Feminism Is NOT About ‘Equality’


Feminist Tumblr clarifies this common misunderstanding:

When did I ever say I support equality?
Feminism is about anything as half assed as “equality.” Equality for whom? With whom? Who is to be made equal with whom, and at what cost? With white men, the most well off group in our world? But white men only have it so good because they’ve exploited and brutalised the entire world for centuries. Their benefits have come to them at the cost of every one else. God forbid anyone else be equal to them, can you imagine? We need less f that, not more.
Can’t be done under capitalist patriarchy.
Feminism is a radical politics that tears down the whole system with all its inherent structural inequalities and beginning anew. It’s revolution. It’s not EQUALITY.

Misandry Mermaid (“Forever Bathing in Your Male Tears”) laughs at your pathetic delusion that feminism is about “equality.” You may notice thecitation of Why Marx Was Right.

What have I told you? “Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It.” Feminists keep saying the same thing. Are you paying attention yet?

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