Wong pitches cash, shows deal to ATV

Wong pitches cash, shows deal to ATV

Kevin Cheng

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ricky Wong Wai-kay’s Hong Kong Television Network yesterday threw a lifeline to the collapsing Asia Television, by offering 1,000 hours of its programming in exchange for a monthly sum and a 50-50 split in advertising revenue.

In an announcement to the Hong Kong stock exchange at 5.46pm, HKTV said the offer, which includes a monthly payment of HK$5 million to ATV, was put on the table without any negotiations.

Its statement said “the company has today sent to the board of directors of Asia Television Limited a written proposal regarding the possible broadcasting of certain drama programs, variety and infotainment programs of the company and/or any of its subsidiaries via ATV, which is subject to the entering into between the parties a formal written agreement.”

The proposal which lapses on Monday at 5pm includes broadcasting HKTV programs through ATV’s existing analog Home channel and digital Channel 11 simultaneously for four hours per day until December 31.

HKTV said this could end sooner, depending on whether ATV could no longer operate its free television program service. The offer would see HKTV arrange advertising and collect revenue on the two channels and be paid a license fee for its programs, based on 50 percent of the advertising revenue collected.

“As at the date of this announcement, neither the company nor its representatives has entered into any discussion or negotiation in relation to the proposal with ATV, its shareholders, or the joint and several managers of ATV … and therefore, the company does not know whether the proposal is of interest to ATV or its stakeholders,” the HKTV statement read.

An ATV spokesman said the company has received the proposal and that it will need to be discussed with the board and management. Cash-strapped ATV’s free-to-air license expires next April.

NJ Syngagogue Harassed with Firecrackers, ‘Allah Akbar’…


A 21-year-old Clifton man is accused of throwing lit firecrackers outside a synagogue and yelling “Allahu Akbar” before fleeing, according to a Northjersey.com report.

Rizek Musheisen has been charged with bias intimidation, possession of fireworks and criminal mischief, said Passaic Police Department spokesman Andy White.

According to the report, police responded to the Ahavas Israel Synagogue on Van Houten Ave. around 8 p.m. after a report of suspicious activity.

Witnesses at the scene told investigators that a 2012 black Nissan with tinted windows had pulled up in front of the synagogue, and a man later identified as Musheisen exited the vehicle, lit the firecrackers and yelled the phrase before returning to his car.

Police later tracked the car to a Quick Chek parking lot. According to the report, the police found a bag of firecrackers in the car’s trunk upon search of the vehicle. Musheisen was in the car with three men from Passaic, Jersey City and Linden, said the report.

The three men were not charged in connection with the crime. According to the report, investigators believe Musheisen acted alone.

Authorities don’t believe anyone was injured.

In a statement, Ahavas Israel and Rabbi Rav Eisenman condemned the incident and all incidents of intolerance, which he said were inconsistent with the synagogue’s teachings and philosophy.

“I was saddened to learn that certain individuals -whose actions are not representative of the views of the overwhelming majority of our neighbors- have chosen to act in ways which are inconsistent with the American way of liberty and justice for all,” Eisenman said.

Advanced Feminist Logic™


Some will say that it is an oxymoron to speak of feminist logic, but after many months of careful study, I have mastered the basics:

1. Do you have a vagina?
2. Vote Democrat!

This is the simplest understanding of feminism, i.e., whatever arguments are necessary to persuade unhappy women that voting Democrat is the best revenge. However, mastering Advanced Feminist Logic™ requires the disciple to accept without question the premise that women are universally oppressed by patriarchy. All women are victims of this system of oppression, the feminist believes, and all men benefit from it.

“Feminist consciousness is consciousness of victimization . . . to come to see oneself as a victim.”
Sandra Lee Bartky, Femininity and Domination: Studies in the Phenomenology of Oppression (1990)

Whether they are speaking of “male supremacy” or “sexism,” whether the immediate object of their indignation is “rape culture,” “harassment” or the “objectification” of women in media, always the fundamental premise of the feminist argument is this systemic, historical and universal oppression of women. What we might call the Patriarchal Thesis is really an extraordinary assertion, requiring us to believe that there are no natural differences between men and women. Rather, everything we consider to be “natural” in terms of human traits and behavior — the masculinity of males and the femininity of females — is socially constructed by the gender binary of the heterosexual matrix.

Those who have achieved Feminist Consciousness understand that differences between men and women are an illusion created by the patriarchy in order to oppress women. And if you don’t accept this extraordinary claim, you are either (a) a woman in need of further enlightenment to achieve Feminist Consciousness, or (b) a male, and therefore a beneficiary of oppression and probably also a rape apologist.

“All women are prisoners and hostages to men’s world. . . .
Each man is a threat. We can’t escape men.”

Disagreement with Feminist Logic™ becomes impossible once you accept the Patriarchal Thesis that is the fundamental premise of the feminist worldview. And if you do accept this premise, you will find it quite difficult to deny that “PIV is always rape, OK?”

Heterosexuality itself is both the cause and effect of male supremacy —“most women have to be coerced into heterosexuality,” to quote Professor Marilyn Frye — because, in the feminist worldview, there is no natural reason for women to be attracted to men, and thus it is patriarchal indoctrination that deceives women into the delusion of “love.” According to feminist theory, women’s “love” for men is actually a symptom of fear, a syndrome akin to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a reaction to “sexual terror” enforced by male violence, as Professor Dee Graham explained.

If the preceding paragraph strikes you as insane, then obviously you have not achieved Feminist Consciousness. The premise of the Patriarchal Thesis leads invariably to the conclusion that males are at best unnecessary or irrelevant, insofar as they are not actively engaged in rape, violence and oppression. Fear and Loathing of the Penis — an existential dread of male sexuality — is the underlying spirit of feminism. It is scarcely surprising to see feminists at our colleges and universities promoting hysteria about “rape culture,” as no feminist can possibly imagine why a woman would ever consent to sexual intercourse with a man.

So as I was describing this in my usual jocular fashion on Twitter, I found myself accosted by Ken Simon, a theatrical actor, playwright and director. Rather than ping-ponging back and forth 140 characters at a time, I wrote him a message via Twit Longer:

Let me explain something, as politely as possible.
You came trolling into my timeline, accusing me of “misconstruing” feminism, as if I don’t know what I’m talking about. Never mind the fact that I’m sitting here with about five dozen feminist books within arm’s reach. The tweet to which you responded was, in fact, a subtweet in response to a feminist who had insulted me after I tried to compliment her.
So, here comes the White Knight, Sir Kenneth of Simon, to add further insults and I’m like, “Who is this asshole, anyway?” Go over and check your TL, and you’re a liberal advocate for gun control whose chief concern today is that Hillary Clinton might not be liberal enough for you. You’re inside an ideological bubble, an echo chamber divided from the exterior world by a high towering wall of Epistemic Closure, and I don’t know that anything I say could convince you to reconsider your opinions. There is no reason for me to argue with you, except for the fact that you decided to show off for your friends: “Look how superior I am to This Guy Here.”
Fine. Bask in the warm glow of your self-congratulatory gesture. Just don’t expect me to join in the applause. Also, don’t expect any reward for being a White Knight of Male Feminism.
Ask around, Ken. Feminists don’t actually like Male Feminists.
Eventually, you’ll discover that feminists consider you just another misogynist swine, and your effort to ingratiate yourself to them by parroting their rhetoric will only inspire feminists to hold you in even deeper contempt than they hold men generally. You may not believe me today, but if you are intelligent, honest and observant, one day you’ll realize I’m right.
Feminism is a totalitarian doctrine of hatred. It cannot be reformed, nor can it be appeased. Feminism is an ideology that demands war against human nature, and the question is whether we can stop this deadly menace before it destroys our civilization.
— Robert Stacy McCain

That’s not a joke. People need to wake the hell up.

silence from feminists: Troy University students charged in Florida spring break gang rape filmed on cell phone

An investigation into an Alabama shooting recovered cell phone video of a spring break gang rape that’s being described by one sheriff as the “most disgusting, sickening thing” he’s ever seen.

The shocking find showed a group of men raping a young, incapacitated woman in broad daylight in Panama City, Fla., last month while surrounded by hundreds of partygoers who did nothing to help, authorities said.

The discovery during a search of a shooting suspect’s cell phone led to the arrest of Troy University students Delone’ Martistee, 22, and Ryan Austin Calhoun, 23, for sexual battery by multiple perpetrators.

“She isn’t going to know,” one man is reportedly heard saying in the video as they place their hands in the woman’s genital region as she lies in a beach chair.

Not once does someone say something or try to help the woman, and the incident was never reported, Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen, who oversees the area where it took place, said Friday, according to the Panama City News Herald.

“This is happening in broad daylight with hundreds of people seeing and hearing what is happening and they are more concerned about spilling their beer than somebody being raped,” he fumed at a press conference.

“This is such a traumatizing event for this girl. No one should have to fear this would happen in Panama City Beach, but it does.”

The video was sent by Troy police to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, and after a joint investigation they were able to identify not only the two suspects but the young woman as well, McKeithen said.






SA Muslims Force Rushdie Supporter into Mental Ward…

from the anti-male feminazi paper U.K Guardian

A South African author who was violently attacked for expressing admiration for Salman Rushdie has been admitted to a mental health institution, allegedly under intense pressure from the local Islamic community.

Zainub Priya Dala claims she has been “harangued to withdraw, dissect, explain and renounce my admiration of [Rushdie’s] works”, but is determined to resist. “I could just as easily burn my Oscar Wilde collection because some homophobes came calling,” she says.

Booker prize winner Rushdie has intervened, calling for South African authorities to protect Dala and her right to express literary opinions to be defended. The writers’ association PEN International has also condemned her treatment.

Dala is a psychologist and a physiotherapist who recently published her first novel, What About Meera. During a literary festival last month in Durban, she said she admired the writing of Arundhati Roy and Rushdie, whose book The Satanic Verses resulted in the issuing of a fatwa and death warrant in 1989. Some audience members walked out.

A day later, three men forced her car off the road, put a knife to her throat and hit her face with a brick, breaking her cheekbone. They called her “Rushdie’s bitch” and, had a minibus taxi not appeared at that moment, she says, she is certain she “would’ve been stabbed”.

According to PEN, Dala is married into a family whose elders are important figures in Durban’s Muslim religious and business community. She has been told to recant, repent and say prayers, often in late-night phone calls. Her husband agrees that she should accept what the religious leaders say “and be done with it”, the charity added.

Dala initially consented to be admitted to Life St Joseph’s mental healthcare facility in Durban because of post-traumatic stress but, in a statement released via PEN, explained: “My husband consulted with a holy older person who felt it’s best I be put into St Joseph’s till I can think right and accept Islam. But I am vehemently refusing. Which lands me here in a mental hospital for who knows how long. Come right means … become a good Muslim woman, stay covered and silent. This is not right.”

She continued: “I’ve been … drugged till I can barely walk … and basically broken down into a submission where I will follow the straight path (if there is one). I feel that the far-reaching damage to my kids will be severe as they attend schools that are 90% Muslim. And I refuse to educate them with fire and brimstone stories about how they may go to heaven but their beloved grandmother will burn in hellfire.

“That’s what they are teaching the kids now anyway. I have also been harangued to withdraw, dissect, explain and renounce my admiration of [Rushdie’s] works. I could just as easily burn my Oscar Wilde collection because some homophobes came calling. I can’t turn back now and pretend I never admired his writing. I would look like a fool.”

Dala has expressed a desire to return home to her husband and two children but said her doctor has gone on leave. “The reality is that I’m going to have to stay here until my psychiatrist comes back, and that is like torture.”

Alarmed by the reports from South Africa, British author Rushdie has joined PEN’s efforts to support Dala. In an email to the Guardian on Sunday, he said: “What remains plain is that Z P Dala has been placed under unbearable psychological pressure for simply saying she liked my ‘literary style’.

“I hope she can be released soon, that the South African authorities can provide her with proper protection to avoid a repetition of the horrific physical attack of some weeks ago, and that she can be helped to resume her life wherever and however she wishes.”

He added: “It’s also important that her right to express literary opinions be defended. She has been subjected to appalling pressure from her own community for an entirely innocent passing remark made at a literary event.”

Jo Glanville, director of English PEN, said: “The repercussions of her public statement of support for Salman Rushdie should appal anyone who cares about freedom of expression in South Africa. That this assault has been followed by pressure from Dala’s own community, leading to her detention in a mental institution, is not treatment that any of us would expect to see in an open society.”

The Islamic Council of South Africa was unavailable for comment.

At U of Michigan, a Muslim Student Unmasks the Hypocrite He Says Vandalized His Apartment

The perpetrator was a liberal activist and decorated campus Muslim leader who said American Sniper promoted violence.


Is the University of Michigan a hostile place for Muslim students—or just a hostile place for freethinkers?

Zeinab Khalil, a recent UM graduate, Muslim, and progressive activist who won numerous distinctions during her time on campus, including an award named for Martin Luther King, Jr., thinks it’s the former. A UM group’s decision to screen the film American Sniper offended the sensibilities of some Muslims, including Khalil, who claimed on Twitter that the campus “is already a hostile place for Arab/Muslim students. In one tweet posted on April 9th, she despaired:

“Spent 4 yrs at @umich doing anti-oppressive work; admins used me to educate campus. this is what i get in return as exhausted/exploited alum.”

In a sense, she’s right. UM has indeed proven to be a hostile place for at least one Muslim student: Omar Mahmood, whose off-campus apartment was vandalized last December by a trio of women who pelted his door with eggs and left him hateful messages because they didn’t appreciate a satirical column he’d written mocking trigger warnings and microaggressions.

Who perpetrated this act of intimidation against a Muslim student? It was Khalil herself, according to Mahmood, whose account is supported by the testimony of other students, video footage, and emails obtained by Reason.

Khalil was assisted by two others, according to Mahmood, who are also recent graduates and progressive activists in the UM Muslim community.

Mahmood has known this all along—the amateur criminals were caught in the act on the apartment complex’s surveillance video and are identifiable to those who know them—but he says he didn’t report their names to the media in hopes that they would reconcile with him privately. They never did.

In the wake of the controversy over American Sniper and Khalil’s statements about campus hostility toward Muslims, Mahmood says he couldn’t hold back any longer.

At 1:40 a.m. on Friday, December 12, 2014 the three women entered Mahmood’s building. They vandalized the door leading to his apartment unit, pelting it with eggs, gum, and hot dogs, and left hateful messages such as “You scum embarrass us,” “you have no soul,” and “everyone hates you you violent prick.” They also left a picture of Satan and defaced copies of the thing that had drawn their ire: a satirical column he had written for the campus’s conservative alternative newspaper, The Michigan Review.

The column, titled “Do the Left Thing,” was written from the perspective of a left-handed student up in arms about all the microaggressions right-handed students had committed against him. Mahmood lamented political correctness in the piece:

It is 2014, people. Still, change starts with awareness. Until right-handed people, especially cis-gendered hetero white males in salmon shorts, do not start checking their privilege, we will continue to live in inequality.

That was enough, says Mahmood, to provoke Khalil.

But even though the perpetrators were caught in the act on surveillance video and their identities were known to many on campus, according to Mahmood, no official action or reprimand took place. And despite the incident garnering attention from national news media—both Fox News and New York Magazine cited it as a prime example of the culture of censorship at the modern American university campus—Mahmood never received any kind of apology. Leaders of the UM Muslim community tried to mediate, but the women were unwilling to meet.

“They have not apologized,” Mahmood told Reason.

Khalil’s tactics are all the more astonishing given her level of distinction and importance on campus. During her time at UM, she was a model leader with a considerable resume. She was a student commencement speaker for the Honors Program graduation ceremony in May 2014, president of the Muslim Student Association, a columnist for the main campus newspaper, The Michigan Daily, and founder of several activist groups. The university chose her as a Rhodes Scholarship nominee last September—just a few months before Mahmood’s door was vandalized. She even received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Spirit Award for exemplifying “the leadership and extraordinary vision” of King, an apostle of non-violence. She interned at the Century Foundation and the Brookings Institution, both left-leaning think tanks in Washington, D.C.


Khalil did not respond to repeated telephone calls, voicemail messages, and emails seeking comment on their actions. Reason obtained messages between a UM employee with knowledge of the incident and the people involved; these documents support Mahmood’s assertions. An individual who spoke to Reason on condition of anonymity recognized the women from the surveillance footage and said there was no doubt of their identities.

The Michigan Review has also reported that Kahlil took part in the vandalism and was investigated by the UM Dean of Students over the matter last year.

University administrators are committed to a “diverse, open, and friendly campus,” according to The Michigan Journal, which reported that President Mark Schlissel believes all students should be able “to express their opinions openly.” Much lip service is paid to the idea that college is a place for tolerance of diverse viewpoints.

Why then did the attempted intimidation of a student—particularly one belonging to an ethnic, political, and religious minority—go unanswered by officials? Rick Fitzgerald, director of the Office of Public Affairs at UM, told Reason that the administration’s hands were tied. Mahmood never filed a bias complaint, so the university had no grounds to take action, he said.

“Violations of the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities are initiated by complainants who bring forward certain facts in the form of a complaint,” said Fitzgerald.

Mahmood told Reason that he called the university hotline to report a bias incident, but was informed that because it had occurred off campus, nothing could be done.

Mahmood’s situation is interesting because muted responses to bias incidents—even unofficial ones—are atypical, at UM and other colleges. Indeed, at UM the administration acted swiftly when the feelings of certain Muslims were at issue. After hundreds of students sign a petition demanding that UM cancel a planned screening of American Sniper, organizers substituted Paddington—a film starring an anthropomorphic bear, based on a children’s book—in its stead. Criticized for caving to some students’ hurt feelings, officials changed their minds and decided to show both films.

Where was the outcry over Mahmood’s door?

Derek Draplin, a UM student, editor of The Michigan Review, and friend of Mahmood’s called his treatment “completely hypocritical.”

“The Muslim community on campus has basically excommunicated him for not adhering to their dogmas,” he told Reason. “They preach tolerance, then try to shut any dissenters up.”

#Hillary2016 #HillaryClinton A brief guide to Clinton scandals from Travelgate to Emailgate

Hillary Clinton is entering the presidential race in a cloud of scandal surrounding foreign contributions to the Clinton family foundation and her use of a private email account and server to conduct official business while secretary of state. But she and her husband are no strangers to scandal.

There often seemed to be no end of the scandals during President Bill Clinton’s two terms in the White House and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns for the Senate starting in 2000 and the Oval Office in 2008. Political experts began diagnosing “Clinton Fatigue” long ago.

As NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd said shortly after the email scandal broke, “if Clinton fatigue, which is already a disease in the press corps, actually becomes a problem with the voting public, and these polls, maybe this is the first time that it’s becoming a problem, that’s — that is doom for her.”

Hillary Clinton may become America’s first woman in the Oval Office despite the heavy baggage of her last name, but the scandals will surely play a dominant role in the 2016 presidential race.

To help readers keep track of them all, herewith is a list of significant Clinton scandals over the years. It is by no means a comprehensive list. The Washington Examiner will update this list as needed in the months ahead.

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#letstalkmen #womenagainstfeminism Ellen Pao’s Anti-Male Hiring Policy Shows The Destructiveness Of Egalitarianism

the cunt strikes again!

Fresh off of attempting to rip off her former employer with a frivolous sexual discrimination lawsuit, Reddit CEO Ellen Pao has done it again. Pao made waves last week when she announced that Reddit would no longer allow potential hires to negotiate their salaries, because salary negotiations unfairly privilege men over women:

‘If you want more equity, we’ll let you swap a little bit of your cash salary for equity, but we aren’t going to reward people who are better negotiators with more compensation,’ Pao said. ‘We ask people what they think about diversity, and we did weed people out because of that.’

You read that correctly: Pao is deliberately handicapping men in order to give women a boost. Because men are better at negotiating their salaries than women—and because studies purportedly show that women who attempt to haggle over their salaries are perceived more negatively—she’s taken the option off the table entirely. If one side can’t play the game as well, no one gets to play at all.

Ellen Pao’s lunatic policy will not only hurt Reddit in the long run by driving away highly-skilled job applicants, but it also shows how corrosive egalitarianism is to American society. A culture that denies basic differences in ability and skill will inevitably fall to the lowest common denominator. In particular, a society that forces men and women to deny their own inherent differences is one that will punish masculine creativity and success.

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