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“We live in a male-supremacist society. Under it,
women are sexually colonized, are treated as
sexual and reproductive chattel. Under it, women
are subjected to a female sexual slavery that is
at the core of patriarchy’s heart of darkness.
Under it, women are subjected to epidemic level
of male violence, male sexual violence and abuse.
It is a rape culture. It is a woman-hating culture.”

Those are the first five sentences of a doctoral dissertation by Pala Molisa, submitted for a Ph.D. in . . . accounting.

Not kidding. At Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Molisa (who is male, by the way) dedicated his Ph.D. dissertation in accounting to Andrea Dworkin and explained his purpose:

[The dissertation] explores how radical feminism could be used to make sense of prostitution and pornography. It explores the potential role that accounting could be playing [in] the globalization of the sexual-exploitation industry. And it explores the implications that radical feminism might hold for re-thinking the theory, research themes, and politics of accounting research. It argues that radical feminism not only holds the key to making sense of pornography and prostitution, it also enables us to radicalize our politics and to deepen the normative visions that would inform and enrich our work. Radical feminist politics is revolutionary politics. It is politics aimed at the abolition of “sex,” the abolition of “gender” itself. The vision they point to is a world without submission and dominance as the organizing principles of social life. The vision they point to is a world whereby it is equality rather than inequality that is eroticized, affirmed, and held as the motivating dynamic behind human desires, and sexual and aesthetic drives. They point to a world without rape. It is my hope that this paper makes a small contribution to creating an accounting literature in which this abolitionist revolutionary politics and this radical vision can have a home, a place, a space.

Dr. Molisa is currently a lecturer at the university.



2 dozen lawsuits filed by college men over false sexual assault accusations

college women ain’t shit!


A former undergraduate student sued Cornell University, alleging the Ivy League school wrongly accused him of forcing himself on a female student.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday by a man referred to as John Doe, is the latest to be brought against a school amid a crackdown on campus sexual assaults. It contends Cornell violated his due-process rights when the school concluded he raped a fellow student after a party in December 2013 and then withheld his diploma.

The suit says the Ithaca, N.Y., university “cherry-picked witness statements,” “ignored important…statements” and judged the credibility of witnesses “without any ascertainable rationale or logic.”

A spokesman for Cornell declined to comment.

Since the start of last year, more than two dozen men have sued colleges and universities over such cases, largely alleging that the schools’ disciplinary processes are stacked against them. The number is a dramatic jump from just a few years ago.



Randi Harper: false rape threat acuser

About that Time I was Falsely Accused of Making a Rape Threat…

I’m a controversial fellow who posts mean Tweets online. I get a lot of heat, and much of it is deserved. In fact, if you said you viewed me as the biggest asshole online, I’d be OK with that.

Unfortunately people have gone beyond calling me out and instead have been falsely accusing me of making rape threats online.

Background: Why was I falsely accused of making a rape threat?

A few months ago I attracted a large hate mob for my support of the First Amendment. I was able to obtain court records showing a woman abused the court system (even lying under oath) in order to obtain an unconstitutional restraining order.

As regular readers of Crime & Federalism know, I have often ordered court records out of my pocket to expose abuse of legal processes. I even had to pay a considerable legal bill after being sued for defamation by Joseph Rakofsky. (I and my co-defendants won that case.)

A group of oddballs who call themselves social justice warriors (SJWs) were not used to such scrunity. They began an online assault. I was doxed (my home address as well as pictures of my home were posted online), the police were called on me, and multiple frivolous reports to the State Bar were made.

That wasn’t enough. I also had to be falsely accused of a rape.

The false rape accusation.

One SJW named Randi Harper became obsessed with me. She called me “creepy” for writing posts about my enjoyment of sex.

If I understand one subject well, it’s women. I also understand projection. When people cast aspersions over you for your enjoyment of an activity, chances are the person enjoys the same activity.

I went through Randi Harper’s archived blog (the Internet never forgets) and immediately had my suspicions confirmed.

Ms. Harper was active in the BDSM scene and was also a sex worker.

Ms. Harper was a sub. She enjoyed being tied up. I even found a picture of her wearing a dog collar.

That’s totally cool, by the way. Everyone has his or her kink, and as long as your kink involves consenting adults, it’s none of my business.

I taunted Ms. Harper a bit, as I do. (Yes, I can be an asshole sometimes.)

Her reaction, however, surprised me.

Rather than accusing me of being a misogynist or slut shamer, she falsely accused me of making rape threats.

You can see my original Tweet. In what world is this a rape threat?

Islamic Racism: Poster emerges calling for Chinese, Indians to be expelled for rejecting hudud

KUALA LUMPUR, March 20 — A poster of a purported rally tomorrow to demand the expulsion of Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese and Indians is making the rounds on the Internet, sparking public uproar and calls for action to be taken.

But information about the event is scarce apart from its message for all Muslims in Malaysia to gather at Merdeka Square here tomorrow to make the demand of Putrajaya.

“We call on all Muslims to gather with us at Dataran Merdeka on March 21 to demand the Malaysian government expel every single Chinese and Indian from Malaysia and we also want the government to implement hudud in all states,” read the poster.

The poster purports to be from a local Malay-Muslim group, but Malay Mail Online’s attempts to contact them for clarification were unsuccessful.

Since appearing, the poster has been shared widely on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Police have said they will take action against anyone who tries to spread hate against any community.

City Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Asst Comm Zainuddin Ahmad was quoted by Star Online as saying those who try to incite hate will be detained under the Sedition Act.

“We will not tolerate anyone who tries to influence others to discriminate against any particular race or religion,” he was quoted as saying.

But Zainuddin said the police have yet to receive any indication if the rally would actually take place.

The posters surfaced just after the Kelantan state assembly yesterday approved the Shariah Criminal Code (II) (1993) 2015 Enactment with 31 votes from PAS lawmakers supported by 12 from Umno.

PAS now plans to put forward two private members’ bills in Parliament to enable Kelantan to enforce hudud ― one will seek approval for the state to legislate punishment for crimes under the Penal Code.

The other seeks to amend the Shariah Courts (Criminal) Jurisdiction Act 1965 to enable Islamic courts to mete out punishments such as the death penalty for apostasy and the amputation of limbs for theft.

The hudud issue also sparked controversy earlier today after a BFM radio presenter received death and rape threats over a programme questioning the rationale for prioritising hudud in the impoverished state of Kelantan.

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dhimmitude: ‘One nation under Allah?’ School’s Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic infuriates small town

Students were offended and authorities are taking plenty of heat at a New York state high school after the Pledge of Allegiance was recited in Arabic Wednesday in celebration of National Foreign Language week.

nstead of being greeted with respect, as the Pledge usually is, Wednesday morning’s rendition was greeted “by catcalls and angry denunciations,” according to the Times Record-Herald online.

Andrew Zink, the senior class president, normally gives the morning announcements, but was asked, instead, to allow someone else to deliver an Arabic version of the Pledge.

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Montreal school run by alleged al-Qaida agent stays open

MONTREAL — A community college says it has no choice but to let alleged al-Qaida sleeper agent Adil Charkaoui re-open his suspended qur’anic Montreal school after determining it had no legal grounds to shut it down.

One of the five Maisonneuve college students suspected of joining the Islamic State had enrolled in two workshops Charkaoui ran in the school building.

Maisonneuve college announced last month that it had suspended its contract with Charkaoui after his program’s website had links to extremist sites and at least one film.

Morocco-born Charkaoui, who recently became a Canadian citizen, denies he radicalized anyone, and he’s threatened to sue the east-end school.

At a news conference on Thursday morning, the community college said that after consulting lawyers and the RCMP, it determined that it had to respect its contract with Charkaoui until June.

However, spokeswoman Brigitte Desjardins criticized the former karate instructor’s decision to make the announcement on his Facebook page instead of contacting the school.

“It’s very disappointing to learn, once again, information that concerns us directly,” Desjardins told reporters.

“We have not yet received written confirmation of his intention to conform to this directive.”

The school will demand that Arab-speaking observers sit in on Charkaoui’s Sunday classes to ensure there are no hateful messages or radicalization being taught.

The consultants will be chosen and paid by Maisonneuve college. Charkaoui has until Friday to accept the terms.

He successfully quashed two federal security certificates after Ottawa said he’s a dormant al-Qaeda operative.

The government said Charkaoui knew terrorists and that his photo was recognized by prominent al-Qaida members, including jailed millennium bomber Ahmed Ressam.

The Crown also alleged Charkaoui had been at an Afghanistan training camp in 1998, where he made connections with a Moroccan Islamic group responsible for a 2004 train bombing in Madrid that killed 191 people and wounded more than 1,800.

Charkaoui was jailed for nearly two years before being released in 2009.

He denies he’s a member of any terrorist group and is suing the federal government for refusing to apologize for the allegations.

Mangina Mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings(D): “misogynistic gene that’s built in us guys …….”

Rawlings is just the latest in a long string of politicians cashing in on the “men are bad” domestic abuse bandwagon, fostering a climate of fear and bigotry driven mistrust between the sexes in exchange for some added political capital.

Rawlings has begun parroting the jargon of gender feminists, promising to “change the male culture,” in the Dallas area. Of course, the implication here is that male culture is synonymous with raping, wife-beating assholes, and they, meaning you and all your raping, wife-beating asshole friends, need be fixed.

It appears that whatever male culture you were stupid enough to imagine you belonged to, like soldiers, police, firemen or any number of different men who protect and labor and toil to take care of wife and family; well, just forget all that. Get in line to get your change on, men, courtesy of other men in more powerful positions than you are. Men like Mike Rawlings and the designated jock superstars du jour.



“If you replace ‘men’ with ‘Jews,’ a huge percentage of Tumblr becomes Nazi propaganda.”

This Is So True

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“If you replace ‘men’ with ‘Jews,’ a huge percentage
of Tumblr becomes Nazi propaganda.”

The phenomenon of “Tumblr Feminism” really has to be seen to be believed. In the 1950s, women with mental illness were treated with psychoanalysis, tranquilizers or electroshock therapy. Now, all the crazy women just log on and post their deranged gibberish on Tumblr, where thousands of other crazy women tell them how awesome they are.

You think I’m kidding? Consider Lily, a “Pansexual/Demisexual” teenage “GenderQueer,” whose profile lists her diagnoses as borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression. She posted this message:

FEMINISM: Equality for all sexes/genders
MISANDRY: hatred for men, power for woman
MISOGYNY: Hatred for woman, power for men
MENINISM: a joke


Ha ha. The thing about Tumblr is, when people reblog a post, they can add information. At some point, the last item was amended:

MENINISM: a joke. like a literal joke. the concept was created to mock male anti-feminists, but they didn’t get the memo and rolled with it like it was a legitimate thing

Ha ha, again.

What are we to make of this? Well, to begin with, there are apparently no sane normal women on feminist Tumblr. Everybody’s profile lists either some kind of mental condition — depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, whatever — or some kind of abnormal sexuality: Use a “Lesbian Sphinx” as your avatar, for example, and you’ll fit right in. Also, it helps if you’ve got “body image” issues. The other thing — and here Tumblr Feminism is a barometer of the zeitgeist — is that these crazy weirdos are endlessly exasperated that the rest of us just don’t understand what feminism really is. There’s a lot of posturing martydom, the suggestion that women are being bombarded with misogynistic hate for daring to proclaim their feminism, which none of their critics understand:

“I feel that feminist shouldn’t be a ‘label’ as a lot of people make it out to be. It’s about equality. Why would wanting equality be a label? And why is that a bad thing?”
Candace, 23

Feminism as it exists today began as the Women’s Liberation Movement in 1968. Sometimes called “Second Wave” feminism (to distinguish it from the “First Wave,” circa 1850-1920), this movement arose from the radical New Left. I’ve got three histories of the movement sitting on my desk right now: Personal Politics: The Roots of Women’s Liberation in the Civil Rights Movement and the New Left (Sara Evans, 1979), Daring to Be Bad: Radical Feminism in America, 1967-1975 (Alice Echols, 1989) and In Our Time: Memoir of a Revolution (Susan Brownmiller, 1999). All three of these books are by feminist authors who frankly acknowledge that Marxist women — especially the daughters of Communist Party activists, known as “Red Diaper babies” — were influential in founding and leading the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1960s and ’70s. Furthermore, I’ll recommend two other books, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women’s Liberation (Kate Weigand, 2001) and Betty Friedan and the Making of the ‘Feminine Mystique’: The American Left, The Cold War and Modern Feminism (Daniel Horowitz, 1998). To put it quite bluntly, at a time when the Cold War was raging, when the tyranny of Soviet imperialism threatened to conquer the world, and when U.S. troops were being killed by Communists in Vietnam,feminists were on the other side.

The Women’s Liberation Movement emerged from the extreme fringe of anti-American, pro-Communist radicalism. From its inception, this movement was hostile to men, marriage, motherhood, religion, capitalism and patriotism. Some people try to claim that there is a “mainstream” feminism that was “hijacked” by radical kooks, but in fact the kooks built the feminist plane, and any perception that feminism is “mainstream” is an illusion created by the movement’s dishonest publicity/media apparatus. The mentally disturbed young “GenderQueer” on Tumblr is thus perfectly typical of feminism.

Behind the “mainstream” publicity, feminism is today what it has always been, a dangerously radical movement that attracts misfits, malcontents and maniacs. Let me share some feminist history you kids probably didn’t learn in school:


[L]eftist fugitive Susan Saxe was arrested in Philadelphia on March 27, 1975. Saxe had been underground since October 1970, when she and four others robbed the Brighton brance of Boston’s State Bank and Trust and absconded with $26,000. During the robbery, a policeman was shot and killed. Saxe and the others were charged with another bank robbery and with the bombing and burglarizing of a U.S. Army armory in Newburyport, Massachusetts. . . . Some time after going underground, Saxe came out as a lesbian; she was involved in Philadelphia’s lesbian-feminist community at the time of her arrest. Saxe issued a statement following her arrest in which she declared:

“First, a greeting of love and strength to all my sisters — courage for our warriors, hope for our people and especially for all my sisters and brothers underground in Amerika. Keep on fighting, stay free, stay strong. I promise you a courage to match your own. For me this is not an end, but a new beginning. I intend to fight on in every way as a lesbian, a feminist and an amazon.” . . .

Saxe had emphasized that in her case feminism “was not a ‘conversion,’ but a process that followed my previous commitment as day follows night.”

That’s from pp. 262-263 of Daring to Be Bad, and Susan Saxe — “one of only eight women ever to make the FBI’s Most Wanted List” — was absolutely correct that her radical feminism was a natural progression of her “previous commitment” as a violent terrorist. Saxe became a radical while attending an elite school Brandeis University, where her roommate was Katherine Ann Power:

In a statement issued [after she turned herself into federal authorities in 1993], Ms. Power said she had “a lifelong, untreated condition of endogenous clinical depression.” [therapist Linda] Carroll said Ms. Power was taking an anti-depressant medication, trazodone hydrochoride, for her condition. . . .
Ms. Power drove the getaway car in the 1970 robbery of a Brighton bank . . .
The transformation from high school honors student to one of the nation’s most-wanted fugitives began at Brandeis, where Ms. Power was on a four-year scholarship. In Denver, her home town, she was the 1967 valedictorian at Marycrest High School . . .
According to court testimony, Ms. Power and Ms. Saxe hooked up with three ex-convicts and committed a series of crimes, including the theft of ammunition. . . .
Ms. Saxe and Ms. Power went underground, staying in a series of women’s communes. Ms. Saxe was arrested in 1975 and served seven years in prison.

So, one of them was suffering from clinical depression and the other was a lesbian, and they were roommates at an elite university before becoming radical terrorists. And feminists.

The Boston policeman murdered by the Saxe-Powers gang, Walter Schroeder Sr., was the father of nine children.

The young crazy weirdos on Tumblr don’t know anything about the history of the movement they’re supporting. Instead they insist that it is feminism’s opponents who are ignorant:

really tired of ignorant people demonizing feminists for every possible thing.
all we’re doing is making you aware of the sh–ty things that plague society that you maybe participate in, knowingly or otherwise, and you feel guilty or confused so you lash out.
and stop blaming feminists for man-hating, or for making up problems. those tropes are older than the suffragette movement andif you had bothered once in your life to read any feminist literature, or any radical thought at all, you would know that feminists seek to erase the patriarchal system that hurts men as much as it hurts women. educate yourself before you speak.
hating feminists doesn’t make you cool, trendy, different, intelligent, or counterculture. it makes you look threatened, underinformed and hateful. every movement deserves criticism and there are lots of valid criticisms that can be aimed at feminism, regarding exclusivity (in terms of white dominance or the garbage TERFs), but crying “man-hating” or “misandry” literally expose you for the baby you are.
in case anyone needed a refresher: a feminist is someone who believes in the social, political and economical equality of the sexes. if you believe in that, you’re a feminist. if you think that one sex is somehow naturally better than the rest, you’re an a–hole and your kind will be phased out. goodbye.


Where did she learn this jargon about the “patriarchal system”? Why do these young feminists habitually insist that they know more about feminism than do any of their critics? And why do they keep endlessly recycling the same tropes?

I love how fragile male ego is sometimes. Like, they’ll verbally attack and humiliate a person in front of as many people as possible, but the moment they get called out, they have to retreat behind “not all men” and validate themselves. Like, you tell a guy that you don’t appreciate him catcalling you, and suddenly he becomes a hero, paying lonely strangers compliments, rather than the a–hole that said terrible things to someone for literally no reason. Or when you make a statement about how men are historically problematic to literally every gender, race, religion, orientation, etc., and they come out of the woodwork to extol the virtues of XY chromosome holders of the past. Men like to maintain the idea that women are emotional, but they deal with so much humbling, humiliating shit on a daily basis, meanwhilecisgendered, heterosexual, Anglo men are holding some of the most fragile egos. I’m not talking about all men, because some have managed to pull their head out of their ass and realized that there needs to be change, I’m addressing the person who would send a woman death threats for suggesting feminism is important. You know who you are, scum.

Notice that it is only certain men — straight white guys — who are depised as “scum” by the feminist, accused of possessing fragile egos, “catcalling,” sending death threats, etc. This feminist trope implies that all gay men, all black men, Hispanic men and Asian men are enlightened egalitarians, so that it is heterosexual white men who exclusively perpetuate the patriarchal conspiracy to oppress women. And the Tumblr Feminist is always blissfully unaware that she is supporting a totalitarian ideology with a history of terrorism.

If your ambition in life is to be a lonely bisexual with anxiety disorders and body-image issues, you can stay on Tumblr all day and rant to your heart’s content. On the other hand, if you want to accomplish something in the real world — the place where adult human beings actually get stuff done — you will find feminist ideology may be less than helpful.