A Northeastern University study claims that normal heterosexual behaviors are sexist towards women

next on the war against men, masculinity and heterosexuality…..


So it’s official: holding a door open for a woman is as sexist as shouting obscenities at her.

Oh, and smiling at a woman while playing a board game means you’re a sexist pig, too.

Yes, seriously.

“Smiling at women: sexist!” might sound like a knowing parody, a Brass Eye-style critique of modern feminism, but if you’re gullible enough to believe the findings of a preposterous new survey, it’s actually being spoken as truth.

Two publicity-seeking psychologists (one of whom is a PhD student) atNortheastern University, Boston, found that a friendly or chivalrous attitude can “mask chauvinistic and patronising views” because men see females as weak creatures in need of their protection.

If you feel the urge to pour a large gin – even before lunch – I’m with you, but bear with me – it gets better.

In the study, 27 mixed-sex pairs of American students were observed as they played a trivia board game. You read that right. Nobody had non-consensual sex, was bashed on the head or drugged. Not a single peanut was thrown. Nobody even raised their voices. The couples played a game that was once popular in the 1980s, chatted, and smiled. That’s it.

Yet the men were being scrutinised through the jaundiced lens of feminist “science” for subtle sexist traits.

Think about that: how 54 American undergraduates interacted while playing Trivial Pursuit allows us to condemn 50 per cent of humanity as secret sexists (tellingly, the women do not appear to have been scrutinised for any negative behavior).





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