Copenhagen: 84 percent of suspected criminals are “foreigners”

“The number of sexual offenses, violent crimes and drug crimes have indeed increased nationwide. These serious forms of crime are committed in to a very high degree by foreigners who have immigrated to Denmark. New figures show that 84% of those being presented in Copenhagen court with demand of detention, are originating from abroad. Only approximately 10 percent of them have Danish citizenship.

Detention of an accused can generally only take place when there is reasonable suspicion that the accused has committed an offense with a minimum penalty of at least 1.5 years. In other words: Those who are demanded to go in detention are accused of a serious crime.”

#whowillyouhelp #letstalkmen Judge orders man to marry woman who tried to burn him

Instead of handing down a harsh sentence to a western Pennsylvania woman who allegedly doused her boyfriend’s clothes with lighter fluid, an Allegheny County Judge urged the couple to marry and then performed the nuptials, WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh is reporting.

The station writes that Quenesia Catasphany, 27, pleaded guilty to charges of reckless endangerment after admitting to pouring lighter fluid on her boyfriend, Andre White, and his clothing.

But Catasphany, who is pregnant and has three other children with White, got an unusual offer from Judge Joseph Williams III. According to WPXI, which cites court transcripts, the judge told the couple that if they got married, he may be able to “work out” a lesser sentence for the woman.

false rape accuser: Carole Thomas of Montreal

MONTREAL – Close to two months ago, Carole Thomas went public with a claim she had been raped in Longueuil back in October 2014.

She told Global News, and other media outlets in Montreal, she was attacked in the back seat of a luxury car on Parc Industriel Street.

What was particular about Thomas’ story is that she said the assault happened about 48 hours before the murder of Jenique Dalcourt, and relatively close to the bike path where the young woman was killed.

In a one-on-one interview with reporter Domenic Fazioli, Thomas also said detectives “ignored” her case.

“I question their competency and their abilities,” Thomas said back in February.

“It really pisses me off.”

Global News has learned Thomas was arrested at her home in West-End Montreal early Thursday morning.

The 47-year-old now faces criminal charges which suggest she lied about her rape claims.

In the coming days or weeks, Thomas will be formally charged with multiple counts of fraud and public mischief.

EXCLUSIVE: Montreal woman arrested for allegedly making false rape claim

Must See VIDEO: Muslim mob attacks Sikh Temple in the UK

Several newspapers have picked up on this violent unprovoked hate crime following a video being posted to the “Daily Sikh Updates” Facebook page showing a British Sikh being pack attacked by Muslim thugs in Birmingham. Although most including the UK’s Independent newspaper omitted that this religiously motivated hate crime was committed by Muslims.

Despite Sikhs originating from the same sub continent as the majority of Muslims in the UK. The two religious groups couldnt be more different. The Sikhs have integrated with others,make no demands or expect no special treatment, hard working, law abiding and have made a positive contribution to British society in general. As opposed to Muslims who are the total opposite. To be honest i cant think of a single good thing they have contributed to our nation only negative.

A video showing a Sikh man being brutally beaten up on a crowded street in Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest city, went viral on Internet, prompting the police to launch a probe into the suspected hate crime.

The video, titled ‘Singh Brutally Beaten in Birmingham’, was posted online on the ‘Daily Sikh Updates’ Facebook site.

It shows the Sikh man desperately trying to protect his face as a man punches and kicks him while a crowd looks on.
“It is unknown why the Singh was attacked, but the suspects are on the loose. A person can be seen on the doorway unconscious and probably the first victim of the attack. The bystanders refused to help the two victims until a person from the crowd comes in towards the end of the video,” the website said in its appeal for information.

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#letstalkmen #womenagainstfeminism U.K Liberal Democrat politician Sarplex City @sarahlicity (Sarah Noble) openly advocating male genocide

this individual is a danger to society