Quebec wants to ban the wearing of the full Islamic veil

March 10, 2015 (3:30 pm)
Agence France-Presse

Quebec Premier Couillard promises a plan of action and a law

The Quebec government will legislate on secularism by the summer to ban the wearing of the full Islamic veil for officials in contact with the population, as well as for citizens in public administration, an unprecedented measure in Canada.

The law on “state neutrality” should remind us of our “fundamental individual rights” that apply in this province, said Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard during a recent interview with AFP.

“It will be proposed that both the person providing a public service and receiving it must have their faces exposed for communication, safety and identification purposes.”

The Liberal leader, elected with a large majority last April, notes that this will apply to both public service and municipal government.

This enforcement action will prevent the wearing of the full veil (niqab or burqa) by employees or users of the administration.

“It’s the least the government could do. The expectation of citizens was high to ensure that the state decides on its relations with the religious,” considers Jocelyn Maclure, a philosophy professor at Laval University in Quebec City.

“It’s surprising that this has not yet been done.”


Feminist Ph.D. Blames @KatiePavlich for Patriarchy, Misogyny, ‘Rape Culture’?


Meet @AngieLCarter, who plans to complete her Ph.D. in sociology this year at Iowa State University, and who apparently helped lead protesters Tuesday against author Katie Pavlich:


Twitchy reports on what went down in Ames, Iowa:

Townhall editor and Twitchy favorite Katie Pavlich spoke Tuesday night at Iowa State University on the topic of “Sexual Assault on Campus: A Conservative Perspective.” We’ve heard plenty of liberals give their take on campus sexual assault: some universities officially advise female students to blow a whistle, vomit, fake a disease or justuse the buddy system and campus “safe zones” to avoid being raped.
By all means, though, women on campus should not arm themselves, for fear that they might mistakenly “feel” they’re in trouble when they’re actually not and “pop a round at somebody.”
Pavlich says that anti-gun protesters attended her speech, which is no surprise.

Go read the whole thing at Twitchy. Can you guess how reporter Gavin Aronsen spun the story in the local AmesTribune?

Controversial author: Fight
rape with guns on campuses

More than 200 people attended a lecture Tuesday evening at Iowa State University’s Memorial Union, many in protest, by a conservative author and Fox News political commentator known for her controversial views on sexual assault on college campuses. . . .
The speaker, Katie Pavlich, in a lecture titled “Sexual Assault on Campus: A Conservative Perspective,” castigated university administrators and liberals alike for what she said was their aversion to empowering women to defend themselves against rapists. . . .
“Because of these policies women are being turned into victims in order to uphold anti-gun political philosophies held by administrators. What can be a woman’s best defense against a sexual assault? A gun.” . . .
According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Iowa is one of 23 states where individual campuses can choose whether to allow guns on campus. ISU does not allow it.

Is it “controversial” to say that a woman with a gun is less likely to be raped? Is there nothing “controversial” about Iowa State University’s policy? May we inquire what Pavlich’s critics are teaching at ISU?

Angie Carter is a Sociology PhD candidate co-majoring in ISU’s Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture (GPSA). Her sociological areas of interest include symbolic interaction, narrative construction, inequality, gender, social change, agrifood systems, and the environment. Her research has studied community natural resource programs, farmland ownership and conservation adoption, and social justice in agrifood systems. While at ISU, Carter has participated in both the Preparing Future Faculty program and the Emerging Leaders Academy.
Carter’s dissertation is a multi-method analysis of the social processes related to farmland owner legitimacy in conservation decision-making and their relationship to gendered agricultural narratives. . . .
Additional research interests include the construction of masculinity in agriculture, the integration of justice within the sustainable agricultural paradigm, feminist pedagogical approaches, the symbolic uses of “human nature” and its connection to social inequality, the control and revision of cultural narratives, gendered organizations and institutional change, the privatization of the public university and the changing place of public science, and environmental justice social movements.
Upon graduation in May 2015, Carter plans to continue to integrate theory and practice through her research and teaching as a professor.


Yeah. There is this place called “the real world” — far, far away from this academic indoctrination center where Angie Carter is among the “Emerging Leaders” — and in the real world, farmers grow corn and raise hogs. Real farmers don’t have time to worry about “the construction of masculinity,” “gendered agricultural narratives” and “environmental justice social movements.”


The question is not why “controversial” Katie Pavlich was confronted by protesters at ISU. The question is: “Do Iowa taxpayers know what kind of lunatic gibberish is being taught at ISU?”

Fact: Women receive about 70% of bachelor’s degrees in sociology, and also receive nearly two-thirds of Ph.D.s in the field. Because sociology has become so dominated by women, and because women in academia are generally adherents of radical feminism, this field is now an ideological swamp of jargon and “theory” that teaches nothing useful about human society. Isn’t it time legislators in Iowa and other states begin exercising their authority as stewards of taxpayers’ money and investigate what citizens are getting for the millions of dollars that are pumped into Academic Nonsense Factories called “state universities”?

Called ‘Fat Cow,’ Lena Dunham Has ‘Hired Her Own Personal Tweeter’


Her parents are rich and they sent her to Oberlin College (annual tuition$48,682). Through her family’s wealth and influential connections, she scored a deal for an HBO series that is supposed to be a “comedy” but isn’t remotely funny. Almost nobody watches Girls, but it is effusively praised by critics because it’s supposed to express the hip young feminist zeitgeistor something. She wrote a book in which she described molesting her baby sister and also lied about being raped at college, deliberately libeling a Republican student activist named Barry.

Gosh, I wonder why everybody hates Lena Dunham?

Lena Dunham has said that abuse and threats from Twitter trolls left her feeling a “mess” — and she has now hired her own personal tweeter.
The Girls creator admitted that she finds it difficult to deal with the level of abuse that she receives online, despite her reputation for not caring what other people think. . . .
“[You’re] like, ‘oh my god, that’s so funny, somebody called me a fat cow who deserves to be dragged through the street,’ but it does affect you internally,” Dunham said during a Q&A session at the annual PaleyFest in Los Angeles, Variety reported. . . .
The 28-year-old, who spoke alongside her fellow cast members and the executive producers of the HBO series, has now hired a woman to take care of her Twitter account. Dunham said she composes her own tweets but doesn’t log onto the social media site herself, although she is kept abreast if there’s an “important response”.

Lena Dunham is a selfish brat who has been protected all her life from the consequences of her own irresponsibility. Never once in her life has she done anything decent or generous, and instead has made a career of corrupting our culture. She has earned a reputation for dishonest cruelty. Like all such monsters, she cannot stand it when people tell the truth about her. And now she seeks pity as a victim?

University of New Mexico Bans Criticism of Islam

This is what sharia law looks like in America. Sheep to slaughter.

Anti-Muslim hate crime barely registers. Anti-Jewish, anti-black, anti-gay hate crimes are significantly more common, with antisemitic hate crime coming in at over 60%. But facts, reality and truth are hate speech now.

Faked hate leading to anti-freedom legislation.

Muslim anti-semitism on college campuses is rampant, but you never see resolutions, newspaper articles, prohibitions on that nazism.

One of the students wrote me, “I think you would be interested to know that Islamophobia is now officially at my school, the University of New Mexico. The same place where Nonie Darwish was harassed in 2012. Apparently a few days ago, a “Resolution 6S” was passed. Now anyone who opposes Islam is an ‘islamophobe’ at UNM.”

It speaks volumes that this resolution comes in the wake of the North Carolina parking dispute. A nasty neighbor’s rage over use of his parking space becomes “islamophobia,” even though the shooter said more than once that he preferred Muslims to Christians. And it didn’t take place on a college campus, either. It had nothing to do with Islam.


Resolutuon 6S bans “prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.” Sharia is political Islam — any rational human being who cherishes his or her freedom would do well to oppose it.

These young people should be working to purge the sharia from gender apartheid, creed apartheid and other Islamic practices, and to free people living under Islamic oppression. Today’s Peace Corps should be working to purge the sharia of oppression. Instead, these zombies are carrying water for the most extreme ideology on the face of the earth.

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Book sold in Mississauga guides the Muslim woman to obey and serve her husband including when he calls her to bed


A bookstore at Mississauga Halal Food Fest 2014 (April 18, 2014) sold copies of the book “Rulings Pertaining to Muslim Women” authored by the Saudi scholar Dr. Saleh Fauzan al-Fauzan. The following are excerpts of the book:

It is obligatory upon the Muslim Woman to obey her husband in that which is halal. Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him said: ‘The Messenger of Allah, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: ‘If the woman prays her five salats [prayers], protects her chastity and obeys her husband, she will enter paradise from whichever door she wishes.’ Narrated by Ibn Hibban in the Shaheeh…

“From Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, ‘The Messenger of Allah, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: ‘If a man asks his wife to go to bed with him, and she does not come to him, and he spends the night angry with her, the angels curse her until the morning.’ Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim and others…

“Among the rights of a husband upon his wife is that she looks after his house and does not go outside unless she has his permission…

Among his rights upon her is that she does the housework and does not force him to employ a maid, who could pose a problem (i.e. Temptation) for him, and expose him and his children to danger…

“So it is upon the Muslim woman to lower and avert her gaze from men, and not look at the provocative pictures which are found in various media, magazines, TV and video, in order to protect herself from evil consequences…
“Another means by which a woman’s chastity can be protected is by avoiding listening to songs and flutes (i.e. Music)…

“So the Muslim woman should fear Allah and be warned of this dangerous sickness of character; listening to music which is distributed among the Muslims by many means and in various forms, which has caused many ignorant girls to try and obtain it from its distributors and exchange it with one another.

Among the means of preserving chastity is to prevent the woman from travelling unless she has a mahram[an unmarriageable kin with whom sexual intercourse would be considered incestuous] to protect her from the desires of the licentious and the sinful.”