Danish People’s Party proposes exit program for Muslims fleeing from Islam



Society must step in if Muslims want to leave Islam, but encounter obstacles in the form of threats and reprisals.

The solution is a so-called exit program, which today is known from biker and gang environment.

That is a proposal from the Danish People’s integration spokesman Martin Henriksen, who have inquired Social Affairs Manu Sareen (R) about the possibility of putting exit the program. According Henriksen is a community problem that Muslims do not dare leave their faith. It should be done about this.

“We see unfortunately a number of examples that anyone would like to leave Islam, but they find it difficult to do it or do not dare because they fear reprisals from certain groups in the Muslim communities in Denmark. This is a way to begin to do something about it, “says Martin Henriksen.

“You have to make the decision ‘

According to Martin Henriksen such an initiative may well start in private. But otherwise the government to step in. Though not in a proactive role.

“People should of course not directly offer an exit. You have to make the decision. And if you decide that you will not be more, there must be a place where you can turn for support and encouragement. One such place could also explain the parents and the community, that it’s okay that you now want something different. There have been some examples of someone living a double life because they do not dare leave the religion and meetings threatening behavior from others not just accept that they have done it, “says Martin Henriksen.

“You can stick your head in the sand, or you can do something about it ‘.

Imam Who Complained of American Misconceptions About Islam Busted for Molesting Teenage Girl

After a series of Muslim terror attacks, Imam Abu Farah aka Imam Helmi Motasim Agha, wrote…”Today, during my flight to Alabama, I was followed (Around) in the airport by five (uniformed) TSA members, and upon questioning them, I was just told “we are doing our job”!!! Subhana Allah! A complete profiling!”

After the Chapel Hill shootings, he claimed that, “We suspect it is the outcome of daily misconceptions against Muslims. Ignorance lead to fear and fear leads to violence.”

Now the Imam has been busted for molesting a teenage girl.




Kenya to build wall on border with Somalia

The government will construct a wall between Kenya and Somalia on a portion of the border in Lamu County to enhance security.

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy said the wall would help prevent illegal immigrants from crossing into Kenya.

“I have been briefed about the plan and construction works will begin soon. We expect to have finished the project before the end of the year,” Mr Timamy told the public at Faza Social Hall in Lamu East Sub-County on Sunday.


The areas to be secured include Ishakani and Ras Kamboni in Kiunga. “This is where immigrants have been arrested trying to cross into the country or having already entered through the border in Lamu,” Mr Timamy added.

“This is a good idea and we support it because we believe it will go a long way to secure this region and indeed, the country as a whole.”

The government has taken several measures to enhance security after 90 people died in two attacks in June and July last year. The government also slapped a dusk to dawn curfew in the region.



Gotnews.com: BREAKING, EXCLUSIVE: We Have Found MOTIVE in #JeffreyWilliams’s #Ferguson Cop Shooting

Motive In Ferguson Police Shooting: Were Jeffrey Williams And Vonderrit Myers In The Same Gang???

It sure looks that way. Gotnews.com may discovered the motive in the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson: payback for the killing of street thug Vonderritt Myers.

Last October 12th, Jeffrey Williams’s Facebook ‘brother’ Rockey Gotthe Strapstill posted a photo of himself praying for Vonderrit Myers with the caption “Juss do it for Von
41p my nigga man Rs?”

On December 10th, obviously still grieving for his friend, he posted a photo of a memorial with the caption: “I str8 miss my nigga show some respect one time for#4iPVonBlood

Last August 29th, Jeffrey Williams’ ‘brother’ posted a photoof his ‘crew’ which included both Jeff Williams (far right) and a young man who resembles Vonderrit Myers (5th from right in white t shirt).


Were Jeff Williams and Vonderitt Myers in the same gang? You be the judge…

Gotnews.com wrote about Vonderitt Myers already andwhat a dangerous street thug he was before cops killed him in a gun battle.