012. However, the site had an embedded Twitter feed for @TeenNews — “the girl news site of Women’s eNews that delivers news about teens to a global audience and incorporates teens into the production of news.” In 2013, it seems, the former Boston-based Teen News was absorbed by New York-basedWomen’s ENews, about which we learn:

Women’s eNews became independent on January 1, 2002. Women’s eNews grew out of a 1996 roundtable discussion conceived and funded by the Barbara Lee Family Foundation and hosted by the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund. After additional research on the need for a media outlet to distribute news of concern to women and the opportunity to provide women’s voices to commercial media, NOW Legal Defense underwrote in 1999 the creation of Women’s eNews as an Internet-based news service for all women, with a special emphasis on being a resource for commercial media. . . .

This 501(c)3 outfit gets money from the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Family Fund, United Nations Foundation, the Open Society Institute, and the Starry Night Fund of Tides Foundation. The editor of Teen News is now Katina Paron, who is director of the NYC High School Journalism Collaborative at Baruch College. From Ms. Paron’s online profile at the Youth Media Learning Network, we learn that her “youth media career began as an editor, mentor and Board of Directors member with the Boston-based Teen Voices magazine.” Thus we return full circle to the publication where Ellyn Ruthstrom was editor for six years, prior to Ms. Ruthstrom’s subsequent position at the Bisexual Resource Center.

Random coincidence. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

All these coincidences were discovered because I encountered the “Tiggy Upland” Tumblr and wondered, “Who is Tiggy Upland?”

Still don’t have the answer to that question, but I imagine it would be a very interesting answer. Only haters ask questions, y’know.

UPDATE: @TiggyUpland on Twitter was kind enough to share this photo of herself speaking at the 2012 Boston Dyke March:


Just so you know, OK?

UPDATE II: What kind of event was this?

Each year, the Dyke March is held in Boston the day before the Pride Parade as a grassroots efforts to remind the public and the government that “they are a movement, not a market.”

You stay classy, Boston Dyke March ladies!

UPDATE III: There modern double standard involves the way in which feminists constantly derogate masculinity and heterosexuality, whereas no one may express even the mildest criticism of women or homosexuals. It is therefore quite a risky enterprise to suggest that most “bisexuals” are either mainly gay, mainly straight, permanently confused, or just hopelessly perverse.

What are we to say, then, of Tiggy Upland’s approving attitude toward the man in a heterosexual relationship who wanted “his girlfriend to penetrate him with a strap-on dildo”?

We can consult the testimony of a woman who wrote to gay advice columnist Dan Savage (second letter), complaining that she was dating “a wonderful guy” who requested this particular practice. “Honestly, it turned me on as much as it did him,” she said. Then the guy said he wanted to try, uh, “the real thing.” She was also OK with that, “having a threesome with a trusted bi guy friend . . . and we all had fun.” Ah, but then she reaches the plot complication: “We never have vaginal intercourse anymore unless I ask. How soon will it be before I am left out entirely? Have I just been the testing ground for a shy gay boy who is now coming to fully realize that he would rather be with men than women?”

Ma’am, you are an enabler to a narcissist. You are a supporting character in a drama in which he plays the starring role. Yet you willingly cast yourself in this role, otherwise why would you think someone like this is “a wonderful guy”? And, as you say, you enjoyed playing your part up until you realized that this would eventually lead to you being excluded from the final scene. What was it that originally made you think he was “wonderful”? Doesn’t it say something about you — your disastrously bad judgment, or perhaps your own subconscious personality problems — that you would have been attracted to this guy, and willingly gone along with his deviant schemes?

Until people are willing to accept responsibility for their own problems, they will never be able to solve those problems, and feminism is all about absolving women of responsibility.

My advice to anyone who wants a normal life is to stop hanging around weirdos. However much weirdness you might have ever indulged in the past, it’s not actually the past until you walk away from it, renounce it, start socializing with respectable decent people, and try to become someone decent and respectable yourself.