Legislator wants MTR fare rise checked


Legislator wants MTR fare rise checked

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Legislators are urging administration officials to review the fare adjustment mechanism with the MTR Corp as soon possible instead of working on an arrangement that this process only happens every five years.

Wong Kwok-hing of the Federation of Trade Unions argued at a special meeting of the Finance Committee yesterday that as the biggest shareholder of the MTRC the government should use its powers to review the mechanism when it sees fit.

A latest decision by the MTRC to raise fares by 4.3 percent has caused resentment since it did so after announcing a profit of HK$12 billion, Wong said in urging a freeze on fares.

Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung Bing-leung said since the MTRC is a listed company smaller stakeholders also needed to be considered.

Cheung also said he has asked the MTRC to clarify the thinking behind its fare promotions.

The current operating agreement states that the government and MTRC should review the fare mechanism every five years. “But if both sides agree a review could be advanced,” Cheung said.

The MTRC announced last Friday that the 4.3 percent increase will be effective in June. That will be the second-biggest increase in six years.

The MTRC has said the increase is based on rates of inflation and the yearly increases in wages for the transport sector, which come to 4.9 percent.

Meanwhile, Civic Party legislator Kwok Ka-ki said the administration and the Airport Authority are leading the SAR’s citizens on “a great gamble” with the proposed HK$140-billion third runway as benefits are not guaranteed.

And on whether officials intend to review the charging policy for the Eastern Harbour Tunnel, Cheung said the intention is not meant to raise revenues but to control traffic flows. QI LUO

Feminists Against Heterosexuality #letstalkmen #womenagainstfeminism



Jenika McCrayer (@JenikaMc) has “a BA in Women and Gender Studies from The College of William and Mary” and is currently working on her master’s degree in the same field. This means she understands feminist theory, e.g., the “social construction” of the gender binary within the heterosexual matrix. To translate this to plain English, if you are a normal (feminine) woman who feels normal (heterosexual) attraction toward normal (masculine) men, this means that you have been brainwashed by society into accepting your own oppression under the system of male supremacy. Feminists believe that heterosexuality is imposed on women by the patriarchy — women are “coerced into heterosexuality,” as Professor Marilyn Frye explained — and feminine behavior is simply the performance of inferiority. Gender “glamorizes the subordinate status of females” and creates an artificial appearance of male-female difference in order “to clearly mark the subordinate class [i.e., females] from the privileged class [i.e., males].”

Thus, there are no natural differences between male and female, according to feminist theory, only the oppressive hierarchy of “gender” by which society enforces male supremacy.

“The threat of violence alone affords
all men dominance over all women.”

Thus saith the feminists. Quod erat demonstrandum.

So, Jenika McCrayer wrote an article for Everyday Feminism, which was called to my attention by Aurelius Pundit:


Dan Butcher @drbpundit


Indeed, it’s a special slice of crazy:

Jenika McCrayer explains why men who are sexually attracted to women with breasts are misogynists.
McCrayer explains that “under a patriarchal system… we’re taught to believe that the female body exists solely for a man’s sexual pleasure and entertainment.” She then explains several reasons why liking breasts is a bad thing.
First, “It Dangerously Conflates Attraction and Fetishization.” She explains, “breasts are not solely for aesthetic or sexual purposes. They have a function. And there are painful consequences to fetishizing body parts associated with womanhood.”
More than that, “it’s cisnormative to equate breasts with femininity and womanhood. Not everyone who has breasts is a woman, and not all women have breasts.”
Second, “Fetishization Leads to Objectification and Dehumanization.” McCrayer writes, “Reducing people to their anatomy creates this space that some if not most of us exist outside of because we don’t fit into the male gaze’s narrow categories of what it means to be attractive or a woman.” . . .
McCrayer wrote this article because she received a letter from “a reader” whose husband wants equal rights for her, but also finds her breasts attractive, which she found “problematic.”

Normal men like normal women in a normal way. Normal women take this for granted, but feminists aren’t normal women.

Feminists want to abolish gender, because gender oppresses women. Therefore, normal male attraction to normal females is “objectifying,” “cisnormative,” “fetishizing,” etc. Male sexuality is phallocentric and heterosexual intercourse is male violence against women, according to feminist theory. Thus, the only reason any man could ever want to have sex with a woman is because he hates her.

Feminists believe normal sexual desire is dehumanizing to women.