#gamergate How The IGDA Is Ripping Off Game Developers

The International Games Developer Association (IGDA) has been one of GamerGate’s biggest foes, going all the way back to the movement’s founding. Through their actions, such as advertising Randi Harper’s Good Game Auto Blocker as an “anti-harassment” tool, the IGDA have shown themselves to be an enemy of gamers seeking ethics in journalism. Now, Reaxxion can reveal that the IGDA is not just antagonistic to gamers, but to actual game developers.

How The IGDA Solicits Indulgences From Developers

The IGDA wasn’t always an SJW institution, but pursuant to O’Sullivan’s Law, they’ve slowly become one due to left-wing entryism. When it was founded in the early 1990’s, the IGDA’s original purpose was to lobby against unfair working conditions in the industry and government censorship on video games. However, in the past five years, they’ve gradually abandoned their mission and became a paper tiger. They’ve even accepted money from publishers such as EA who have a long history of overworking their employees:


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