Men Cannot Be Feminists

Men Cannot Be Feminists

Posted on | May 13, 2015 | 73 Comments

The oxymoronic phenomenon of the “male feminist” is an endless source of amusement. If groveling self-abasement were an Olympic sport, “male feminists” would win the gold medal every four years.

Modern feminism is basically about three things:

  1. Killing babies;
  2. Hating men;
  3. Lying.

A common feminist lie is to deny that they hate men. This is exactly the kind of shameless dishonesty we must expect from fanatics who assert that killing babies is women’s most basic “right.”

Hateful bloodthirsty liars are not the kind of women that normal men find attractive, yet there are always enough abnormal men in the world that some of them actually want to have sex with feminists. Inspired by twisted masochistic neuroses or other perverse impulses, these pathetic males declare themselves feminists and, while not all “male feminists” end up in the lunatic ward like Professor Hugo Schwyzer, they always meet a sorry end, groveling for the approval of sadistic women whose raison d’etre is their contempt for men.

Meghan Murphy is the proprietor of Feminist Current, “Canada’s leading feminist website.” She has a Masters degree in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, but still insists on describing herself as “a heterosexual woman who has been in a number of heterosexual relationships,” despite never having met a man she actually likes or respects enough to consider them her equal. Like every other feminist, Meghan Murphy only ever speaks of men as her moral and intellectual inferiors. No man could ever deserve her trust or admiration, and certainly she could never be expected to praise a “male feminist” like Noah Berlatsky:

Noah Berlatsky . . . perfectly exemplifies the trouble with male “allies.” He not only presumes to know more about what’s good for women than women themselves, but has taken it upon himself to dictate what the future of the feminist movement should look like, using Playboy as a platform, at that. . . .
Propping up a man whose “feminist cred” consists of attacking feminists and smearing the feminist movement is as ignorant as it is dangerous. . . .
Men like Berlatsky are big supporters of “feminism” so long as it benefits them. Playboy Feminism™ works to elevate male power and privilege and supports a notion of liberation that says: “Beautiful naked women, splayed across pages for the male gaze is what freedom for women is really about.” . . .
Playboy and the male gaze have absolutely nothing to do with female sexuality. To imply as much is to reinforce the notion that women exist only in relation to men and, therefore, that women’s sexuality depends on the male gaze.
Despite challenges such as a fundamental lack of understanding around what feminism is, Berlatsky has persisted in his quest to reinvent our century-old women’s movement, painting feminists as needing, simply, a little male leadership. . . .


How much more clearly can Meghan Murphy explain this to Noah Berlatsky? A basic goal of the feminist movement is to abolish male happiness. If you are a male and you are happy, you are the problem that feminism is intended to solve.

Does it make men happy to look at beautiful naked women? Then feminists must condemn beautiful women and also condemn the “male gaze”that enjoys seeing beautiful women naked. No man can ever be permitted to see a woman naked, because that has “absolutely nothing to do with female sexuality,” according to Meghan Murphy. Under no condition should “female sexuality”ever make men happy.

Meghan Murphy knows this, because she “has been in a number of heterosexual relationships” and no man has ever accused Meghan Murphy of making him happy. Nor is it likely any man would admit to having tried to make her happy. Even in Canada, most men have enough self-respect that they’d never admit something as shameful as that.

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