Indian Lynch Mob Kills Two Men, Shows The Same Disturbing Mentality Seen In The United States

coming soon to a detention center near you!



Two men in India have been killed by a lynch mob due to accusations (not convictions) of rape. Though mob mentality in the United States has not yet reached this point, recent events suggest it may be moving in that direction. Both of these men have extraordinary relevance in the context of due process and rape accusations, irrespective of whether the suspect did or did not rape someone. We will never know what truly happened.

Syed Farid Khan is now dead, having been forcibly removed from a well-protected detention facility in the north-eastern city of Dimapur in Nagaland. He was stripped naked, hit with fists, stones, and whatever other objects people could find, and then dragged, still nude, for seven kilometers (between four and five miles) from a motorcycle. He was then strung up in a city square like some 2015 Benito Mussolini.

In the northern city of Varanasi, another man was publicly executed after allegations of sexual molestation by girls.


Critics of sites such as Return of Kings will point out that this horrendous murder took place in India, not the United States or Europe. Feminists will wash their hands of the situation and attribute it to a pack of people almost exclusively male, ignoring reports that dozens, perhaps hundreds of girls in school uniforms helped lead the angry mob.

Yet aside from the outcome, how is the mentality of this mob any different from the mobs laced throughout American colleges? And given the superior education and wealth of the average American, shouldn’t those in the US be held to a higher social and moral standard?

Both breeds of mob are dedicated to vilifying people accused of a crime and dispensing with established legal principles. In the case of college mobs or those supporting them, much of the time the “accused” has not even been charged by police, let alone convicted of an actual crime.


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