Devout Muslim Rams Car into Miami Airport Security…

A Honduran woman accused of making a false bomb threat at Miami International Airport will face charges in federal court on Friday afternoon.

Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa attempted to drive her vehicle through the airport entrance, crashed her car into a Miami-Dade Police patrol car and screamed at officers in what was believed to be Arabic and then, in English — all before falsely claiming she had a bomb, according to authorities.

Miami-Dade police turned over the case to the FBI, which confirmed the federal charges against the 33-year-old Honduran citizen.

“At this time there appears to be no nexus to terrorism,” FBI special agent Michael Leverock said in a statement.

At about 4 p.m. Thursday, authorities at MIA shut down the upper level departure area around Concourse D as they investigated, calling it a “security incident.”

Miami-Dade Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said the woman was driving a silver Toyota in the upper level in the outer loop when she “made a right turn and drove through the inner loop making an intentional attempt to breach airport security by attempting to drive her vehicle through the airport entrance.”

Zabaleta said she then crashed into the police car. When officers arrived, she screamed and said she had explosives. The upper area was evacuated. A search with dogs turned up nothing.

The airport tweeted out late Thursday afternoon that the three lanes on the upper deck were open. By Thursday evening, the area was clear and traffic was flowing smoothly, said airport spokesman Gregory Chin.

FEMEN’s Silence During The Ukraine Conflict Shows Their Anti-Male Agenda

I know many Eastern European women, a considerable number of them Ukrainian. Thankfully, none of these Ukrainian girls have ever complained to me about the status of women in their country. If they did, I would give them an earful, telling them to join the front line in the Eastern Ukraine and see how they felt then.

Why? Because Ukrainian men are being conscripted en masse to fight the separatists in the East [1] [2] [3]. Protests against these measures have been raging for months across the country. To minimize any loss of headline-grabbing anti-Russian momentum, Kiev, western governments, and the media are avoiding large-scale commentary on either Ukrainian conscription or the protests accompanying it.

Here come the hypocrites!

But… where… is… FEMEN? That excellent marching band of equality must have had internet problems the last nine months? Where can we send them their sign-up papers to join their male comrades?

As I write these words, a ceasefire has been orchestrated, again in neutral Minsk, the Belarussian capital. In Eastern Ukrainian terms, “ceasefire” is really a friendly word for people still dying. By the time you read this, dozens or hundreds of people will be falling dead again every day. Ukrainian government and Russian militia spokesmen will be exchanging the verbal versions of artillery salvos over which side is responsible for the deal’s collapse.


Like Russians condemning over the alleged return of coffins containing their sons, husbands, boyfriends and brothers, Ukrainians are taking a stand to thwart forced military service in the Eastern Ukraine. It’s worth pointing out here that I make no judgment in this piece on either the general efficacy of conscription or which side is the “right one” in the Ukrainian conflict.

What I am confronting, and excoriating, is the ignoring of male-only conscription by a group committed to the notion that modern society only foists gender injustice or discrimination on women. Whether male-only conscription is correct or incorrect, vital or unnecessary, it is clearly a case of gender discrimination towards men.

And FEMEN is silent about it, which is rather telling as this is not “easy” peacetime conscription but conscription during a violent civil war. Hundreds of Ukrainian servicemen, many or most of them conscripts, are killed every couple of months.


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‘There Is No Spoon’: Radical Feminism and the Paranoid Matrix of Patriarchy

“Given that woman cannot ‘fit’ into the cartography of male thought, she cannot be expected to communicate in ways that are understandable to those caught within a patriarchal mindset. Thus the typically male disparagement of women’s thinking as confused, irrational or superstitious is simply a lack of imagination: women’s thinking is only irrational if understood within a rigid paradigm of linear (phallocentric) thought.”
Jennifer Rich, Modern Feminist Theory (2014)

“While feminists believe that the patriarchy makes women crazy, the rest of us suspect that crazy women made the patriarchy — inventing this imaginary conspiracy of ‘male supremacy’ as the phantom menace of their paranoid minds, a fantasy bogeyman, a rationalization of their own unhappiness and misfortunes.”
Robert Stacy McCain, Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War on Human Nature

My friends Nice Deb and the Lonely Conservative express amazement at my ability to maintain sanity after spending so many months wading deep into the feminist madness. Really, it’s a miracle, and your continued prayers are most earnestly requested as I continue this research. As I remark in the book, you can’t understand feminism without studying abnormal psychology, especially the etiology of paranoia.

Paranoia and narcissism are related phenomena, because the paranoid person’s delusions of persecution require him to believe that he is so important that powerful people and institutions are conspiring against him. Unable to cope with his own inadequacy, overwhelmed by feelings of shame about his failures, the narcissist’s psychological defense mechanisms inflate his damaged ego to grandiose proportions.

He did not fail; they conspired to thwart him. Stipulate that, in reality, people often do suffer unjustly through no fault of their own. Stipulate also that sane people actually do have enemies. The narcissist, however, is unable to accept his misfortunes as simple bad luck. Confronted by failure, the narcissist can’t say, “Well, that’s just the way life is,” and move on to seek success elsewhere. Instead, he becomes obsessed with the idea that he is a victim of injustice, and rationalizes his suffering by attributing malign motives to scapegoated enemies. This characteristic trait ofexternalizing blame is necessary to protect the damaged ego of the narcissist and, however much damage he inflicts by lashing out at scapegoats, the narcissist may still be able to maintain a neurotic semblance of normality. The descent into madness begins when his failures multiply beyond his ability to rationalize them, so that his enemies — “they” who conspire against him — become fantastic in size and power. He imagines himself pursued and persecuted by demons and monsters, by Jews or Freemasons, by the CIA or by aliens from Mars.

All of this madness begins, you see, with an inability to accept responsibility for one’s own failures and shortcomings. Strong, healthy minds can withstand not only the routine annoyances of daily life, but can even overcome extraordinary hardship without resorting to the kind of scapegoating attitude that characterizes the narcissistic personality. Because we are living in what Christopher Lasch famously called The Culture of Narcissism, however, we have seen a proliferation of movements that offer ready-made theories of victimhood that enable personal irresponsibility, rationalizing the fears of unhealthy minds.

Feminism is an ideology of madness, denying the fundamental reality of human nature. Feminists enable (“empower”) the irresponsible woman by offering her the convenient scapegoat of patriarchy — “male supremacy,” “misogyny,” etc. — as the all-purpose explanation for every misfortune she may suffer. The fact that other women are going about their daily lives, happy and successful, is never acceptable to a feminist as evidence that disproves her ideology. The overwhelming majority of female college students manage to make it through their undergraduate years without being gang-raped by fraternity brothers and yet we find feminists promoting claims that “rape culture” is out of control on university campuses. Feminists produce big-budget documentaries that portray college life as The Hunting Ground where women are constantly menaced by their male classmates. “Rape culture” propaganda is a way of promoting Fear and Loathing of the Penis, as I have described the typical anti-male/anti-heterosexual worldview of radical feminism.


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Hijabi asks McGill University to provide women only hours at the gym



A proposal for women-only gym hours at McGill University is causing some soreness in the student body.

Two law students have called on the school’s fitness centre to dedicate a few hours per week to women-only workout time.

Second-year student Soumia Allalou said her religious beliefs exclude her from exercising in the presence of men, but added that all women would benefit from having the option of working out during exclusive hours.

“I’ve seen that there’s a couple of women who have messaged me and expressed that they would like to see women’s hours implemented,” Allalou said. “They feel intimidated using the weight sets section. They’ve either been harassed or they’ve been looked at, watched.”

But many disagree with the proposition. One online petition, titled “We oppose women-only hours at the McGill Fitness Centre,” had attracted at least 600 signatures before the link to the petition went down.

“Women who refuse to use the gym when men are present make a choice that they alone are responsible for,” read the petition. “Their personal choices do not entitle them to special privileges … We value McGill’s co-ed learning environment and the equality of men and women in our society.”

Introducing gender-based hours wouldn’t be unprecedented. The pool in the university’s athletics facility already has women-only hours.

“We’ve had them for almost 10 years now, and it was at the request of a student who came in and wanted to institute those hours in the pool, and we were able to accommodate that,” McGill athletics and recreation assistant director Jill Barker said.
It’s not unheard of at other schools either. The University of Toronto, for example, has one women-only hour per day in their strength and conditioning centre.

The issue has sparked several discussion threads on McGill’s Reddit subsection, with some saying calling the move “gender segregation.”

Allalou, though, doesn’t see women-only hours as an imposition on anyone.

“I think that three to four hours a week, different times, not scheduling it during peak times, is not really an infringement on others’ rights.”