fan of racist hollywood boot out of restaurant

A man caught on camera allegedly racially abusing fast food workers at an Adelaide Hungry Jacks will face court after police caught up with him when his tirade continued on the street outside the restaurant.

A video of a man being confronted by fellow patrons after a series of outbursts in an Adelaide fast food outlet emerged online, today.

South Australian Police told ninemsn they had arrested a 19-year-old Gawler, SA man a short time after the video, shot on Friday evening, ended.

“Police were called to the restaurant at about 5.10pm on Friday 27 February after reports of a man acting in a disorderly manner towards staff and customers,” a police spokesperson said.

“A description of the man was given to police by witnesses who advised police that he had walked out of the restaurant.”

“A man was arrested by police a short distance away and charged with disorderly behaviour.”

The arrested man will face Adelaide Magistrates court on March 26.

Feminists: They’re Not About the ‘D’


How many times do I have to say feminism is a journey to lesbianism before people start waking up to the truth? Liberal guys need to realize their “male feminist” thing is never going to work:

A male-led campaign to promote affirmative consent for sex at DePaul University — which is nominally Catholic but runs a “Queer Peers” mentorship program — has thrown in the towel.
Or rather, the T-shirt.
Selling shirts emblazoned with “Consent the D” — a play on the school’s basketball slogan “Fear the D” (the Demons mascot) that waswidely interpreted as “dick” — came off as “flippant” to campus feminists, who didn’t take kindly to an alternative approach to their signature issue, Jezebel says:

“Unfortunately, the ‘Consent the D’ movement was cut short by forces outside of my control,” founder Randy Vollrath said in a video message posted Tuesday. “T-shirt production has been halted while we work to address the issue.”

Vollrath said he appreciates that people didn’t like the T-shirts but objects to their disagreement being ”misinformed” about the group’s intentions.

Via College Insurrection. Guys, let me give you a little clue, OK? Take a look at the Women and Gender Studies faculty page at DePaul:

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies faculty members have wide-ranging research interests. Some of these interests include intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality; cross-cultural perspectives; violence against women; women in the Middle East; lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender identities and politics; autobiography; queer theories; immigrant women; globalization; transnational feminist perspectives; antiracism; gender and education; feminist theories and politics; gender and family violence; and performance studies among others.

Do you guys see anything — anything at all — in that description that would lead you to think the kind of feminism taught at DePaul University could ever involve, y’know, “consent the D”?

Unless, of course, it’s followed by “Y-K-E” or “I-L-D-O.”

Pardon my heternormative sarcasm, DePaul guys, but it’s not like I don’t have actual research to support what I’m telling you. The truth isn’t hard to find, but you young idiots are probably too busy playing beer pong and XBox to bother looking for the truth.

Here, let me help you: Professor Ann Russo is director of the graduate program in Women’s and Gender Studies. Your first clue is that there is a graduate program, OK? They’re giving out master’s degrees and Ph.D.s in this stuff at DePaul, so it’s not just a few undergrads picking up a few easy A’s for regurgitating “queer theory.” Having a graduate program in Women’s Studies signifies that a university is a serious Dyke Factory. And let’s see what Professor Russo says about herself, eh?

Areas of Interest
Women, Violence, and Justice
Feminist, Anti-Racist, and Critical Race Theories and Practices
Activism and Social Justice Movements
Constructions of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in Media
Sexual Identities and Sexuality Debates

Just in case you DePaul fellows don’t get the significance of terms like “gender,” “identities” and “sexuality,” here’s a hint: Normal women don’t need a Ph.D. program to study how to be normal.

Still, you clever college boys may be thinking, “That old man is just crazy. There’s no way the university would be employing women to promote a totalitarian ideology of hatred toward males.” OK, look at Professor Russo’s list of “major publications” and you’ll see:


Feminists have praised Dworkin — and yes, they consider this praise — “as the Malcolm X of the women’s movement.” Professor Russo and her co-author clearly admire Dworkin as a feminist leader:

Without Apology illuminates the politics and artistic practices of Andrea Dworkin, arguably one of the most daring, innovative, and controversial feminists in the United States. Coauthor of civil rights antipornography laws, life-long political activist, and international lecturer and consultant on issues of sexual violence and exploitation, Dworkin has a prolific and distinguished writing career. She has published thirteen books of fiction and nonfiction, and her work has been translated into twelve languages.This is the first-ever book-length analysis of Dworkin’s feminist politics and the first critical analysis to examine her controversial political ideas in light of the literary dimensions of her prose. Cindy Jenefsky, with Ann Russo, looks at Dworkin’s major nonfiction works — including Woman Hating, Pornography: Men Possessing Women, and Intercourse — in terms of the rhetorical dynamics animating her political ideas. Also included within this analysis are Jenefsky’s lengthy interviews with Dworkin, which focus on her identity as an artist and on the artistic principles guiding her work.The result is a novel reinterpretation of Dworkin’s politics and a brilliantly clear analysis of the political nature of artistic practice for readers interested in literary and rhetorical criticism, feminist theory and activism, the volatile debates over pornography and civil rights, and the relationship between contemporary sexual practices and male power systems.

When a professor of Women’s Studies writes a book celebrating the career of Andrea Dworkin . . . do I have to draw you a picture? Your mental laziness is frightening, DePaul dudes. Because, see, it doesn’t take too much Googling to figure out what Professor Russo is all about. Her co-author on that Dworkin book, Cindy Jenefsky? Also the co-author of a treatise called “Phallic Intrusion: Girl-Girl Sex in Penthouse.”

Hmmm. So, Russo and Jenefsky are disciples of the man-hater Dworkin, and Jenefsky co-wrote an entire paper analyzing fake lesbian scenes in a popular skin mag. Would it help — because I know you DePaul guys are too dumb and/or lazy to Google it yourself — if I pointed out that Jenefsky’s co-author on that paper, Diane Helene Miller, is author of a book called Freedom to Differ: The Shaping of the Gay and Lesbian Struggle for Civil Rights?

Wake up, DePaul dudes: Feminism ain’t about “consent the D.”

Thousands of years of patriarchal domination, and you idiots are going to fumble it away because you’re too stupid to use Google?

You dudes are going get aced out of the action if you don’t wake up.

counter-jihad hypocrites: An Officially Christian America Sounds Just Right To Most Republicans

Republican Party candidates like to say that America is a Christian nation. It turns out most Republicans are willing to make that official.

Fifty-seven percent of Republicans support establishing Christianity as the national religion of the United States, according to a new Public Policy Polling survey. Thirty percent oppose the idea while 13 percent are not sure.

One little problem: Establishing a national religion would violate the First Amendment to the Constitution. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” etc., etc. So three-fourths of the states would have to agree to amend the Constitution.

And that might be a little difficult. A 2013 HuffPost/YouGov survey found that only 32 percent of all Americans were in favor of amending the Constitution to establish Christianity as the national religion. A Los Angeles Times poll taken in 1980 found similar results, according to the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research.

Forty-six percent of Republicans in the HuffPost/YouGov poll said they would favorsuch a proposal, a lower percentage than PPP’s recent result. Twenty-six percent of Democrats and 29 percent of independents in the earlier poll said they would be in favor, too. A slightly higher number, 34 percent of Americans, were in favor of establishing Christianity as the official religion in their state. Because the First Amendment applies to the states, they would still need a constitutional amendment.

According to a 2012 Gallup study, 77 percent of Americans identity with some denomination of Christianity.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 316 Republicans nationally in an automated phone and Internet poll that ran from Feb. 20 to Feb. 22.


Women hold fewer top positions, earn less than men at Clinton Foundation

Women hold fewer senior-level positions at the Clinton Foundation and earn less than their male counterparts, according to an analysis by The Weekly Standard.

After it was discovered that the average woman earned on average 72 cents for every dollar the average man earned in Hillary Clinton’s Senate office, her spokesman told the Washington Examiner that it was “ridiculous” to claim discrimination, since women held so many senior-level positions in the office.

But at the Clinton Foundation, the top eight highest-paid positions in 2013 (the latest data available) all belonged to men. Only three of the top 11 belonged to women.


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Quebec: Concordia dean to meet with Muslim student group over library controversy

Concordia University’s dean of students has called for a meeting with leaders of the university’s Muslim Students Association to discuss a television report that suggested the association’s library contains books and videos by “extremist preachers.”

The report, which aired on TVA on Friday, said the library, located in the Muslim Students’ Association building on Mackay St., “is in a modest setting but nonetheless has cutting-edge software that allows users to consult online books, (among which) TVA news found dozens of works by radical imams.”

In fact, the library’s holdings can be consulted online from any computer.

The report identified works by certain Islamic scholars who condone controversial practises such as wife beating and female genital mutilation. Others, the report claimed, advocate the death penalty for those who renounce Islam or practice homosexuality.

Among the authors noted in the report were Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Islamic scholar who launched a popular website called IslamOnline and whose controversial teachings have caused him to be refused entry to the United Kingdom and France. He has advocated husbands using physical force against their wives and female genital mutilation, although some reports say he has publicly renounced the latter.

Another author who was singled out in the report was Abdur Raheem Green, chairman of the Islamic Education and Research Academy. Green was invited by the MSA to speak at the university in 2011 but the invitation was rescinded after a video surfaced in which Green advocates husbands using physical force to correct the behaviour of their wives as long as they do not hit them in the face or leave a mark.

Chris Mota, director of media relations at Concordia, said Dean of Students Andrew Woodall will meet with members of the Muslim Students Association on Thursday afternoon to discuss the controversy. She said that in the meantime, the MSA has agreed to remove some of the books from the library.

Concordia dean to meet with Muslim student group over library controversy

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